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"We all know what they have done, just get this hanging going!" a familiar voice suddenly disrupted the man dressed in black. Everybody turned around and looked at Sasuke who stood behind Sakura's chair. He looked down at Gaara and his crew and smirked.

"Alright then", the man said and nodded. Then he made a sign with his right hand and Gaara and four others were brought up on the platform. The ropes were put on their heads and the man read something from a paper. Then a big man walked over to the lever in wood. He put his hands on it and..

End of recap

.."What's up, Konoha?" could be heared all over the place. People looked around with very surpriced looked on their faces. Who and where?

Out of nowhere, Itachi appeared. He jumped from the roof of a house that was placed very near the platform where Gaara and everyone else soon were going to be killed on. He landed in the middle of the crowed of people. They all backed away from him with wide eyes. Everyone knew who he was. The big brother of Uchiha Sasuke. The out of control and banned big brother. When he killed his parents he was kicked out of Konoha and no one had seen him since. Well, he had come back now and then to terrorize the people, but otherwise, no Itachi.

He looked around and smirked when he saw the faces of the people around him.

"Guys!.. And Deidara!" he yelled and smirked even wider. Just as Itachi, his crew appeared out of nowhere. Sasori landed next to Itachi, Deidara next to Sasoria, Kisame, Hiden, Tobi, Zetsu and Kakuzo. When they were all there they had formed something that could look like a circle.

"Itachi, what are you doing here?" Sasuke asked angrily. Itachi laughed and shook his head.

"Why, hello little brother, how a-", he interrupted himself when he discovered Gaara and four of his crewmembers that were up on the haning – platform – thingy. He raised an eyebrown., "Sabaku, what are you doing here? With that.. Rope around you neck?"

"I'm having a lovely picknick with my blue and pink pony Maxie, what are you doing here?" Gaara said with a very sarcastic tone.

Itachi smirked at Gaara's sarcastic comment and shook his head while laughing lightly. What was he doing here? Well.. He was bored and thought that he might have some fun while he figured out what they were going to steal or break.

"I just thought that it would be nice if I stopped by to say hi to my little brother and all the people here that've missed me oh so much", he said, still smirking.

Everyone around the gang of pirates looked scared to death. Well, everyone from Konoha that was there looked scared to death. Except Sasuke, who looked like he wanted to see Itachi and his men.. And woman.. dead. And that was what he wanted so..

"Itachi, you have no right at all to be here", Sasuke screamed. As an answer he just got a entertained look on Itachi's face.

When Sasuke put his hand on his sword, Itachi gave him a look that could say; "You really think that's a good idea?". And with that single look, Sasuke glared at his older brother and removed his hand from his sword. After that, Itachi looked at Gaara. Sure, he hated Sabaku no Gaara more than anything, but no pirate deserves to die this way. One of the unwritten pirate rules that Itachi made up all by himself when he became the captain of his own ship. And Gaara was no exception. When it came to that rule.

"Little brother, I'm sorry to say that this little.. Party of yours is cancled", Itachi said, he still had his eyes fixed on Gaara. But he still saw the mad look on Sasuke's face.

"Hizumi, make sure that none of them gets out of here", Sasuke whisperd to a man that stood beside him. It was his new closest man. He had red hair with a little black in it, brown eyes that was close to being black and he was just a littler taler than Sasuke. He and Sasuke had known each other since they were 13. Yes, he was of the same age as Sasuke. Besides Shino, Sasuke and Hizumi had allways been very close. Well, Hizumi nodded and told him that he was going to make sure that they wouldn't get out of there. After that he walked away, over too the guards and told them the same thing.

Of course, Itachi noticed this but protended that he hadn't. This was going to be a fun morning. The sun had just rised and it was still kind of cold outside. But no one seamed to notice, every citizen in Konoha and Gaara and his crew watched Itachi. Some of them with fear in their eyes, others with.. Anoyance.

"Why are you still here, Itachi?" Sasuke suddenly asked.

Itachi smirked and looked at Sasori who nodded before stepping forward, making the people that stood right in front of him and the others back away a little more, if that was even possible. He smirked at this, man.. He loved being a pirate. "No pirate deserves to die like this! Pirate rule numer 12, but you couldn't know anything about that, could you?"

Sasuke stared at Sasori, for one second he thought that Sasori was Gaara. But then he remembered that Itachi had a redhead in his crew and besides the hair Sasuke didn't think that they looked so much alike. He didn't know what everyone else thought.

"And because of that stupid rule, you think I'm going to not let them die?" Sasuke asked with an eyebrown raised, while smirking.

