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'Brotherly Love'

"Kelley, we have to hurry!"

"I know Dr Sandeman; I just wish we could take them all not just these few".

"I know, but we don't have time on our side, move or a few will be none at all".

Logan tossed and turned in his sleep. Despite the cold of the room, his body had a fine sheen of sweat as if he were overheated. The seventeen year old boy's restless form kept twisting and turning.

Lights flash over head and as he passed a mirror he saw a young woman with a tired face carrying a small baby who is looking straight at the mirror. His vision fades and it all goes dark.

His dark green eyes snapping open, Logan Cale looked at his watch hanging on a draw across the room. It was two in the morning. He reached over for his pants, scratching the back of his neck as he stood. The barcode was painless but somehow always drew his attention.

Logan was quick to pull on a shirt before he left his room. The last thing Logan needed was another conversation with the latest maid of the Cale household about his tattoo- though any real tattoo didn't come back after you removed it. Multiple times.

The maids tended to do their cleaning at night rather than inspire the wrath of his father. Daniel Cale believed staff shouldn't be seen cleaning in daylight. And who as usual was away on a business trip. But his father had been known the come back unplanned just for an excuse to fire somebody. Especially with the ongoing divorce with their mother- who had suddenly hadn't wanted anything to do with him, or her sons.

As Logan closed his bedroom door, he sighed and turned hearing the quiet noise of his younger brother sneaking in though the window. Zane Cale made no attempt to hide what he was doing. A year younger, he was as social and pleasure orientated as Logan was a computer whiz (or uber geek to Zane) trying not to be not to be noticed. "Was it Sienna or Kathleen?" Logan asked, resigned to his brother's antics as he closed the window and looked out at the grounds.

Zane smirked "They are old news, try Daniele"

"You could sneak in through the front, the maid is scared of Dad… she'd never check" Logan suggested locking the window. "What if somebody saw you make the three story jump, you know Zack has been looking for a reason to really give you his mind after the fight in school when you broke Rafer's arm" Zane made a face.

"Like what, be a good boy blah blah… danger, our abilities could be dangerous blah blah… I make the rules… Zack Dawson knows not a good time" Logan knew better than to comment. Zack made valid points for all of his paranoia- all four of them were adopted, he and Zane by the upper class Cale's and Zack and his younger sister by the Dawson's.

All four had spent most of their lives in the old town of Chesterfield in South Dakota. They all had what could only be classed as extraordinary mental and physical abilities… and a barcode on the back of their necks. They all got seizures that only a health food supplement could help and even then they went through rough patches. And they all had flashes of a dark cold place they couldn't quite remember. All they knew is they were different from everyone else and that it had to be kept a secret. Zane had been continuing his little rant as Logan had tuned him out. "All I know is Zack needs to get laid"

Even Logan couldn't keep a sarcastic tone out of his voice. "And that solves all problems"

"Hell yes" Zane nodded. " I know you're all bitter about it since that uptight Valerie cheated on you, but come on Logie" he mocked, a child name that their adopted mother and Val had called him. "We all have to move on, you can't stick your head in a computer all day, I mean as much as I like watching you squirm at Dad and Uncle Jonas's speeches about how being a computer geek is beneath you- you need a life, new girl come on what do you say" He slept perhaps two hours a night at the most, Zane had never needed much sleep a fact he flaunted in Logan's face as often as he could.

Logan smiled calmly. "I enjoy them too but not as much as the ones where, you have to start thinking with your upstairs brain- not behavior fitting for a Cale"

At that Zane flipped him the finger. "Read between the lines, read between those damn lines 'Eyes Only' " he said using his brother's hacking alias. At that the two brothers went in their own perspective rooms. Continuing the insults that none but the other could still hear.

Chapter One


There were a lot of times that Max Guevara was grateful for her mom, Hannah. One, for never naming her Maxine. Or for promising on her sixteenth birthday she could have her 'baby' the gorgeous motorcycle she had coveted since the tender age of six.

But moving her to some hick backwater town, quaint name Chesterfield-what the hell was up with that? She knew, yeah they moved around a lot to avoid whoever wanted her for whatever reasons. Max was a good kid, she played by 'the do not show off' rule most of the time but this was taking it too far.

