Performance Appraisals: A Workshop for Teams

CHAPTER ONE – Pre-Course Work

"Aw come on Jen, do we have to?"

Jenny Shepherd folded her arms across her chest defiantly and matched the stare of her petulant team leader,

"Yes Jethro, get your team and get to the training centre asap"

Gibbs opened his mouth to protest,

"And not another word on the subject! As Director I'm giving you and your team a direct order!"

Gibbs frowned, exhaled and then spun round without a word and left the office.

As the door opened Tony slipped off Cynthia's desk,

"All fixed boss?" he beamed

"With the training centre"

There were groans which silenced immediately as Gibbs stopped, turned and stared.

As eyes found the floor and little nervous coughs escaped, Gibbs turned back and led the way down the stairs and towards the elevator.

"Man, this sucks, why do we have to do this? I mean two hours stuck in a training room listening to some goody two shoes mouthing off about performance appraisals. I mean what's the point, we go into the room, we sit till our butts are numb, we come back out and then carry on as if nothing's happened, it's a waste of time, there is really no point. I think we should...OW!"

McGee rubbed his head.

"I think you should shut the hell up!" Gibbs barked

"Sorry boss...shutting"

The air was tense in the elevator.

Ziva sighed and re-read her course invitation.

"Performance Appraisal, a workshop for teams, duration two hours"

As she frowned, she nudged McGee,

"Tim, what is that?" she asked pointing to the piece of paper.


Tony rolled his eyes and groaned.

"It's another word for nightmare" McGee added.

Gibbs closed his eyes momentarily. It was going to be a long morning.