"No, I think we're going to not let them die, chickenass-haired-pretty-boy", Sasori said and gave him a big smile. Well, he did not lie so.. They were not going to let Gaara and his crew die and Sasukes hair did in fact look like a chickens ass.

Sasuke looked like he wanted to kill someone. And that someone was Sasori. He made a gesture with his hand and in seconds at least twenty soldiers appeared at diffrent spotts around the whole place. The place that they all were located at were almost like a very big market-place, 18th century stile of course. The hanging – platform – thingy was that big fountain that sometimes existed at market-places. (A/N: Think PotC 1, when James Norrington is.. Made to a commondor.. If you spell it like that? Well, it looks like that place where they are before they get to that place where Elisabeth falls down into the water and almost drowns, remember that?)

Itachi and Sasori exchanged some looks and smiled very playfull smiled at each other, then they both made a sign to the others and they soon that eighter their sword or gun or whatever it was in their hands, pointed at a diffrent soldiers. Then the fight was started, the soldiers – or the guards if you want to call them that – ran forwards, pushing the people that were in their way, out of their way. With their swords and guns raised.

Metal met metal, guns were fired and there was just screams and running people all over the place. Sakura hadn't moved an inch since Itachi and his crew had first appeared at the place. She was still in pure shock that they had come. He wasn't allowed in Konoha anymore, if he came this would happen and.. Everything would just go terribly wrong. She sat there thinking about what terrible thins that could happend that she didn't even notice Itachi who came towards her, she didn't notice him giving Sasuke the same look as before when Sasuke had his hand on his sword again and it wasn't untill Itachi spoke that she even was aware of where she was.

"What do you say princess, wanna save your prince charming, cheap verion over there?" he asked and looked at Sakura with a smirk on his face.

She looked at him with shock and fear written all over her face. When she finally realised what he had said she smiled and nodded. Sure, he was a pirate just like Gaara and everyone else. But she had spent the last two or three weeks with pirates, so she didn't care. She didn't even care that he had kidnapped her.

"Naruse, pull the trigger allready!" Sasuke screamed when both Itachi and Sakura made themselves ready to jump over to the platform. Riku, who's job was to pull the trigger so the ones that should die, died nodded yet again put his hands on the wooden trigger. He didn't really enjoy his job, but it was the only one he had so far. He had blond, spiky hair with hints of black here and there, his eyes were brown and he was kind of short. He was now 17 years old and his first name was Riku, but everyone that was a simple soldier or something higher ranked called him by his last name because they looked down on him. He didn't care that much.

"NO!" Sakura screamed as Riku was on his way to actually pull the trigger. She was on her way to jump over to him and hit him as hard as she could, but she was stopped by Itachi. He reminded her that she had that lovely white and golden dress on that didn't really allow her to do much, so he jumped instead.

He landed about a metre away from Riku, who was very surpriced to see Itachi there. He hadn't pulled the trigger yet, thank god. He still had his hands on it. Sasuke was yelling at him to pull the damn trigger allready, but he was like.. A doll or something else that isn't able to move.(A/N: Read the bold part in the end if you thought that this section was.. Weird or something)

"I don't think you want to do that, little boy", Itachi said and smirked when Ruki looked at him with a very scared face.

Itachi took some steps forward and as he did so, Riku took the same amount of steps backwards. And suddenly, Riku fell down from the platform. He landed on about three soldiers who weren't prepared at all that Riku was going to fall down on them.

Back by Sakura, Sasuke and Sakura's parents, a small war was about to begin. Well, at least Sakura wanted it to start. She was so angry on Sasuke that he wanted to kill Gaara and her friends. Sure, they were pirates but they were the closest to best friends she had ever had, if you don't count Hinata in there.

"So, I see this whole.. Haning the pirates isn't getting anywhere", she said when she had walked over to Sasuke who hadn't really moved much since he'd gotten there. When he heared Sakura's voice he turned his head and looked at her with a smile that would make Sakura vomit if he kept it on his face to long. But she pretended like that wasn't the case at all.

"Yeah, it's not getting very far, but as soon as the soldiers has captured Itachi and his gang, this whole thing will be over sooner than you think, princess", he said and smiled at her yet again, this time though, he walked over to her and grabbed her hand to kiss it and that was what he did.

Sakura thought she was going to die. Why was he touching her? And.. When did things go so awfully wrong in her head? She was a princess and she wasn't suppoused to feel this way when a commonder – yes that was what Sasuke was nowadays – kissed her hand. She was going to blush and smile shyly at him. That was at least what her parents had taught her.