She slunk further down in the front passenger seat, her dark hair sitting slightly up, her Hispanic features set in a frown glaring at Hannah, who had some sympathy but also some amusement- that traitor! "It's not going to be that bad Maxie"

"Not that bad, this is Hicksville I'd be surprised if they all didn't tune into folk songs and ride around with shot guns"

Hannah just shook her head laughing. "You do realize labeling all your classmates as hicks before you meet them won't help"

"Not just hicks" Max smirked, a playful look in her dark eyes. "Hillbillies as well, come on Mom what do I have to do for us to move again- like now- bet none of this kids know what a decent gauge was if it-"

"Max" Damn, Hannah looked really mad now. She hadn't meant to do that. Max sometimes pushed things too far- and she knew that her mom had spent a long time looking for a place where she could work good hours and still be there for her.

Max sighed. "Sorry Mom, I just don't like the place that much it reminds me too much of the kind of area from my dreams sometimes- I know don't mention anything that I'm not supposed to in front of the- other kids"

"Play nice" Hannah warned, but the wrinkles around her eyes betrayed her good humor. A health care nurse, Hannah had been there for Max her entire life. Whatever Max had come from Hannah had been about to become a part of it when a man had stepped in- seeing her mom was such a good person. And apparently good people didn't last long in that place.

She had to be a good person to take a baby, raise it as her own. Hannah leaned over and pecked Max on the cheek a rarity, Max hated public affection like that and Hannah normally respected Max's wishes. Max groaned but it was half hearted. She grabbed her bag, and got out of the car slinging it over a shoulder and putting her cap on, backwards as usual. Her mother waved good bye and drove off. She was probably afraid Max would change her mind about cooperating.

Max took her first real look at the school. It looked really new as if it was a new version of an old high school that had been falling down, and as her eyes fastened on the plaque which said exactly how long the old one had stood before. Max quirked her lips. Exactly as she'd predicted and she looked at the other students spread out… one she could even hear discussing some kind of rodeo festival.

She didn't need to pull out her new class schedule that her mother had gotten from the school, one glance and she could throw that in the trash. And Max walked, planning on putting her bag in her new locker and then whatever as long as she didn't have to play nice with the other kids… there seemed to be no one here even remotely interesting… and Max did not want to get pulled into any hayrides.

She frowned as she heard arguing. Max looked up as a dark skinned girl around her age and dressed for a lack of better words city street smarts was yelling at a departing blonde cheerleader figure.

"You better not come and tell Original Cindy what to wear Barlowe" The girl was yelling as whoever the cheerleader was turned the corner.

"Cause I could show some moves that would have you on the floor so fast you wouldn't know what hit ya" The girl looked at Max who found herself grinning despite herself, and the dark skinned girl smiled. "You must be new to this hell hole, I'm Original Cindy McEachin and OC's been here since her momma sent her to live here on account of the bad action in my neighborhood- Seattle"

Smiling, Max nodded. "I've lived in Seattle, just did Max Guevara"

OC grinned "Is that delivery boy Sketchy still getting kids to do runs for him?" Max nodded- correction there was perhaps one person she could stand here. "Well don't worry bout the whole new school cause OC's gonna take care of you boo"

"Uh- I'm straight" OC grinned, she looked amused.

"Of course you are, all the good ones are, nah boo just means home girl" Max nodded, about to ask her new friend about the cheerleader when someone bumped into her, and Max turned and glared at the guy.

"Watch it!" Max snapped.

Whoever the guy was, her was obviously a senior, had a strong jaw line and what looked like what her best friend from her last school –Lucy would call a rip body, square jaw, blonde not long but not too short hair, and a cold blue for eyes. The kind that it doesn't matter if you'd dressed in near all black. You looked good enough that nobody would call you gothic.

Standing slightly behind him was a guy around the same age. Max had seen enough rich kids in her life to know that was what he was. And the laptop bag slung around his body, his hair cut and the fashion decision white button up shirt under his dark brown leather jacket meant he was probably a geek- but a cute for a geek. Much more than cute.

The rude guy glared. "Don't take up the hallway then" Original Cindy looked at him with disdain and rolled her eyes.

