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Okey, the plot: This is like PotC, well not really.. But whatever! There are two infamouse pirates out on the sea of Japan. It's Gaara and Itachi.

Gaara it the captain of his ship and his crew contains of; Naruto, Kiba, Neji, Kankuro, Lee, Temari, Tenten, Chouji and Ino. Their're planing on kidnap the king of Konoha, just because they're bored xD And if Konoha wants their king back they have to pay a lot of gold..

Itachi is the captain of his ship and his crew contains of; Sasori, Kisame, Tobi, Zetsu, Kakuzo, Hiden and Deidara. (In my stories Deidara's a girl, live with it!)

Then we have Sasga.. Hrm, Sasuke. He's not a pirate.. He's in the navy and his closest man is Shino. But then of couse he's got a whole navy behind him too, or whatever. He've hated both Gaara and Itachi since a long time back and wants nothing more then see their heads on silverplates. He is in love with princess Sakura and is planing on making her his by asking her to marry him. The king and queen (Sakura's parents that is) loves the idea, of couse. Since they love Sasuke.

Just to clear it up: Sakura's dress looks like the one Elisabeth Swan is wearing in PotC, just not the same colores. I know she's wearing alot of diffrent dresses (right?) but.. Just pick your fav and.. Whatever xD

"Ano.. P-Princess Sakura, your f-father is arriving n-now!" A shy girl with long, almost dark blue (A/N: what colore is her hair?) hair and white eyes, dressed in a light blue and white dress walked in to a beautiful room. The girls name was Hinata and she was best friend with the one that owned the room. The owner to the room, a girl with pink hair that went down to her waist turned around. She was wearing a white and pink dress, the pink matched her hair. The princess of Konoha, Sakura.

"Hinata, how many times have I told you to stop calling me 'Princess Sakura'? We're best friends for crying out loud! Just say Sakura", Sakura smiled at Hinata who gave her a shy smile back an nodded. "Did you say that my father's arriving now by the way?"

After receiving a nod from Hinata when she asked if her father was arriving she grabbed Hinata's arm and started dragging her down the staris and soon they were on their way to the harbour. Sakura's father – the king of Konoha – had been away for about a month to make a deal with a king in America.

"Sakura", when he had gotten of the boat he smiled at her and hugged her like they hadn't seen each other in years.

"Hello, father", Sakura smiled back and then her attention turned to a young, goodlooking man who just got of the boat. Uchiha Sasuke, she had a huge crush on him when they were kids, but thouse feelings are long gone now. Now she sees him as just a really good friend. Sasuke's parents were dead now, but when they had been alive they had been rich, so Sasuke had come to play with Sakura many timed when they were younger.

What Sakura didn't know were that Sasuke had also had feelings for her when they were younger, feelings that had grown stronger over the years. He was very much in love with her but knew that he couldn't show it. She was the princess of Konoha and he was.. Well, he was a very respected man, but the respect didn't help him overcome his fear of asking her to marry him. Haha! Uchiha Sasuke fears something? Unbelivable! Oh well, he sighted, let's not think of that anymore.

"Hello, Sasuke", Sakura smiled politly, he smiled back and offered himself to follow her back to the palace but she turned him down. She said that she was going to take a walk in the garden by herself before she had to go inside again and celebrate that her father was home.

As she walked in the garden she was thinking of many things, mostly of the fact that she was so happy that her father was home. But she was also wondering why Sasuke had looked so hurt when she turned his offer down.

I mean, he doesn't have feelings for me.. He can't have! We're just friends, nothing else! It would be weird if anyone of us had feelings for the other! And he even said to me when we were younger that he didn't have feelings for me..

Oh, you stupid girl! Inner Sakura sighted. You say that it would be weird if anyone of you had feelings for the other and still you're the one who was ready to marry the hot assed Uchiha when you were ten years old!

Oh, not you again! Why can't you leave me alone? Get out of my head!

God, sorry then! Teenagers.. Inner Sakura mumled things while she walked away.

Suddenly Sakura woke up from her dream when she heard footsteps near her.

"Hello?" She looked around, but didn't see anyone.

Even before she would breath in someone had hit her in the head and everything went dark. What had happend?

"God, why do the dresses have to be so heavy nowadays?" A blond haird, blueyed young male complained as he and two others were carrying the unconscious Sakura. "And shouldn't we be trying to kidnap the king instead of some girl in a fansy dress? Even though she's extreamly hot!"

"Shut up, Naruto! I'm to boss right now and I say that we take her on board and see if she knows anything that could help us get the king!" A girl with sandblonde hair in four pigtaled glared at the boy named Naruto.

"Well, whatever you're planing on doing, Temari, could you put a little effort into carrying the girl? She's not so heavy herself, but the dress.. God!" Another young male with long, brown hair tied into a loos ponytale glared at the girl, who's name was Temari.

"Fine, Neji", Temari glared at him one last time before they got on board a ship. They carried her into the captains cabin and prayed to god he would notice her before they were done here.

Just as they were about to go, Naruto noticed someting around her neck. A neckless! Since he was Naruto he walked over to the unconscious Sakura and looked closer at the necklesss. When he saw the symbole he couldn't breath, but he somehow got the others to come and look and they were as shocked as him.