Wait, where were her parents now? When Sasuke let go of her hand, she looked around and found that her parents were being protected by five soldiers. They hadn't moved from their seats. And.. They looked quite happy even though the whole place was in total chaos. Sakura knew why they looked so happy, they had allways wanted her to marry Sasuke one day. When she was little she had really looked forward to her 18th birthday, because that was the day her parents had set at her weddingday. And.. Sasuke was going to be her future husband and Konoha's future king even if she didn't want him to anymore. They had been the king and queen in waiting since they were both children. How could she forgett something like that? Her parents had been so happy when she had told them that she had a crush on Sasuke. Too happy. And when she had told them last year that she just liked him as a friend, they had become sad. She hadn't understood why, becuase she had forgotten about the marrige thing. Oh, her life really sucked.

"You know, those filthy pirates are hopefully going to feel a lot of pain", Sasuke suddenly said, waking Sakura from her thoughts.

She turned around and looked at him, she had to think a little bit first to remember what he has just said. Pirates.. Hopefully.. Pain. When she rememberd what he had said she looked at him with big eyes, then she suddenly looked very angry.

"Oh, you like pain, Sasuke? Well, try wearing a bloody corsett!" she almost screamed out and out of nowhere, her fist came and collieded with Sasuke's face. He flew about a metre before he hit the ground. He didn't faint, but he got a nosebleed at least. That made Sakura happy. What? Just because she's a princess she doesn't have to be that pretty little princess that can't hurt anyone.

"Allright, princess", Naruto yelled form his spot on the platform. Sakura turned around and looked at him with a smile, he smiled back and then gave her a look that king of asked her to save them all. She nodded and then looked around. Her eyes stopped at her parents who looked at her with big eyes. She swallowed and looked at anything else than them.

Down on the ground, Sasori and the others had a hard time keeping the soliders away. They were to many. At least until the pirates rememberd that they were better than the soldiers when it came to winning fights. Sasoria made his way over to Deidara and whispered something in her ear. She smiled and nodded. Sasori smiled back, kissed her on the cheek and ran over to Sakura. He had to stop and knock a solider out now and then, but soon he was behind Sakura who was just standing there, looking at Gaara who was looking back at her. Sasori smirked and shook his head.

Before you knew it, he had picked up a knife from his pocket, he grabbed Sakura by the waist and pulled her closer to him and then he put the knife against her throat. Her parents gasped and her father were on her way to run over there and get Sasori off her, but Sasori gave him one look to make him understand that he wouldn't have a chance.

"Don't worry, Sakura, this is just fake..", he whispered discreetly into Sakura's ear. She nodded and had to make sure that she wasn't smiling.

"I think that this fight is over", he yelled after that and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing.

Since the soldiers had stopped fighting when Sasori had yelled, the pirates on the ground saw their chance and eighter cut the throats of, shot or whatever-they-could-come-up-with the soliders that were near them. And then the fight was over, just like that. Sasori let go of Sakura and winked at her before jumping down onto the ground and walking over to Deidara. She looked at him when he came closer, not sure what he wanted. But she hoped that it was going to be something good. She'd had a bad day so far, so she didn't need some bad news or something like that.

When he reached her, he had no time to wait and talk to her, he just walked right up to her, pulling her as close to him as it was possible and just.. Kissed her as passionatley as he could. She was taken by surprice, of course. But after just a few seconds she relaxed and kissed him back. She put her arms around his neck and just enjoyed the moment as long as it would last. The citizenst of Konoha who were standing the closest to then gasped and there was actually a woman or two that fainted. No one wanted to see a pirate that close and no one wanted to see them have a intimate moment together even less. A true scandal.

And that was when Itachi took his chance to save the five pirates on that god damn platform! He walked over to them and helped them to get those ropes of their necks, the he cut the ropes that they had around their arms and so on. He got a few thankfull smiles from some of them, not from Gaara though. Well, at least he got a nod that was as close to a thank you as you could ever get from Sabaku no Gaara, if you didn't have a special place in his heart. And trust me, there weren't many. There was only one. And I think that you all know who that is.

Well, the parents to you-know-who weren't too happy when they saw the kiss. They looked at each other and then in the direction of where Sakura was.. Oh, I'm so sorry, in the direction of where Sakura should be. The only was that Sakura wasn't there. They both looked around and saw Sakura running towards the redheaded pirate captain, with tears in her eyes. She didn't even care to tell the people that were in her way to watch out.

When she reached him, she just threw herself into his arms and he catched her of course. A true gentleman would do that. And under all that pirate – stuff, Gaara was a ture gentleman. Well, since he was a prince he had to have at least some manners. When the long hug was over, they looked at each other. They both wanted to say something, but they couldn't get it out. So they just smiled at each other, this made the Crew no Gaara gasp and I'm pretty sure Ino got a little dizzy. Then the kiss came. The non-snobs – the pirates – smiled and went aaw. The snobs – Konoha citizens – gasped and then some more woman fainted.

