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Troy Bolton had seen every inch of Gabriella Montez, physically an emotionally. His finger tips had caressed every supple pour of her olive skin. His eyes had traveled hungrily down her toned figure. His tongue had smoothed over the most intimate parts of her womanhood. He had been her best friend, her lover, and her enemy at some point of their lives. He had seen her broken when her father died, and seeing her in ecstasy that he created. A bond was connected between the two, almost causing them to become one, instead of two separate people. One would believe that Gabriella would never want to cause disruption between their love…


If there was one thing Gabriella will never allow to happen, it would be for Troy Bolton to beat her at her own sport.

"What the fuck do you mean it was out?" His glistening figure angrily points towards the lone white sphere that is now cushioned into the sand. The fire in his raging cyan eyes sends rounds of daggers in her direction, Gabriella is doing her best not to cave to his perfect shirtless form. Anger penetrates through the rough skin as Gabriella marches towards the barrier of the net that held the two fuming teenagers back, Troy meeting her there.

"Do you have eyes Bolton! It was out!" The tiny girl with a flat exposed abs in her smoky gray bikini with "Rock and Roll" stamped across its seams. The basketball captain with a black bandana tied around his head as though he is going in for battle shoots daggers at her and his sparkling eyes are narrowed dangerously at the petite girl.

"Oh, God… here we go again," The dark skinned, afro-thundered boy complains on the yellow sand from behind. The masterpiece of the violet, magenta, and sunburst orange is beginning to paint the sky with beauty. The beach is by now completely abandoned minus the eight teenagers whom were currently in the middle of an intense volleyball game. One that was soon to spill Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez's blood. "Let it go Gabs! I don't want to hear you two bitch anymore."

"Shut up Chad!" Gabriella screams aggressively backwards, catching the view of her other teammates, Taylor, Cassie and John. The other side, their opponents, was Troy, Ryan, and Hilary. Zeke and Sharpay were also playing, but they seemed to be more interested in canoodling with each other than who was winning the game.

The gang had decided to go camping. Well, according to the parents, the girls were with each other at one camp ground, while the boys were at another. That was probably the best lie Gabriella had ever spoken. Actually, pretending that she wasn't in love with the East High basketball captain seemed to be a more shaped lie, but she was pretty sneaky about this one too.

It hadn't taken long for the rest of the soon to be seniors to realize that putting Troy and Gabriella on opposite teams was like putting two cheerleaders together who were fighting over the same boy. The fight was getting dirty, especially when you put two headstrong people together who bickered so naturally it was as easy as breathing. They had had four years of practice. Old habits die hard. "Listen to him! At least someone on your team knows what they're talking about!"

Gabriella crosses the defined border beneath the net as though it was a battle crossing instead of a volleyball court. Through his agitated glare, she could see amusement dancing in his sparkling cerulean orbs. Ugh, she HATED that about him! Her flat stomach turns to jello beneath his electrifying gaze. "Fuck you!" It was lucky that no other parents were there to hear Gabriella's harsh tongue.

Troy laughs in mockery before tenderly placing a heated hand onto her bare skin, sending rounds of shockwaves through her blood stream. "Gabi… baby… we've been over this… I don't fuck. I have sex."

By now Gabriella can't be angry with him at his reference to the at once the reverse. So caving to his seduction, a tempting smirk crosses her face quickly as her mocha eyes scan his delicious body from head to toe. He was unbelievably gorgeous. And all hers for that matter. "What should I say? Sex you?"

Troy lets out an erotic groan before reaching for her tiny waist to place his tickling hands on and pulls her to his rock hard chest. "Please…" He mumbles before pressing a gentle kiss beneath her sensitive ear.

"ALRIGHT already!" A shriek of a voice breaks the overly heated moment, both teenagers turning to see Cassie's slim arms folded annoyingly. "I do NOT want to see my cousin and one of my friends start going at it in the middle of a volleyball game! It's bad enough I walked in on you two in the fucking coffee room last week!"

Gabriella catches Troy's devious eye at the reference to "their room". The room they christened that fateful night when Troy dragged her to hell with him. The night that would forever keep a hold on her heart as the best night of her life. It was also the room that they attempted to keep the "heat" up in. It was their room. "Look, I think we're all getting tired." The chocolate skinned beauty steps forward. "Maybe we should just head back up to the sites." Taylor suggests calmly before she strides towards her boyfriend and wraps her muscular arms around his torso.

