Title: Changes

Summary: OoTP, Sirius returns to Grimmauld Place.

Genre: angst



Everything is the same

Familiar faces

Familiar places

Yet it's different, what a shame


Have you really left your jail?

Does not seem so

You want to go

Where love and friendship don't fail


James is Harry now, you find

Has the world changed,

Your love avenged?

Harry is James now, you're blind

Title: It's Raining In My Heart

Genre: angst/romance

Pairing: originally written as Remus/Sirius for a challenge, but you can imagine anything you want!

Note: I'm posting this one alongside 'Changes' because it's already featured in my collection of oneshots, The Heart Has Its Reason, therefore some of you have read it already (if not, why not check it out? nugdge nudge wink wink).


It's raining in my heart

It's raining in my heart

As drops of water fall

From the angry wintry sky;

I pace the lonely yard,

Thunderstorms rage, I call

His name; it makes me cry


Whispers and kisses linger

In my mind, and softly I pray

For them to never fade away

"My love, I still remember."


It's raining on England

And I long for white sand,

Grey eyes and laughter,

For a time gone forever.