"My baby", the queen mumled, before joining the fainted woman on the groung. Her husband – the kind – jumped up from his seat and tried to wake her up, he was joined by some guards and some old lady in an orange dress. Sakura didn't notice, she was to busy doing the exact same thing that Deidara did; enjoy the moment until it ended.

"You know, this just have to be the strangest and funniest day of my life", she said when the kiss ended. Gaara laughed a little and then smiled, "and I didn't know you could smile?"

"Oh, shut up", Gaara said and rolled his eyes. This made Sakura laugh.

Back on the ground, the rest of Gaara's crew that hadn't been up on the platform were released from their rope-handcuffs. As soon as both Ino and Kiba were released, they threw themself in each others arms. Temari rolled her eyes at this and sighted. What if she could get some of that? To her, it seemed like everyone except her and Kankuro, Lee and Chouji were left all alone. That made her sad. She wanted a special someone too! And no, she wasn't desperate.

She sighted again and looked around, her eyes stopped at a pinapple headed guy that stood with his back turned to her. She smiled and halfly ran over to him, but she slowed down and stopped right behind him. Then she tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around she put on the biggest smile she could. He looked at her with the same, bored and tired look she'd seen him in the last time. But that didn't matter.

"Hey, crybaby", she said and smirked when he blushed lightly.

"I was yawning, okey? Man, troublesome woman", he mumled the last part and almost screamed out the first. Temari giggled and smirked again when he blushed even more.

"Sure you were.. You know, you sleep and daydream to much", she said and rolled her eyes while smiling. Maybe this could get somewhere if she had more time? But she knew that she hadn't. They were going to get away from Konoha soon and they would probably never come back, if Sakura didn't stay of course.. Or if Gaara didn't stay. Becuase then they would come and visit, even if the citizens and the king and queen didn't want them to. Well.. If neighter of them would stay, then they wouldn't come and visit and then.. She wouldn't see the pinapple headed crybaby for quite some time. That made her a little sad, but since she hadn't really fallen for him, why would she care too much about it?

"Hello? It there anybody home?" Shikamaru suddenly said and waved his right hand in front of her face.

"Huh?" was her only answer when she woke up from her thoughts.

"No, who's daydreaming to much?" he said and smirked when a light blush appeared on her cheeks.

Three hours later

Sakura's parents had agreed to let Gaara, Itachi and their crews sail away without being chased by the navy. All thanks to Sakura of course. Sakura and Gaara were now standing about fifty metres away from the harbour and about fifty metres away from the palace. Naruto had told Gaara that he wanted to stay, since Hinata wouldn't want to go with them and become a pirate. That wasn't really her thing and Naruto had allways wanted to know how it was to live a fancy life near the palace. And since he had almost become Sakura's best friend, he wanted to stay even more just becuase of that. So both him and Hinata were happy. Then there were just Sakura and Gaara left to see if they would become happy. Everyone else had their loved once close to them and none of them were going seperated ways. If that only was the same for the two teens named Gaara and Sakura..

"Sakura, you have a choise; stay here and take care of your country or come with me", Gaara said and looked at Sakura with a serious face. Sakura looked at him and bit her lip. She knew what she should do and what she wanted to do. What was she going to choose? She had to think fast. She looked at Gaara and then made up her mind.

"Gaara.. I'm so sorry, but I have to stay, Konoha needs me", Sakura said and she could feel that tears began to form in her eyes.

"I see", was his only answer before he turned around and started to walk towards their ship. His crew was already there, waiting for him. Sakura felt kind of helpless at that moment. She really wanted to go with him, more than anything but she had to stay in Konoha. She was on the edge of crying, had no control of what she did when she suddenly screamed out:

"Gaara, I love you!"

But Gaara just kept walking. This made Sakura really sad. But what she couldn't see was a smile, on Gaara's lips. But since she couldn't see it she just tunrned around and walked towards the palace, where Hinata stood waiting by the door. With Naruto by her side. They both offered her to have them as company until she felt better, but she turned them down. She told them that she needed some alone time. She walked up to her room and closed the door. The first tear rolled down her cheek. She was on her way to go and sit down on her bed, but before she had the chance she noticed a white letter that was laying on the bed. She grabbed it and opend it. What stood there made her eyes go wide.


I love you too!


She walked out on the balcony just in time to see his ship sail away. "Some day, we will meet again. I promies, Sabaku no Gaara."


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