Ancient Lock Part One by Lumendea Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. I'd love to write for the show, but nothing yet.

AN: As requested by the series fans, a side story to wrap it all up. Part one of two.

All the Doctors had a moment right before they were replaced into their part of the time stream, all by the final result of this grand adventure erased and forgotten to them. All their eyes ranging from soft brown to icy blue rested on the young blond woman, resting in the jump seat next to the controls of the TARDIS. All their eyes focused on the bundle in her arms as their Tenth form's eyes moved between them, the Key to Time and his son, their son, James.

Frowning thoughtfully, the First Doctor tried to shove down the spark of dread in him. A human, a human child at that. He couldn't understand it, perhaps he was too young. Those around him saw him as old and wise, but he couldn't even begin to understand that spark in his Tenth form's eyes. He had collected Susan, his granddaughter and left Gallifrey when things began too politically dangerous for him given his ideas. The girl had been sweet, but he had been unable to understand her. He accepted her on the TARDIS and he daresay even loved her to a certain point, but he didn't understand her anymore than he understood this in front of him. As the energy circled him, he took a long look at Rose Tyler, allowing the deeper aspects of his Time Lord abilities to come forth. Around her, he could see the strands of time reaching for her, circling her in almost a lovers embrace. He blinked and the image vanished. Instead he saw a sweet girl, nothing more, but a look at his Tenth form reminded him that maybe, just maybe that was what was most important.

Pressing his lips together, Second Doctor thoughtfully examined Rose, with a cautious eye. He too had seen the strands of time, had seen that she was intended for great things and it did not surprise him in the least that starting a new race of Time Lords was part of that. Alright, it did surprise him, but didn't bother him. He had gained a bit of wisdom since he first encountered humans. They were unpredictable, unbearable, unkind and at times unexpected. Human beings had disgusted him, worried him, angered him and even impressed him. So far, no other species in the universe had proved to be half as interesting as them. So he supposed that it shouldn't surprise him that it would be one of those odd little backwards creatures who would impress him the most when it mattered the most.

Shaking his head, the Third Doctor smiled softly as Rose held her child, their child. Gallifreyians carried so many strands of DNA that the child was bound to carry part of every form. She held their child in a gentle embrace that was almost unknown to him. On Gallifrey, the rearing of children was done with discipline and structure, most did not experience such a tender embrace as infants, least they grow used to it. On Earth, he had found their embracing of emotions to be a powerful force and asset to their kind. It got them into trouble, he knew that well enough, but it also gave them a special way of looking at the universe. He could see that in Rose Tyler, her eyes were bright with love. The child had come about in such a complex and unexpected way, giving her no warning and no time, but yet she loved it completely. His smile widened right before he vanished, perhaps that love for life was why he would come to love her. Although, he suspected a tiny part of him, already did.

Titling his head, the Fourth Doctor watched Rose for a moment before looking over at his Ninth form quickly. He frowned as he saw the near desperation in the later's eyes as he gazed at the girl. Sighing, the Fourth Doctor looked back at Rose and tried to see it. There was something about her that had his later forms so wrapped up in her. He paused and thought of the older woman that he had complimented and paused. Briefly, Romana passed through his mind and he pushed away the idea of her being gone. He could not remember this and he would be part of a larger whole by the time it happened. Focusing on Rose, he smiled as he realized the simplicity of it. She wasn't brilliant or gorgeous, she was pretty enough to be sure, but wouldn't turn that many heads. She wasn't strong or fast or a rare species, but she was his and he supposed for that he was hers. Even all his years, family and friends had come and gone. Even Romana, the one that he honestly thought would stay had left, but this one wouldn't. Regenerations later, hundreds of years later and she would still be there by his side. A grin took over his face, making him look more like his normal self as the energy surrounded him. Hope, that was what Rose Tyler was. A constant companion of hope that tomorrow would be better and that he would never have to face it alone. Even though, it was still years away for him, the Fourth Doctor smiled at the hope that seeped into him at that and he understood how he could love her for that.

Shoving his hands in his pockets, the Fifth Doctor watched Rose somewhat nervously. Despite being one of the youngest in appearance, he felt completely unable to deal with the young woman. His own history with young women was full of his inability to read them, to understand what they wanted and wouldn't say to him. He didn't understand them, despite the fact that he had known so many of them and it bothered him. Sighing, he waited as the energy surrounded him and shifted nervously on his feet. Then Rose caught his eyes with her soft brown ones, full of many emotions, some of them even he could read. She smiled. It was that simple which made him feel at bit silly, but all she did was give him a open soft smile. There was nothing to that smile, no hidden intentions and no desire for a trip somewhere different. It was just a smile, a smile for him and him alone. Not for what he could do for her or her planet, but a smile just for being himself. A smile for being an odd man who regenerated into many different personalities and who tried to do the best he could for the universe. A smile just because she loved him, a smile just because she was happy to be back with him and to be holding their child. He smiled back at her just before he vanished.

Coming Soon: Part Two