By Bite16

B/K, Mur/Ry

Chapter 1

Elliot Stabler sat in the Warden's office at Oswald State Correctional facilities with his partner Olivia Benson. They had come to question an inmate about a rape case. When they arrived at the interrogation room the inmate started freaking out.

"Is this some kind of joke? Keller's not a detective!" The inmate protested.

"Who's Keller?" Benson asked.

"Is this some kind of joke? Keller's not a detective!" The inmate protested.

"Who's Keller?" Benson asked as she blocked the second guard when he came in after the inmate's outburst.

"He is!" the inmate said pointing at Detective Stabler.

"Keller? I'm Detective Elliot Stabler, NYPD, Special Victims Unit. Now, who exactly is Keller?"

"Christopher Keller, he's an inmate here." Officer Lopresti the first guard answered.

"He looks like my partner?"

"Identical" Howell answered.

"But I don't have a twin; I'm the third of six kids."

"I still have to take you to see the warden." Howell said.

"Fine, I want him brought there!" Elliot said following Officer Howell

"We'll ask the warden." Lopreski said as Howell lead them down the hall towards the warden's office. They walked for a bit, getting funny looks from almost all of the inmates that they past. Finally they reached the wardens office. When they entered, he rose from his chair to greet them.

"Leo Glynn." the warden said shaking Stabler's hand.

"Detective Elliot Stabler and this is my partner Olivia Benson." Glynn then shook her hand as well.

"Nice to meet you." Glynn said smiling.

"You have an inmate here that is identical to me?"

"Yes, I'm having him brought up and we've pulled his file. His Birth Certificate says multiple births."

"Then why does mine not? This is insane! May I use your phone?" Elliot asked.

"Sure, may I ask why?"

"I'm calling my mom." Stabler said as he called his mother.

Benson turned to Glynn. "Are you sure?" She asked.

"I am, their absolutely no difference between them." Glynn answered as Stabler's jaw dropped.

"He's right, my birth mother and father gave me up. My mom lost here baby, boy, SIDs, three hours after he was born. So my parents adopted me. I can't believe they didn't tell me. She said my birth father made birth mother give one of the babies up. He said they couldn't afford both." As they were talking, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" Glynn said loudly.

"Here's Keller." Lopresti said as he brought the inmate in to the warden's office.

"Make sure he cuffed…" Glynn was saying when interrupted by Stabler.

"That's not necessary." Elliot said. "I'd rather him not be."

"Fine, leave him free." Glynn said nodding to the officer.

Lopresti pushed Keller in the door.

"Detective Elliot Stabler, this is Chris Keller."

He stood there a second, looking Stabler up and down.

"Damn, Pa wasn't lying; they really must have chosen the wrong baby." Keller said. Looking down.

"You've known about me all along." Elliot said.

"Ah, Pa was a liar and a con. He only talked about you when I screwed up. I thought he was just saying it to get me to behave. I never thought you really existed." Keller finally looked up and slowly approached Stabler and reached out to touch him. The guard moved forward to grab Keller, when their hands we're about to touch.

"Easy, Lopreski." Glynn said as their hands touched.

Elliot glared at the guard and turned to Glynn.

"Can I speak to Chris alone a minuet?" Elliot asked. Wanting so time alone with his brother.

"Sure, we'll be outside" Glynn said then signaled for Lopresti to follow him. Benson hung back for a sec.

"I'll be ok, go on." She nodded then glanced at Chris and walked out.

"Elliot… look you have to leave here and never come back." Chris said very upset.

"What are you taking about, I'm not abandoning you after I just find out you existed." Elliot said.

"Look, I have enemies; they would love to get back at me. You… you have a family, wife, kids?" Chris said. As he started pacing around the room.

"Yeah, a wife and four kids, three girls and one boy." Elliot said.

"Then let them be the reason to stay away."

"Why? I'm not afraid of damn pervs."

"They've already killed my lover's son and their after me too. I won't risk you or your family. Please leave forget you ever saw me, I don't want you to suffer for my mistakes. Can…can …never mind." Chris looked away again. Elliot caught his shoulder.

"Can you what?"

"See a picture of my nieces and nephew?"

"Here." Elliot said handing Chris the picture from his wallet.

"You're too trusting." Chris said as he took the picture.

"I want to know you." Elliot said gently

"No you don't, you're a cop, right?"

"Yeah, Special Victims Unit."

"I'm a murderer, ok; you don't want anything to do with me."


"Look I can't have any vulnerability here, Toby's enough of one. I could never forgive myself if you die because of me. Everything I touch turns to shit." Chris said desperately.

"I don't believe that" Elliot said trying to calm his brother.

"Believe it, I'm no good."


"No, I'm not going to risk you! Now listen to me. We are going to argue. You are going to leave and never come back."


"Please, Elliot, for me."

"Fine, but I'm finding another prison for you."

"No, this is the best I've been in and Toby, I can't leave him. Please go, El, please."

"Ok" Elliot said as they hugged then Chris shoved Elliot to the ground.

"GET AWAY!!" the guards ran in and slammed him into the Wardens desk. Then roughly cuffed his hands behind his back and started to drag him out of the room.

"It's ok; just return him to his unit." Elliot said standing up and striating his coat. "I don't want him to come to harm."

"He won't, Lopreski, take him back to Em City." Glynn said

"We're leaving." Elliot said.

They shook hands.

"It was nice meeting you, Detectives."

"You as well"

As they left all Elliot could think about was Chris. Olivia drove back to the station so her partner could think.