"You could walk around Dawson, Original Cindy don't see your name on this hall, no she does not- and be nice to new kids, they'll vote for you come homecoming" The guy was already walking away by now with his friend following, as if it wasn't worth his time to socialize. His friend mouthed sorry as they left. "Now that three legged jerk was Zack Dawson, he's a brick wall"

Max frowned. "Who was the other one?"

"Logan Cale, bit of a four eyes without the glasses but- oh Original Cindy gets it"

"Stop it" Max said, no matter how cute or considerate a guy was, geek or not- it didn't explain his taste in friends which was obviously questionable.

Logan had noticed the new girl the second he had walked around the corner- and had tried not to let it show, at least to keep her from figuring out. As soon as they were down the disused hallway towards the study rooms Zack started in on him. "Great- you have another crush, on yet another freshman… we don't have time for this, any stuff like this- not with that new teacher transferring in today- the one whose background was faked"

Sighing, Logan nodded. "I know Zack" How could he forget, the new biology teacher Adrianna Vertes? Now ever since Zack had known what checking out a situation was he had- people the works- paranoid had no meaning when it came to Zack.

"We have no idea where this teacher came from, and that says we need to be careful which means no new people in our lives" Logan knew better than to do anything but nod and agree otherwise he'd spend the next ten minutes listening to a Zack lecture.

Zack opened the study room door and frowned when he didn't see anyone in it. "Zane and Rae were supposed to be here" A clattering noise came from the hallway and Zane was walking trying to look apologetic and Rae was a few steps ahead of him. He was dressed in the opposite degree to her plain over large red top and jeans, sneakers- he had glasses on his head, and an outfit that wouldn't have looked out of place on a New York male model.

"Sorry Zack, I had to work on that project this morning- Elise Wildeman called early and told me she had done nearly none of her half of the project, and she was the one who insisted we do our parts separately"

At this Zack nodded, accepting his little sister's excuse and turned to Zane. "And yours?"

"Dad called, after Logan left the house" Zane said with narrowed eyes. "Wanted to check on us- I mean the divorce is dragging out-yeah she signed an agreement doesn't mean the process is not getting dragged out"

Zack frowned as the entered the study room. "Your dad still going for sole custody"

"Yep" Zane said. "Mother just wants a few weeks in summer" he sounded slightly bitter about it too, although he often said he didn't give a damn. The divorce had hit them from out of the blue- and for Zane- dealing meant an ongoing tactic of ignoring the problem till it went away.

Logan was setting up his laptop. His fingers flew over the keyboard, and Rae sat across the round table from him. She was gangly and all jutting limbs, her light green eyes different from his grey green. She was halfway in that realm of young pretty and actually looking good- as most people were at the age of fourteen. Zane had dark hair and the blue forget me not eyes, what the girls made fanning motions over that made his dating such a wide selection despite a poor track record.

Their looks something else that drew their confusion. The no pimples, or bad skin everything in perfect symmetry- like they were perfect or something. Now most teens would be over the moon to not have to worry about their appearance like that but it was just another Twilight Zone moment for them. Out of a long list of those type of moments. Zack would have been happy looking like the guy people turned away from because he was horrible to look at- he didn't like being stared at by girls, or any of the attention it brought. The only reason he was quarterback was because otherwise he knew his parents would have freaked if he didn't try to be even a little sociable. That and it was the only school activity had an apprieciation for.

Zack screwed up school deliberately, Zane did the necessary requirements to pass all and that was it, Logan's only sporting activity was basketball and golf when his father dragged them to the course and Rae faked a weakness in anything physical. It all came back to not appearing perfect, they needed to blend in. The flashes they got of something they couldn't quite remember told them that. That being perfect was too dangerous.

"You should look at this" Logan said frowning and the others looked from behind. "Ms Vertes has managed to get almost every student in one of her classes"

"So?" Rae asked. "This town is small enough; there are only almost two hundred kids at this high school- it's not all that abnormal"

Zack frowned at his sister and she was quiet. "Yes, but she requested it, temporary stint as a sub for a period of a week, and our old teacher Ferguson"

"Mr. Frog… ribbit…" Zane started to make croaking sounds, managing to elicit a groan from Logan and a punched shoulder from Zack.