"The Haruno symbole", they said in one mouth and looked at each other. Had they kidnapped the princess of Konoha without noticing it? When the shock had disappeard joy came to them, they were going to be rich! The king loved his daughter and since she was the only child the king was going to pay big money to get her back.

"Let's get everybody else back to the ship!" Temari said with a huge smile on her face.

"Sure, but look out for you baby bother, he's been really irritated today.. Dunno why though, but I don't wanna ask him", Naruto laughed nervously. Temari's 'baby brother' was of couse the captain of the ship and when he was irritated it could be like the world could blow up any second.

When Sakura woke up she had a headache, what had happend in the garden? She had heard footstep and suddenly something heavy had hit her in the head. She didn't remember more then that. When she looked around she was shocked to see that she wasn't in the garden anymore, she was in a room.. It looked lika it could be a less luxury captains cabin on a boat. A boat? What was she doing on a freaking boat?

She got up from the bed that she had been laying on and looked around to see if she could find a door, when she did she almost ran to it but stopped before she could open it, she heard voices.

".. And she had that symbole on her neckless, Kankuro.. The Haruno symbole, she she freaking princess of Konoha! We've got a gold-mine in there!" Naruto cheered. The persone that he had been talking to didn't seem as excited as Naruto.

"You idiot, why did you put her in Gaara's cabin?" Kankuro asked with an angry voice.

"Well, the dress was so heave and.. Where else were we going to put her then, smarthead? Since she looked rich we couldn't put her in a cell under deck, that would be unrespectable!" Naruto defended himself. Kankuro just sighted and gave in, even though he didn't like the fact that there was an unconscious girl in his brothers cabin.

When Sakura didn't head anymore voices or saw any movements from the little crack on the door, she opend it slowly and after looking around again she slowly started walking.

They are pirates! She thought nervously. They are pirates and if they catch me I'm dead, even if they know that I'm the princess of Konoha..

Oh, stop it! You're not gonna die, you're to hot for i.. Or better of, I'M to hot for it! Inner Sakura smirked.

Can you please stop it? I'm.. You're.. WE'RE going to die if they catch us, I know it so just be quiet!

Sorry then..

Sakura got back to reality when she walked into something, it was kinda soft.. And it was moving. A human, with dirty clothes. She looked up and saw a young male with black hair and huge eyebrowns. He was looking down at her with a smirk on his face.

"I am Lee, you youthful princess off Konoha! And you are not taking another youthful step!" Sakura sweatdropped, youthful princess on Konoha? He grabbed her waist and was in his way to drag her back to the cabin. But she wasn't going back there, she kicked him between his legs wich made him fall to the floor. She smirked and started running towards the harbour.

When she got of the boat she saw that the palace was on fire. Hinata, my parents.. Sasuke.. Was the persons she thought of when she saw the fire. She started running towards the palace, but didn't come so far since she ran into someone again. She first thought that it was another pirate and fear got to her, but thankfully it was Hinata.

"Hinata! Oh god, I'm so happy you're alright!" She hugged her and they looked at each other. "Where's my parents?"

"They're o-on t-their way to a safe place s-some kilometers a-away from h-here, s-since they couldn't f-find you t-they h-had to leave w-without you, not w-willingly thought.." Hinata stutterd and looked at Sakura with a sad expression on her face.

Sakura was sad that they had left without her, but she was really glad that they were okey.

"We should be going to a safe place to, Hinata! Pirates kidnapped me and-"

"Oh, princess.. You're not leaving so soon, are you?" Sakura turned around and saw the blonde male named Naruto, the male named Lee and two females, both blond.

Sakura started backing away from them and grabbed the back of Hinata's dress to make her follow. The pirates smirked and started walking forward. Sakura saw on Hinata's face that she could faint any second and prayed to god that she wouldn't.

"We wouldn't be so happy if you left us so soon", Naruto said with a smirk on his face. He made a move and tried to catch Sakura, but got Hinata instead. They looked a each other, Hinata looked like she could faint any second and she was red as a tomato. Naruto was also red, but not as much as Hinata.

God, she's so hot! He thought and a smile appeared on his face without him noticing it. The others noticed thought and looked at each other, confused.

"Let go of her!" Sakura screamed and tried to hit Naruto on the head, but didn't get there since Lee grabbed her arm and held her there. "Let go of me!"

Naruto and Lee started dragging them to the boat and Sakura seemed to be the only one trying to get away from there, when she looked over to where Hinata was she saw that she had fainted.

"You can't do this to me! I'm the princess of Konoha!" She screamed as she kicked on the door, she was back in the captains cabin and they had blocked the door so she couldn't get out. Hinata was still out and she was laying on the bed. Sakura sighted and gave up trying to get out, it was no use and she knew it. She wondered if Sasuke was okey, since he was in the navy he had to fight the pirates even if he didn't want to.

She turned her back to the door and sighted again, she didn't want to be here, she wanted to be with her parents on the way to that safe place. Since she had her back turned to the door and since she was in her own thoughts, so she didn't hear that the door was unblocked, opend and that someone walked inside.

"Hn." Sakura turned around, shocked. There stood a redheaded male with eyes that were a little darker then her own green eyes, his clothe were a little cleaner then the others and he had a tatoo over his left eye, it was a kanji for love.

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