"Oh! Good idea!" The bright blonde in a pink bikni jumps from her boyfriend's arms, but quickly grips his tough forearm and drags him towards where it seemed everyone was meeting. Troy slings his limb lazily around Gabriella's waist, so close that her body reflexively began to crave his.

"You just want to get to your trailer." Ryan narrows his light eyes accusingly before Sharpay rolls her matching orbs and waves her manicured hand.

"You KNOW much I hate… this…" Sharpay references getting dirty. "You're lucky I'm out here. London wanted me to go shopping in Chicago with her this weekend! I'm sacrificing shopping to be with you guys."

John rolls his eyes obnoxiously. "Wow… don't we feel special."

Troy chuckles the throaty laugh that always made Gabriella's heart skip about forty beats. It still seemed impossible to believe that three months ago she couldn't stay in the same room as him without blowing up. Now? The only thing she wanted to do was keep her arms around his neck forever and never let go. "Come on… I'm starving." Chad proclaims before they snatch the volleyball from the soft sand. The dimming green lake fades as they to begin their climb up the messy trail of dirt and over grown ferns beneath the canopy of emerald trees. Troy grasps Gabriella's miniature hand before ascending.

"It's getting dark. You're gonna start the fire when we get there right John?" Gabriella questions hopefully just before she feels a soft caress of wind wisp tenderly over her bare arms. She could not wait until she would be able to get into warmer clothes even though the summer Albuquerque air was roasting; the nights always gave her the chills.

Troy notes this and gingerly trails his calloused fingers across the bumpy surface of her knuckles. It was the little feelings such as this that always gave Gabriella the same sensations as when they were really getting intimate. It was so curious how even though Troy Bolton was obviously the king of sex, he could also be gentle and caring in the same light. "Are you sure this is the right trail?" Hilary questions doubtfully, but Chad, whom was leading the way, nods with confidence.

"Positive. See? You can see Sharpay's mansion from here." He references to the immerging pale peach trailer with the initials "SE" shining in snow white. Both Troy and Gabriella attempt to stifle their giggles as they approach the two campsites that were directly across from each other.

There were three fairly large tents in sight. The sunshine yellow was called by Ryan and Hilary, royal blue reserved for Cassie and John. Obviously, the trailer literally had Sharpay's name on it, and a mango orange tent on the other campsite was going to be home to Taylor and Chad. How Troy managed to set up the crimson tent behind a large rock away from everyone else was beyond her. But she was thankful, so unbelievably happy he had some sort of power of persuasion. Or maybe everyone was too afraid of getting in the way of Troy getting what he wanted.

AKA, deprived Troy Bolton equals crabby and snap your head off Troy Bolton.

Gabriella knew from experience.

"Where are those hot dogs? I'm starving!" John's stomach grumbles nosily. Gabriella grins brightly at her coworker before hearing the scratching sounds of Zeke beginning to pull out a cooler almost the size of Troy's sleek Infiniti Gabriella was well aware was still five houses down from hers.

"Take the matches…" Troy reluctantly releases Gabriella's tiny hand and reaches down into a navy backpack before tossing a pack of matches in the fellow lifeguard's awaiting arms. "I need to get a shirt on or something."

After digging around in her stuffed duffle bag, she finds herself dressed in a long sleeved loose fitting gray long sleeve with scarlet "WILDCATS" written across the chest and a pair of jean shorts to hide the pale line that ran a diagonal across her right quad. Immerging from the tent, was her boyfriend dressed in khaki shorts and a matching red sweatshirt to Gabriella's grey. He also had a royal blue hat covering his chestnut flat hair with "Knights" stapled on the top.

"Get that fucking thing off." Chad orders just as Troy plops himself down onto the dusty gray colored fold out chair that was joining the circle of the igniting fire that was growing.

"Hey!" Taylor protests before Gabriella strolls to the basketball captain's chair and slips her hands onto his strong shoulders, Troy gently grasping one of them.

"She's wearing my school's shirt. I owe her." He beams his bright white smile, Gabriella's dark chocolate eyes rolling. She knows well his hidden meaning was to get on her good side.

"You remind me of Cunningham in that," his best friend mocks, causing his dark brow to furrow and to chuck the hat off into the distance, forgotten. They may have agreed that Gabriella was Troy's, but it did not stifle the hate they had for each other. At least they attempted to be civil while she was around. Chad rounds around one of the other chairs while Zeke prepares the dinner carefully at the picnic table. "Oh, and why the fuck do you have the biggest tent here?"