"Now usually he handles all the school's science classes, he was given a mid term new trial teaching post at the exact private school two towns over that he's always wanted, staring next school year- and whose own teacher went missing two weeks ago the exact time Vertes entered the system. Vertes is here for just enough time to be able to check every student in this school out, it's hardly coincidence"

Zane and Rae looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They had known each other for so long and all four of the felt that the others were family, a bond they had felt from the moment of meeting. And having two serious brothers didn't hurt the relationship.

"Check out the new girl" Zack said and Zane frowned as Logan made sure he kept his eyes glued to his screen.

"What new girl?"

Zack looked annoyed. "The one Logan seemed to have an infatuation with" So much for sensitivity- or it could be said that Zack just didn't care about being tactful. Zane had a demonic look on his face.

Logan cut him off. "I do not, I saw her for all of thirty seconds, and while yes I do have testosterone, Zane I am not going to size up my prospects for a girl I've barely met" Zane made a cough that sound suspiciously like Valerie. Val was a freshman and not only had cheated on Logan with his former best friend and basketball teammate but had frequently been caught on school grounds drunk or in possession of alcohol. And a major sore point as Logan had been naïve to everything until right near the end of it. Logan sent a look to his brother, that if looks could kill Zane would be dead thrice over.

The screen changed and Rae leaned over, her brown hair bruising Logan's face. "Max Guevara- I wonder if Max is short for Maxine?" Zack pulled her back, not roughly by the collar. Zane snickered.

"Having the name Maxine is better than color coding your class work"

She narrowed her eyes. "At least my weird habit involves being perfect about academics- I like my class work it always makes sense"

Zack narrowed his, why couldn't anyone ever stay on topic; they had more than enough problems. They had shut up at least, the moment they had seen him get angry. It had always felt natural for Zack to take the lead, to take command. "If you two are done, she seems fine on the surface but we need to check out her background which means there is no time for any involvement with her- besides we have a task right now".

Still half chuckling Zane thumped Logan on the back. "Come on Eyes Only, gym class!" Even though he was a year younger than Logan because of the size of the classes the five gym classes were made up of all the years because of class schedules.

Logan frowned as he closed the laptop. "Is it entirely necessary to torture me anymore than you already are?"

"Hell yes" At this Zack looked heavenward. Didn't matter what those pair could do, he was surrounded by idiots.

Max Guevara was grateful that O.C had gym at the same time as she did, otherwise this would be a really bad hour. Gym had to be the class most voted as 'wish it would take a flying leap'. For one all female gym teachers and this one was no exception seemed to share the same bad temperament.

Standing before the students Ms Miller held up the ball and almost everybody groaned. "We are doing Volleyball today- and I don't want to hear the line 'my doctor thinks its bad for me' unless you have a note and don't think one from you won't go unnoticed you will be playing"

OC inclined a middle finger with her crossed arms at the same time Max did and they tapped each others fists, Max making sure not to be anything but soft. She was stronger than other people- and being over enthused could get someone hurt. As everyone disappeared she saw a miserable Logan Cale and a guy who was clearly enjoying tormenting him. "Who's that next to Logan?" she asked, nonchalant.

"That is his brotha Zane, a truly dirt member of the three legged species" OC said with a curl in her lip. "Sleeps with everyone and thinks they're lucky to have him"

Max frowned, they looked nothing alike. Zane had dark hair, the whole dark look thing but it wasn't doing what Logan was to her. Damn it, Max thought standing on the court helping OC set up the net looking away. He wasn't even her type. Besides, she'd have to put up with that jerk he had been with- the inconsiderate one of the pair.

"I didn't know you cared OC" Zane had come up behind them and was smirking. "I don't think they are lucky… I know they are"

His brother walked past Max and Logan looked annoyed. He gave a weak smile to Max. "Sorry about that, he is not house trained yet, I'm Logan"

"Max" she replied. "If you don't mind me asking, you and your 'brother' don't look very much alike"

"We are adopted" Logan and Zane said at the same time. It was really a habit for them to do that, it was quick, and saved time. Not to mention that they were also very good at anticipating each other. Zane made a show of setting up the heavy pole that Max had just been about to pretend having trouble with which made O.C start off on him again, leaving Max standing with Logan.

Max looked at him. "So the guy you were with this morning, is he always such a nice guy?" At that line Logan cracked a smile, clearly not taking offence.

