Summary: How would you react when you received an informal proposal at the age of five? Well, to Hinata…SasuHina as always.

It was one sunny afternoon when he met her.

Clan meetings between the Uchiha and Hyuuga clan had been normal in those days. Boring business lunches had always been a big no-no for our five year old Uchiha Sasuke. Therefore, this young hero of ours would find his time walking around, not exactly enjoying the scene though. His young mind could barely register the wonderful scene of cherry blossoms, trees and small ponds before him for his eyes had focused on something…or someone.

To Hinata Hyuuga, it had been normal to be shunned away by her father whenever clan meetings are conducted. Although she never enjoyed those lunches, it would hurt that her father had no intention of letting her join whereas her younger sister is present in every meeting. And so, our five year old heroine would find herself walking around the garden her late mother had spent time with. Normally, she would always be alone, even branch members are out of sight. Now kindly imagine her surprise when she saw a young boy just in front of her…and she had no clue who he is. Guess what she did next?

She hid behind the nearest tree.

And the nearest tree? The tree with the thinnest trunk ever. She even looked like a scared kitten hiding behind a twig. Sasuke wanted to raise an eyebrow like what he saw his niisan do a lot…but he can't. So he stared at her. Under his gaze, she shivered, unable to meet his stare. Like her nervous habit, she played with the ends of the sleeves of her white kimono. He continued to stare at her.

"What's your name?" He asked, ever the blank face intact. She fidgeted, not looking at him.

"A-anou…H-Hinata…" She stammered. Oh how she wanted to run away but considering how rude it might look, she refrained herself. But he continued looking at her like she was a rare item on store and it was taking all her small willpower not to. She gulped.

"I'm Sasuke," He paused. With that same expressionless blank face, he commented, "You're cute."

She looked at him, wide-eye.

"So," Then his face broke into a wide grin. "Marry me someday!"

Later that evening, when the Uchiha members were walking towards their home, young Sasuke stepped beside his older brother. Itachi turned to look down at him when the younger Uchiha tugged at his hakama.

"Ne, niisan…I met a cute girl today."

"Oh?" Itachi raised an eyebrow as Sasuke nodded vigorously, a wide grin on his face.

"Yeah! I asked her to marry me someday."

"Hm. What did she say?"

He frowned a little. "Uhh…her face turned so red and…and…she ran away." His frown deepened as Itachi chuckled.

"Foolish little brother…" He muttered, still chuckling, as he ruffled his brother's hair.

A/N: It's not a oneshot. It's more like a drabble. Nyeheheh…review is love!