Her head was moulded into the rough, white hospital pillow. How many others had used the same stiff foam pillow to absorb their own hot salty tears? The nurse pulled the pale blue woollen blanket up over her chest and gently laid her arms at her sides. Jenna watched with sleepy eyes as she moved towards the door and opened it, Danny's figure appeared in the doorway and Jenna used what little strength was left in her body to turn her head to the side so she wouldn't have to face him. She heard his footsteps on the linoleum as he approached her bedside, she felt his hands gently brushing strands of her hair from her face and wiping away her tears.

Liar! She wanted to scream at him. Her eyelids grew heavier and she tried her best to fight the sleep. She was scared of what would happen when the darkness took over. Would he hurt her? Would he take her back? Would he be angry that she tried to run at the first decent opportunity? Would he give her to the others as a way of punishing her?

She winced at the thought of what they would do to her. Panicked thoughts were rushing through her mind causing more tears to dribble from the corners of her eyes. He began to stroke her hair, it was almost soothing. She realised he was talking to her. His voice low and gentle, it was hypnotic. What has he saying?

He said he was sorry.

Sorry for what he had done, or sorry for what he was about to do? She thought.

He said to go to sleep and when she woke he would explain everything.

Explain what? She wanted to ask. She opened her mouth but her fatigue prevented the words from forming.

The world blurred and slowly became smaller until it was nothing but darkness.