" Sometimes, he's even better at being, well Zack- it's not personal- he is just never going to be the most social person in the world" Logan chuckled. "He's just lucky that he is quarterback and has the mass to back it up otherwise people might start to insult him back more, not that most of the time he wouldn't deserve it"

Max smiled. "Are you best friends or something?"

"He's like a second brother, one that doesn't torment me so much"

Overhearing Zane preened as he put an arm around Logan and punched him in the shoulder. "Someone has to do it, and why not his little brother, I'm a junior so Logan and OC against you and me… that way it's fair"

They broke off the conversation and Max stood next to Zane, and she noticed the color slight variation on the back of his neck from some sort of concealer make up- pretty boy wore make up. She would tell O.C later, she'd get a kick out of it.

It was pretty evenly matched, although she could tell that both Logan and Zane were holding back, Logan more than Zane. She was holding back but just so she could slam a victory at the end- Max didn't like to lose... especially at something like a sport you played in Gym that you got nothing out of.

Then Max began stepping up her game and Zane flashed an impressed smile as he did the same. He liked to win- good so did he. She slammed the ball over the net and Logan seemed to spring into action, and by the looks on OC and Zane's faces it was rare to see him do anything sport like. Max felt amazing like she could truly play as well as she could. That was really rare.

She was so caught up in matching Logan that she didn't notice one of the juniors, Presby who couldn't hit straight if his life was in mortal danger and it was the last thing that could save him. Presby hit a ball in her direction and it slammed into her middle. It stung for a second and she crouched down, her hair slipping down and Zane caught a look at the back of her neck seeing the barcode.

"You okay?" asked Logan coming around as Max stood, sounding subdued as he shared a glance with Zane who looked taken aback.

"Yeah" Max said and the whistle from the teacher went. They all left the courts and as they listened to her rant about the lack of enthusiasm, Max wondered why Logan was now looking at her like she was something different than ten minutes ago.

In the boy locker room as Logan showered Zane jimmied the door open and poked his head in. "Get out" Logan said, angrily. "You may have privacy issues but I don't"

Zane stood just outside the door. "Logan, you saw it, and how she played- I think she's like us" Logan pulled a towel around him and opened the door, not amused as he grabbed his clothes. "Doesn't this mean anything to you?"

Logan turned to him as he pulled his shirt on. "Yes it does" he muttered as some of the other guys went to shower. " But I'm not exactly going on about it- we can't let anybody think we are different and this conversation could give them a big clue " Zane waited until he was dressed to keep going, as they walked out.

"She has a barcode like us Logan, she has to be and you are like who cares" Zane paused as Max had been talking to O.C and had been looking at them, a frown crossing her face- if she was she could hear just like the. She turned and ran out despite the calls of her friend.

Finally stopping near the high school football field Max felt her heart still in her throat. This wasn't the first time she had run across someone like like her- two years ago she had met Ben. Max's stomach tightened as she thought about it. She had felt an instant connection to him and he had to her. She had always felt alone, and when she had met him it had been like she was finally with someone who understood her- apart from her mother but that wasn't the same.

Ben had the same abilities, the gifts and even a 'barcode'. For a few glorious months it had been like she was complete- with this slight off feeling about Ben. Then she had found out why- local religious disappearances- they were because of Ben, he had killed them for some saint he had made up – called the Blue Lady.

She never hated him for it- especially when Ben had said how he gained his faith. When he was younger the man, the dangerous one from Max's dreams had taken him somewhere horrible. A man called 'Sandeman' had saved him after a few weeks. But when she had heard him speak, Max knew whoever that guy had been, he hadn't saved Ben. The damage had already been done.

Pulling out her cellphone, Max called her mother. After five minutes she rang back. "Max, what is it honey, you know this isn't meant to be on in the hospital"

"Mom, there are kids like me here- like Ben"

She could practically hear a pin drop on the other end- not that she couldn't hear it with a crowd going. "Like they kill people?"

"No, Mom" Max said. "They are like me- come on say something such as we have to go under the cover of night or something"

"Tell me everything" Her mother sighed after a moment and Max just knew the answer was no. "Unless they do something stupid, we will wait a few months, and if it's really that big a problem we'll leave earlier than then. Max can't just leave as soon as we get here, people will ask why- these peers of yours are smart enough to keep themselves a secret- Ben wasn't sane enough- it won't be that big a problem, I'm asking you to be an adult for a moment Maxie okay?"