Troy chuckles brightly before Gabriella's hypnotic hands run through his silky locks to rid of the slight hat hair. "Easy. I have the biggest dick."

Gabriella immediately halts at his cockiness and glares angrily at him before storming to the chair stationed next to his. "You're so damn cocky."

Troy's thick eyebrows wiggle suggestively. "You like it."

"Hey hornballs!" Cassie announces with her long blond hair pulled up into a tight ponytail and her crystal blue eyes looking disgustingly at them. "Dinner's ready."

Troy and Gabriella exchange glances before jumping up and excitedly running towards the delicious smelling food.

It seemed like lifetimes later that the crickets filled the empty spaces of her ears. The crackle of the fire seems to be the loudest sound in all of New Mexico. Gabriella's olive face is glowing in the illumination of the fire, her slender track legs draped across the basketball captain's lap cozily. Troy's gentle hands run straight lines up and down her breakable arm, his shockingly beautiful eyes stationed on the flames in some sort of a trance. The intimate moment was completely silent, yet nothing about it was awkward.

The rest of their friends had escaped to their beds a few hours before. It was lucky that the campfire was propped up an almost twenty feet away from Chad and Taylor's tent, for it wasn't a mystery of what they were up to in there. Gabriella's ear is pushed up against Troy's built chest, and through his sweatshirt she hears the earth defying sound of his heart beat evenly beneath his rib cage.

She would still never get over how lucky she was to have him. Even though they never really killed their old habit of bickering, it's what made them who they were. But if there was anything she had learned from the experiences she had gone through, it was that everything happened for a reason. If Gabriella had not blamed Troy for betraying her after her father's death, they may not be sitting in each other's arms in front of the burning campfire. The four years without each other were regrettable, but she had him now, and that was all that mattered.

"What are you thinking about?" Troy deep and passionate voice asks curiously as his two pieces of heaven brush up against her velvet skin. A surge multiplies in her stomach and she suddenly feels as though she's not close enough to him. As if just touching him weren't enough.

"You." Her voice is in audible against his crimson sweatshirt.

Troy chuckles heartedly before digging his lips into the mess of her black curls. "Glad I'm on your mind," the twinkling stars wink from above them as the cool wind whispers secrets in the tops of the ceiling trees. The air is still and peaceful, just as the couple was. "Where'd you get this from anyways? I didn't think I gave it to you." His rough fingers motion towards the long sleeved shirt.

Gabriella's strong shoulders shrug. She felt a dull stab in the corner of her heart. "My dad gave it to me… the summer…" she didn't have to say which one, Troy just knew. "He said I was officially a Wildcat now… and I never had any reason to wear it before."

Her dark eyes rise to his sparkling blue orbs, love bubbling down into her skin. "You don't have to wear it now…"

"But I WANT to wear it now," Gabriella drills towards him, the twinkle in her eye matching the glisten from above. She gently lifts her delicate hand and caresses the side of his smooth cheek, Troy leans into her touch blissfully as his eyes close hypnotically. "Because even though…he's gone… it doesn't change…"

Her voice trails off as she looks down towards their laced fingers. It would always burn like acid to think about him, but there was nothing that could be done now. She knew that. But she still had many things to be thankful for. "Doesn't change what?" Troy questions, Gabriella hears the shake in his voice even though he knew the answer.

"How much I love you." There it was. The stare that makes both teenagers succumb to the other's desperate desires. The inferno of love that penetrates through the sparkling blue and the curious chocolate. Neither let a word slip through their parted mouths as Gabriella smoothly slides across his lap, letting her slender legs straddle his torso as their fiery lips meet each other in an explosive kiss.

Every time their lips touched, Gabriella got the same tingling sensations as she did the first night they kissed after their four-year break at the staff party after the baseball game. It was as though each kiss was their first after Troy returned from basketball camp all those years ago. It was exciting and nerve racking, even though Troy's lips had danced across her entire frame over a thousand times. "…Love you too. More than anything." He breathes out as though in a trance as they break apart, but then attack each other with fury.

Gabriella immediately feels the familiar lightning surge through her nerve endings as Troy's thumbs draw circles on the small of her back. Her eager hands plunge into his chestnut hair at the exact moment that Troy's expert tongue pries her swollen lips apart. His bumpy tongue initiates a duel with hers, like little kids playing tag.

"Troy…" His name echoes through the forest like a bomb ticking tauntingly. That's also what the pulse that Gabriella begins to feel in between her legs as Troy's careful hands slip beneath her loose shirt and tickle the dividing line between her butt and her hips.

