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One year. It had been 12 months since she was screaming on a hospital bed giving birth to James. She couldn't believe how fast this happened. She could still remember the moment they've found out they were going to be parents for the first time. She smiled at the memory and kept staring at James playing with the paper wrapper of the presents he got that day. The whole team had been around to celebrate with them that their son was turning one year old. Now they were alone again and the apartment was surprisingly silent. Flack was sitting on the coffee table observing how James tried to reach for a little lorry Hawkes had given him from his birthday. Then, the little boy just crawled until he reached the couch and leaning against the piece of furniture he stood up and grabbed the toy.

"Do you think he's gonna walk soon?" Flack asked worried.

"Probably. He just needs a little more practice." She said smiling trying to reassure him.

They kept staring at their son as he tried once again to get something from over the couch.

"Maybe he just needs more motivation." he said and standing up he grabbed the toy and sat down on the floor a few feet away from James. "Hey buddy! Come here!"

"Da-dee!" he said clapping his hands. "Ka!" he shouted asking for the car his father had in his hands.

"Come and get it, buddy!" Flack told him smiling. "No crawling allowed."

"Blue…" JJ protested rolling her eyes.

"I'm just trying, Jamie." he replied grinning.

"Fine, but don't push him, ok?"JJ asked him before kissing James head.

"Ok." he said happily. She turned around to leave the room but Flack interrupted her. "What? No kiss for me?" he pouted.

"You are worse than him." She said walking to where he was sitting. As she leaned to kiss his head too he grabbed her hand and pulled her to sit on his lap. "Hey!" She protested.

"I wanted a real kiss." he stated.

"You could have just asked and that would have saved me a nice bruise in my butt." she replied a little bit annoyed.

"Don't be so grumpy." he teased her.

"I'm tired and we have to clear up all this mess, Blue." she explained caressing his face.

"I'll clean everything, I have tomorrow off, remember? We can leave it like that for tonight and just go to sleep early." He told her passing his arms around her waist to pull her closer to him. She smiled widely and kissed him deeply. "Stay still." Flack ordered her once they pulled apart. He was no longer looking at her but at what was happening behind her back. "Turn around slowly." He instructed her. She did so and saw James standing still a few feet away from them without any furniture around him to help him.

"Come here, Jimmy."JJ asked him smiling opening her arms to welcome their son.

He giggled and with wobbly legs and took a step into their direction. Flack's hold on JJ tightened and her eyes started to get full of tears. They observed in an exciting but long silence as their little son took one step after another until he collapsed in his mother's arms. The Flack family fused in a warm hug.

"He did it." Flack whispered still amazed. JJ nodded against his chest. "It looks like the toy that motivated the most was you." He told her laughing while whipping her tears from her cheeks.

"Great work, James." JJ said lifting the boy in the air giving him an Eskimo kiss.

"Ka!" He shouted giggling.

"I think it wasn't me it still was the car." JJ replied rolling her eyes.

Flack laughed and handed the toy to James and after a long study of it he handed it to his mother. "I told you it was because of you." Don whispered in her ear making her tear up again.

They stayed like that, hugging each other for a few minutes until James started to get hungry. Flack volunteered to start the little boy's dinner as JJ collected all the presents and set them inside the big toy box they had in the living room. Once she was done, she walked to the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe to observe her boys. Her husband was getting some vegetables cream ready as their son kept chatting with him, mostly babbling. Husband and son. A few years ago she could have never imagined that she would be at this place right now. Having her own family with the man of her life. She was just happy. Three years ago she was totally lost, her life had no sense and she was mildly depressed. But not now. The moment Donald Flack Junior re-entered in her life everything changed. For better without a doubt. She rubbed her belly absentmindedly. He didn't know yet. She wanted it to be a Christmas surprise. She had found out just a day ago and she couldn't be more thrilled, and she knew that he would be as much or even more happy about it. She wasn't very far along so there was a good chance that the new Flack family member was going to be borne by the end of the summer. She sighed loudly enough to make Blue turn around. She smiled at him and he blew her a kiss in response. She loved her life. All the crime lab people were her family and she loved them. She was happy with her job even if it wasn't what she dreamt about when she was a kid. And her boys were the most important thing in her world. She smiled again and walked the few steps that separated her from them. She hugged Flack from behind with one arm while with the other she grabbed James's hand. She couldn't be more proud of herself. Proud and happy that almost 3 years ago she decided that it was time to be Back in NY.

The End.

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