Waiting a long moment to reply Max sighed. "Fine…but I'm going to do that typical teenage thing- whine, angst driven arguments in retaliation"

Hannah laughed. "All right honey- but you never know you could like them"

Max snorted. As if!

Just staring at the serious expression of Zack and his narrowing eyes- Logan, Zane and Rae looked at each other and then away. There were in the cafeteria sitting down. Logan swallowed, it was almost worse Zack not yelling at them for talking in public and using the word 'barcode' for him to get this serious.

Both Zane and Rae were in bad moods now- Zane because he was supposed to be having lunch fun with his new brunette and Rae because she had the whole philosophy of having some 'normal' people in her life. Or in truth those who couldn't use the 'but I'm older' card.

She broke the silence first. "Come on Zack- do we have to be here the entire of lunch to hear you say what you expect us to do?" she didn't speak hysterically, but quite seriously- heaven forbid she should throw a fit at anyone.

"No" Zack said finally, seeming to have made them wait an extra few minutes because he could. "For now we say nothing to Guevera, we look into it and in a few days when we know she's is genuine"

Logan felt his heart sink, it was strange he wanted to talk to Max with a desire that he had never had before. He had to know her… she was one of them "We can't do that" he said almost inaudible. Both his brother and 'sister' gawked at him. They were shocked he was going up against big brother Zack. No matter what Zane might say, he more often than not towed the line. Even Logan was kind of shocked by what had come out of his mouth.

Zack didn't look fazed but inside he was. And there was no way he was letting Logan get the last word in here. He knew he was doing the right thing and damn if Logan should disagree. " It's called being cautious Logan and not throwing ourselves off a cliff without helping it- and this is the last word I'm going say on the topic"

Frustration filled him. "You can't tell me what I can or can't do"

Later towards the end of lunch with perhaps ten minutes to spare. Rae was walking with her close friend Piper Cameron when she saw Logan standing near her locker. She waved goodbye to her friend. Rae opened her locker and then looked at him. "Zack won didn't he?"

"You and Zane did not even stick around"

Rae inclined at eyebrow and laughed. "To get drawn into an argument with you two, no, besides, Zane is like some sort of cat, in heat 24/7- I'll make it up to you for leaving…"

He frowned. "If you want to make up with me you have biology next"

Pausing for a moment to take out a textbook, she nodded. "Yes, last class, advanced track, with our mysterious Ms Vertes you guys already had your class and Zack said you guys just got tests, you want me to come over to discuss everything that happened, Zack's already arranged that for five o clock all of us but if you want to me to come earlier…"

"Max is in that class I checked; you can ask her for me to meet me in the theatre room after class"

She closed her locker hard, and Logan waited for her to turn him down. Instead Rae crossed her arms. "You really think she is okay?"

Logan nodded. "I do"

"Then I'll do it" Rae frowned. "I don't know her, I have only seen her in passing, and I'm used to going with what Zack says. But even if I don't know if I can trust her you do, and I will just trust your judgment for now and I hope that it turns out okay –if only to keep Zack from killing us both"

Entering the classroom Max looked around, and only one student was in the room. "Max Guevera" said Rae looking up. "I'm Rae Dawson"

Max groaned, and strode up to her. " Listen, I don't care that you probably are what your brother is that, you four in your little gang are just like me- I really don't give a damn, you all stay away from me, and I will you- we'll all be happy"

"What is your problem" Rae asked crossing arms, eyes flashing. "I am just asking for you to listen to me- Logan wants to talk to you, after school in the theatre"

Sitting on top of the desk in front of Rae, Max shrugged. "Whatever, fine"

There was a silence between them for a moment that seemed to burn until Rae looked up a question in her mind blurted out. "I am sorry, but do you know anything about what you are we are?" That threw Max, Ben had been confident, known answers that Max hadn't- known things she hadn't and still didn't know.