"Gabi… baby… can we go…" The lust threads with his velvet voice as her groin begins to play dirty also. Literally. She begins to rub her "heartbeat" against the forming poke that Gabriella was well aware was his forming manhood. Fantasies of what they were about to accomplish rush through her brain before she nods breathlessly.

"Tent?" Her voice seems to be leaking desire.

"You're mind reading skills are sexy…" Her stomach flips aggressively as Troy's muscular arms from all the basketball practicing lift her from the folding chair, the glowing fire raging in sync with the passion in their hearts.

"I'm glad you think something about me is…" she giggles as his lips trail burn marks down her jaw line and slip to the crevice of her neck. "Fuck Bolton…"

"You shitting me? Every damn thing about you turns me on." His husky voice causes shivers down her spine as he slowly begins to take her around the blundering rock to the tent. Unfortunately for them, Troy's eyes cannot remain open in his excitement, and the dark was not helping with guiding them. His foot catches an obnoxiously large root jutting from the earth, and the wind speeds by her small frame. Gabriella cringes in anticipation for her back to collide violently with the ground.

But Troy proves his love for her by taking the fall. While tumbling through the air, he quickly turns his body so his own muscles take the hit, making Gabriella bounce out of his arms and her ear crashes to his where his bellybutton was hidden. "Troy! Troy, are you okay?" Gabriella's fearful voice takes her back to a time when Troy crashed into a pool of death. She couldn't see him in the darkness, but panic that he hit the same spot on his head poisonously spreads through her heart.

A throaty chuckle calms her nerves as Gabriella immediately lets out a breath of relief. "From the fall? Yeah…" something was wrong with his voice. It was an octave higher and his ceruleans were rolled in the back of his head. "From the fact that you're hand is on my dick? We have a problem…"

It takes a moment before Gabriella realizes in her nerves she placed her trembling hand on the closest thing that was his body, which so happened to be the tent his khaki shorts were hiding. Instead of blushing as a normal girl might, Gabriella musters up her most seductive smirk and slithers her way up his chest so she could straddle his torso. "Then we should take care of that shouldn't we?"

"Fuck you for making me hard…" Troy whispers huskily before lacing his calloused hands through the cascading midnight waves and kissing her furiously, his tongue running at speeds as his body begins to grind sexually against hers. He wants her. Gabriella loves the feeling. The feeling of Troy Bolton, the god of East High, wanted her. She always felt powerful, beautiful, and unreal.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Troy switches his body and immediately runs while pulling her body to his chest again. Gabriella reflexively clutches his muscles and squeezes his stomach with her legs, peppering kisses onto the exposed skin of his neck. His hurry practically bleeds through as he finally makes it to the hidden tent. Shock rips in her brain at first as Troy lowers himself, but then she realizes he actually has to open up the zipper before they could get it. Damn zippers.

"Fuck… go up… goddamn it!" Troy practically screams at the torturous barrier. Gabriella does her best to attempt to soothe him, running her hand tenderly down his back, but that seems to do more damage than good. "YES!"

Before she knew what was happening, she flies through the air and her back springs onto a blow up mattress, the rubber sliding in the slippery surface of the large tent. The full bags they brought stop it from crashing into the side of the tent. Gabriella didn't even have time to open her eyes before another weight tumbles on top of her. There is so much force that it causes Troy to whirl with her, causing them to roll off the air mattress, smashing to the floor and Troy furiously shoving his lips against hers.

Desperation was paralleling their desire. Both of their hands were angrily working at removing Troy's thick sweatshirt. Unfortunately, their eagerness was causing both to fail miserably, for neither could think logically on simply pulling the clothing over his head. "I got it Gabi!" Troy snapped angrily before diving for another earth rumbling kiss. His crave for her was nearing painful, Gabriella able to tell by the way his breathing increases with every second that ticks away.

"You're doing a shitty job at it." She hisses back before finally yanking the sweatshirt off of him, his white undershirt with it.

Every time they got to this point, Gabriella feels as though times stands still. The way Troy always erotically rolls his bronze muscles in the blackness and the way his hungry eyes always gaze down upon her with need. The shadows beneath his pecks and the outlines of his perfect abs and shoulders were enough to make Gabriella question how she ended up with him. How she had ever been able to beat the line of girls whom doted upon him.

