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"Why do you find it difficult?" Ella coaxed gently.

Jenna shrugged, "I don't really know. I mean he's like a stranger to me, I don't know him, I know Lois, but not him."

"Do you want to know Danny?"

Jenna sighed, "I guess".

"You guess?"

"Well he's my brother. It's just hard".

Ella nodded and resumed writing in her notebook, "and who's making it hard? You, or Danny?"

Jenna furrowed her brow as she contemplated her answer, "me?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

Jenna looked up at her therapist with an exasperated expression marring her pretty features. "Can't you just tell me the answers?" she moaned.

Ella smirked at the young girl in front of her. She had been seeing Jenna Sassone/Messer for a month, or 4 sessions to be more exact, and she liked her a lot. She was a tough cookie, both in her mental endurance and also in trying to extract any information from her, although slowly she was opening up. Ella raised an eyebrow to indicate that she was still looking for an answer for her previous question. Jenna rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"I don't know," she told her with an utterly confused expression.

Ella tapped her pen on her notebook and looked thoughtful, "you want to know what I think? I think that it's not Danny that's making this situation hard". She paused, "nor is it you. I think that it's the situation itself. Its nobodies fault, it's just the hand you've both been dealt, and I'm almost certain that Danny is just as confused as you are." She watched Jenna's face to make sure that she understood what she was saying before she continued, "do you and Danny talk about anything that's happened".


"Have you ever spoken about it?" Jenna shook her head, "why not?"

Jenna bit her lip as she felt herself getting a bit more emotional, her eyes watered slightly as she blinked back the tears. "It's too much," she offered simply.

Ella smiled sympathetically and patiently, "you're right, it is too much, and Danny is worried about you, in fact a lot of people are worried about you." Ella closed her notebook and placed it on the side table to her left as she chose her next words carefully, "you have been through an extremely traumatic event. Being the victim of a rape can completely destroy relationships; confidence; and self esteem, just to name a few. You're lucky though, yes you've been violated by this horrific crime and you've had to deal with the fallout of it but you have so many people who love you and care for you and who are there for you. Many people don't have that loving support network. I understand that its difficult for you to talk about what you're been through but you should take advantage of Danny and Sam and Lindsay, heck you even try opening up to your therapist!" she joked. Jenna cracked a small smile.

"Danny mentioned that you two had a bit of disagreement, can you tell me about it?"


"Jenna, ya home sweetheart?" Danny called as he shut over the front door; he had just come off a 14-hour shift and just wanted to relax for the night before heading back to work in 12 hours time.

Jenna jumped in fright and dropped the tiny box onto the floor spilling its contents, shit she cursed herself, stupid nerves were shot to hell. "Erm yeah I'll just be a second," she called back as she hastily threw the contents back into the box, bar one which she held back in the palm of her hand. She no sooner replaced the box into her dresser drawer when her bedroom door flew open; jumping to her feet she spun round to face Danny, a nervous look on her face.

"Whatcha doing?" he asked suspiciously as he walked towards her.

"N-nothing," she stammered. Danny wasn't buying it; he stopped and put his hands on his hips. Crap she though, cop mode alert.

"What you got behind your back?"

She shook her head, seemingly speechless for a second, "nothing".

"Don't lie to me. Give me your hand."

"I don't have anything…"

"Give me your hand".

They stared at one another for second before Danny reached over to pull her arm out from behind her back

"Don't fight me Jenna," he warned sternly.


"It was a tampon, we had a fight and I got upset and he got angry and was all because of a stupid tampon. He doesn't trust me," she sobbed. "He hates me and doesn't trust me".

Ella handed her a fist full of tissues and watched as she wiped away her tears and blew her nose.

"Jenna, Danny doesn't hate you, quite the opposite in fact. He is very worried about you; he doesn't know what's going on inside that head of yours. That day, he thought you were gonna try and hurt yourself again".

Jenna looked horrified, "but I wouldn't…"

"He doesn't know that though, in fact neither did I until just now. You keep your cards very close to your chest and nobody knows what you're thinking. You say Danny doesn't trust you, have you ever given Danny a reason to trust you?"