" Your four all know each other, what you are and you don't know anything"" Max watched as the other girl shook her head, that threw Max and she uncrossed her arms. Fifteen years and Max didn't know everything… "I know we are special" Max said quietly. "That we were taken from a bad place for the chance of real lives- that there are bad people after us and if they ever found us we would be screwed and I know that some guy called Sandeman is looking out for us"

Rae wanted to seize on the Sandeman line, but reality struck her. Max didn't know about Vertes "Bad people- wait we think, Zack, Logan, Zane and I that the substitute biology teacher, the one for this class is one of them" Looking surprised Max went to answer her when they both heard footsteps coming from down the hallway towards the class room and the door behind the teachers desk opened and Adrianna Vertes stepped out.

Max's first impression as of someone who seriously needed to turn up the heat, fair hair, skin and cold brown eyes and what seemed to be a permanent frown. Formally dressed under the lab coat Vertes looked up at them and Max got off the desk walking to sit next to Rae. "Aren't you two enthusiastic" Vertes's voice was calculated and the two girls looked at each other.

" Oh yeah" Max quipped as other kids filtered in. "Just gotta love that learning" she looked down and pulled her junk out of her bag including a cherry lip gloss, and slowly put the gloss on. Vertes curled her lip and a boy sat next to Rae, had a shirt with 'Beam me up Scotty' across the front, with a picture of a Star Trek character and a signature. Max rolled her eyes. "Beam me up to get me out of this" she muttered barely audible over the others teenagers and Rae turned and glared- Max just smiled, got to love that super hearing.

Vertes handed out tests, and Max just gave Rae a ' are you serious' expression as she turned to it- this woman was dangerous because she had given them a test? Just deliberately get a few answers wrong should do the trick.

Logan had been sitting on the steps of the theatre when Max walked in, the class had been the test- all session. And Vertes had walked straight out with the tests afterwards. "You look surprised, I know I'm late but you expected me the bolt like a scared little bunny"

Logan spoke honestly "Kind of- and I wouldn't have blamed you"

Max rolled her eyes walking down to his step. "How kind" she said and smiled. "I was late getting this" she passed him a file. " It's from Vertes's office photocopied- Rae and I found a list of every student in this high school basic stats notes- nothing raised about us, looks like just looking for now"

He nodded. "We think she is here just to get things together before the real problem shows itself- you could come with me to my place, the others are going to be there"

"Next time" Max said. "From what I hear you broke the rules, talking to me against big brother Zack- you will need time to explain yourself" Logan sighed, and then Max spoke again. "I like that you did" she smiled widely and bumped his shoulder and he smiled.

Logan stood up. "I guess this makes us brother and sister"

Max didn't know why, but she felt almost disappointed. "Guess so"

Opening the car door of her black sedan, Dr Adrianna Vertes looked over Chesterfield High School. She sneered and got into her car just as the cell in her pocket rang and she closed the car door, as she flipped the cell open.

"Dr Vertes" The voice over the phone was cold, Max and the other others might think Vertes was calculated but compared to the man on the phone she wasn't.

"Colonel Lydecker" Dr Vertes said coolly.

"What is situation status?"

"I still need to go through these reports, school records, and the test, but I should be done in five days and I will send you the report. If I may ask who you are sending?"

"Myself, I will handle this matter personally" Vertes hid her shock; she had expected him to say Agent Sandoval or Finch not himself.

"Yes sir"

Colonel Donald Lydecker hung up. Ever since Sandeman after a bout of a conscience had taken those transgenics away from him that unit of would be soldiers he had been searching. Every time he came close the trail would go cold. The closet he had come to was Ben/493 and he had not even been able to return him to Manticore. And then there was- no he had not found anything in Los Angeles. Just a girl… a very special girl.

But it was different this time. It wasn't the clues, the details and the various indicators that told him, it was the feeling that he was close. He was close to reclaiming his kids to their rightful lives- as soldiers. His soldiers.

To become the soldiers they were designed to be, the perfect soldiers that he wanted. And this time he refused to leave empty handed, Lydecker would find them. No matter how long it took or how far he had to go to accomplish this objective…

He would find them.

To Be Continued…

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Character Cast- John Savage (Colonel Lydecker) A Young Jessica Alba (Max Guevera), A Young Michael Weatherly (Logan Cale), A Young William Gregory Lee (Zack Dawson), A Young Jake Gyllenhaal (Zane Cale), A Young Milla Jovovich (Rae Dawson), Eileen Pedde (Hannah Guevera/Sukova) and Mark Harmon (Dr Sandeman)

-Allison Lightning 1/6/08