Troy pounces back on her, shoving his firing lips against the base of her neck and causing Gabriella eyes to slam shut and her mouth open as his hands race under her shirt and swimsuit, sending sparks flying from her breast to her core. He skillfully pulls her tiny body up from the earth and rips her long-sleeved shirt up over her head, gripping at the knot tied at her back from when she never removed her bikini. "Troy… Troy think…" She tries to order him to think clearly, but she couldn't do it herself with his kneads on her mounds of flesh.

"Fucking… shit… couldn't you just swim naked?" Troy questions grudgingly before finally unlacing the string and chucking it to rebound off the walls of the enclosed space.

Troy takes his time then to soak in her nude top, gazing down as Gabriella had just done to him. His love was spilling through his orbs, a turquoise inferno. "Didn't your mom ever tell you not to stare?" Gabriella asks impatiently.

"Fuck you." Troy jokes teasingly before finally giving her chest the attention they were craving. Gabriella's breath rips from her throat as her mouth forms in a longing circle. The hot flames from her most intimate organ surge through her blood stream and Troy's forceful tongue begins to trail around the dark flesh of her pegged nipple. He always knows how to drive her crazy.

"I h…have sex… don't fuck…" Normal sentences become impossible for Gabriella to get out as Troy's rough fingers slip to her other breast and begin to massage her womanly figure.

"Stealing my lines? That's plagiarism…. They'll arrest you for that…" His hot breath tickles her supple skin and Gabriella whimpers for his mouth's attention.

"They'll get handcuffs…" Her voice leaks higher pitches as her back arches in attempts to collide with his growing bulge. Troy finally breaks his wall down and moans to the sensation, Gabriella responds in a triumphant smirk. His face wrinkles pleasurably. Suck on that Bolton, she can play dirty too.

"Then repeat what I say…" his hips thrust against Gabriella's denim shorts, almost continuing a "who can get the other more turned on" kind of game. Unfortunately, Gabriella is well aware that she is loosing terribly. His glistening skin, dazzling smile, and sparkling eyes are causing Gabriella to crave desperately for him. "I love you Troy Bolton."

At the exact moment that he hisses the words, Troy's professional hand swiftly dip underneath the hem of her shorts, fluidly pushing them upwards until his icy class ring is felt on the inside of her shaven thigh. His index finger presses down on her hot spot, sending raging electricity to cause her to scream out in longing. Her hips thrust upwards, her head wildly thrown back raw pleasure. "I…I… god…I lo…love you… TROY!"

"Say I need you…" His ragged breath rumbles in the new found place of her neck. His bites are frantic, to the point that Gabriella begins to believe he's on the verge of cracking. He wasn't going to be able to take it much longer. Troy's heavenly finger circles around her clitoris, causing loving tears to burn in Gabriella's eyes.

"I need… please Troy… please…" Gabriella feels as though she was beginning to die. Die without making love with him. Why is he torturing her like this?

Unable to take the blissful pain anymore, Gabriella's miniature hands release his strong shoulders and, like lightning, shoot to Troy's crotch and grab. His azure orbs ripen to two forbidden blue fruits as his breath stumbles, hot breath sucking in to cause a whistle sound through his pearly teeth. "Shit! Shit… fuck…I can't…take it…" Troy then loses all restrictions. He grips the warm skin on the small of her back and whirls her around again so they roll aggressively back onto the squishy air mattress. His lips raid hers as his wet tongue thrusts itself into her open mouth. His grasp lets go and he trembles violently as his fingers reach for her button on her shorts.

"Troy… Troy…" Gabriella chants his name while in one nimble move, both her denim and her swimsuit bottoms were removed. Completely exposed, a rumble of erotic groans slips through his mouth as he attempts to dive towards her pulsating core. But Gabriella isn't able to handle him not being inside her any longer. "Fuck no… Troy… Troy I need you now!" her coffee colored eyes beg hastily. Her sharp nails claw through his dampening locks, Troy's uneven breath increasing. "I wan…want all of… please Troy…"

Foreplay wasn't an option for her. She needs to show him how much she loves him. It was eating away at her stomach as Troy finally flashes his sexy grin before flipping them over, Gabriella's slender track legs falling to either side of his nude torso as he reaches upwards to caress her hanging breasts again. "Do your thing…"

That's the cue for Gabriella to hazardously rip at his belt. Troy's hips were thrusting upwards now as Gabriella's puffy lips begin to nip at his tough neck. They had done this so many times that Gabriella doesn't even need to watch what she was doing. Instead, she is able to multitask with dueling tongues with Troy and unzip his khaki shorts at the same time.

