Ancient Lock Part Two by Lumendea Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. I'd love to write for the show, but nothing yet.

AN: The final part of the series. I hope you all enjoyed it and thank God I'm finally finished with it! Please let me know your thoughts and any advice or other feedback you may have for the series.

Tilting his head, the Sixth Doctor examined the girl very closely. She was messy and exhausted from giving birth to a child she hadn't known about or planned on. Yet his latest self was gazing at her with open adoration. Didn't he realize what this meant? It meant domestics, not just being able to go wherever he wanted and having to always ask his partner for her opinion. He shuddered and shook his head, not for him, well at least not this him. Still, he paused for a moment and looked at the small child. Against his will, a small smile tugged at his lips and he couldn't help but feel a bit of pride. Raising his eyes back to Rose's face, he watched the gentle glow about her as she looked at the child. Shaking his head, the Sixth Doctor shoved his hands in his pockets and chuckled as he began to vanish. He supposed that he didn't have to understand it right now.

Looking at Ace, the Seventh Doctor tipped his hat to her and Rose with a smile. He was pleased to see Ace smiling and Rose grinning. Ace leaned over and touched his son's hand gently. He smiled at the display before glancing at his newest form. The younger form gave him a nod and a smile that he couldn't quiet contain. Nodding in return, the Seventh Doctor smiled, at least that form understood what he was getting into. Looking back at the bundle, the Seventh Doctor smiled and nodded to himself as he saw the strands of time pulling at the child and his mother. They were something special, not just for him but for the universe. He pondered this for a moment as the Key to Time's power flowed around him. Perhaps this was best after all, a division of power and responsibility amongst a new kind of Time Lord with him as the father and teacher. Looking at his two most recent forms, he had seen the toll on them and their desperation for something meaningful. Around this girl, this slip of a creature they were alive and joyful. He didn't need to understand it, he could see it reflected again in Rose's eyes and he decided that he need not concern himself with it now. Plenty of time for thinking it over when staying up all night holding the baby. Again the Seventh Doctor gave Rose and Ace a smile before he vanished, to himself, he gave a wink.

The Eight Doctor could barely keep himself from scooping up his little newborn son out of Rose's arms. In this body with this mind, he longed to reach out and grasp this romantic happy scene before him and wrap it up within himself to carry him through the war ahead. It was only the traces of time that were beginning to flow around him that reminded him that it was a bad idea. Returning to his part of the time line with the infant wouldn't have been the best thing to do since he wouldn't remember anything. So instead, he took in the tiny face with warm eyes before letting his eyes wander up to Rose's face. She smiled at him and blushed slightly at his attention which made him smile even more. He swore he could feel his hearts expanded and pressing against each other as he took in the adoration in Rose's eyes. They continued to beat, but he could tell that someday soon they would beat for this woman. She was something special, he could see it even if he wasn't sure what it was exactly. In fact he doubted that in any body he'd be able to narrow it down to one thing. He watched her eyes move to his other forms and take him all in without fear or concern. Reaching out, he brushed against her mind and felt the peace and happiness inside her and relaxed. Her eyes returned to him a moment later and he felt a wave of love pour from her mind into his, he felt her understanding of him, her acceptance and her devotion to him and their child. As he was surrounded by the energy, he found he could nothing but sigh softly and smile.

Keeping his arms crossed, the Ninth Doctor tightened his leather armor around himself and swallowed at the scene. He could feel the time energy moving to him, surrounding him and preparing to take him back to his own point in the time line. A point where he had met Rose Tyler and not gained her. Her eyes met his and she gave him a long look before smiling at him. He smirked as his pretty boy form shifted at the long look. His Rose seemed to notice and reached for his hand, balancing the child in her arm. His Tenth form looked down at her with pure adoration, at least the pretty boy got that right. Letting his eyes trace over her, the Doctor frowned and watched them for a long moment. She was so alive, so vibrant and full of possibilities with so much good radiating from her and yet she chose him. This sweet golden human chose a broken ancient for her love. Rose Tyler loved him, would love him and he would love her. He swallowed back the lump in his throat at the thought of that, trying to hold himself together as he felt the effects of that knowledge deep within. As he vanished, he couldn't help but wonder what she saw in him that gave her such faith, but knowing she saw something gave him hope.

The Tenth Doctor smiled at the now empty control room and looked back at Rose, shoving his hands in his pockets. He frowned as his fingers brushed what felt like paper, something he didn't remember putting in his pockets. "What is it?" Rose asked softly, seeing the look on his face as she adjusted the weight of James in her arms. "Not sure," the Doctor answered as he pulled out the letter and looked at it carefully. It was addressed to him in his handwriting. Glancing at Rose, he gave her a soft smile and opened it. Raising an eyebrow, the Doctor read the letter out loud,

"Everything will proceed from this point on as it should, Doctor. Us and Rose will be just fine and the TARDIS will start seeding soon so the kids can take off in the future. When you regenerate next, don't worry about becoming involved in this series of events. There will be a lot of demand for your time and a lot of young Time Lords to be keeping an eye on. Best of luck, trust me we'll need it.
Your Twelfth Form"

Rose giggled and shook her head at the slightly stunned look on his face before looking down at James. Blushing slightly, Rose muttered, "Sounds like he's going to have siblings." Nodding, the Doctor grinned despite himself and leaned against the controls,
"Yeah it does doesn't it," he grinned wider as Rose looked up at him, "Well we can't have the time lines not working out as it should can we"
"No," Rose answered with a smile, "No we can't have that, Doctor."