He kicks them off easily along with his plaid boxers and immediately rolls her again, hovering over her writhing body. The tension between her legs becomes unbearable as their eyes meet. Chocolate and ocean. Gabriella notes how they remained the exact same gorgeous color all these years, the color she drowns in every time they gaze upon hers. Love beams connect forcefully and explode into the thick air. They rain upon the two before Gabriella's muscular limbs spread in the familiar "U" shape, Troy slamming his lips to hers again one more time.

"Love me forever." He requests while his bumpy fingers lace with hers. They push down on the rubber before his sticky forehead connects with her own.

"Always." She whispers back before feeling himself plunge into her molten lava. Stars flare through her vision as her heavy lids squeeze together, a moan screaming from her open mouth, but is muffled by Troy's kiss. Her body suddenly shoots to heaven, every inch of her sticky skin gaining the satisfactory stimulation.

Ecstasy courses through her veins as Troy fluidly pumps himself in and out of her. Gabriella was flying into cosmic oblivion as her cries of desire match with Troy's grunts and moans as a symphony. The feeling of unity between them was always so overwhelming. She and Troy and always been one, even when they hated each other. They always thought as one since he was her best friend. Whenever Troy made love to her, Gabriella felt the physical concurrence was just as natural as her raspy breath.

She always focuses on the five senses whenever they have sex. Taste. The sweet flavor of the spongy tissue inside his mouth. Smell. The musky scent of his manhood and sweat combining together to make her inhale his fumes. Audio. The grunts, begs, chants of her name as the speed of his length increases. Sight. The dripping water that rains down his face, the cobalt eyes that flash lustful lightning in her direction. And of course feel. The sensations that stream up her spine and back to her raging opening again.

"Fuck… shit… Gabi… oh Gabi…so fucking… so good…" His thrusts quicken and become deeper. Gabriella's spheres water from the incredible vibes violently overtaking her form.

"Tro… Troy I'm gonna cum…" she whispers dangerously while showering kisses to his bare shoulder. "Take me to hell…"

His sweaty palm squeezes hers. "Only… if you… come with…"

Escalation explodes at the same time as he finishes his sentence. Gabriella's thin body tenses, the blood raging furiously through her ears. She cries his name like a knife slashing through the dead air as Troy screams her full name. Trembling, her head snaps back and the mess of black hair spills every where. Passion bleeds with their sweat and Gabriella claws at his exposed back, orgasm ripping apart her bones. Her hand doesn't dare let go of his when she squeezes it to the point that his fingers might pop off. Troy's own bliss enveloping them as well.

Seconds ticked away in hours, until finally Gabriella spine caves on her and she crashes from her high. Troy topples onto her as well, both their breaths coming in short spasms. But that never stops Troy Bolton. She feels him pepper kisses to her jaw line through his gasps, uttering "I love you, I love you" with each air he took.

Gabriella's nails that weren't still digging into the back of his palm rake through his hair. Troy's limp member remains inside her, not daring to leave the one place it loved most. "I love you too."

His chest was vibrating, Gabriella not exactly understanding why. Her lungs are beginning to slow down, but there was something different about his shakes. She tenderly grips the back of his completely wet chestnut hair, feeling the still not healed scar from his head trauma at Lava springs. Gingerly, she pulls his head up, to see two rain drops fall from his sparkling blue eyes.

He was crying.

"Troy! Troy what is it?" Her silky voice starts to panic, caressing the side of his perfectly smooth face.

Eyes radiating love before he passionately smashes his lips up against hers again. Gabriella is able to feel his powerful emotion, the way he wishes she would. Their kiss smacks together before Troy tears run fluidly, mixing with his sweat. "I'm sorry… I'm just… I waited four years for you…"

Gabriella's thumb caresses the back of his smooth hand. "Why is this coming out now?" She asks curiously, the air in the tent so dense yet it was so easy to breathe.

"Because… I'm so… lucky… so goddamn lucky…" His voice trembles before their lips meet again.

But then it crashes over her like a violent wave. She was in Troy Bolton's arms. They were lying completely exposed in a tent with their bodies entertained with love. Everything was so perfect in the moment that it is surreal. For four long years she waited for this, and even though she had him since the fateful night they first showed their love for each other, every minute with him would last forever. This moment, this breath, this nanosecond was so unbelievably… indescribable that Gabriella felt her own mocha eyes begin to water.

"I love you." Troy Bolton murmurs to Gabriella Montez. A once enemy.

Always lover.

"I love you too." Gabriella whispers back before they kiss once again.