Legacy, a fanfiction by Overbore

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About Chaos: I have had some questions regarding how the whole chaos relief thing effects the characters. Basically, it takes the already existing characters flaws and magnifies them. For example, Genma was greedy before his son was born, but never would have considered selling his child for a bowl of rice, two fish and some pickles. The same with Akane. She always had temper problems, but with Ranma around, they were magnified in ways that would cause more chaotic things to happen. Also, everyone around Ranma was influenced to ignore, to a certain extent, these behaviors and their effects. Think of the Neko-ken. Who in their right mind could hear of something like that happening to someone they know, and not be absolutely horrified by it? But everyone in the Ranma-verse just kind of shrugs it off. In fact Akane goes as far as throwing cats at Ranma several times throughout the series. Now that he is gone, these magnified traits have receded.

About the Funeral: As to the way people are acting at the funeral, remember everyone thought Ranma was invincible. Everyone, his rivals, his fiances, the parents, have all shown, time and again, that they believe that Ranma could survive anything (much to their annoyance in some cases). And when he dies, their entire world view is shattered. Couple this with the lack of chaos magnified behaviors, and suddenly everyone is acting very out of character.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It had been more than two months since the funeral, and life in Nerima had settled into a new routine. Gone were the formerly common battle cries of incredible martial artists. Nobody was leaping across the rooftops. Property damage was at an all time low. Several construction companies had went bankrupt. Ucchan's was closed while the owner sorted out her life. The Nekohanten remained open, though nobody knew why. The Tendo Dojo was a place of relative peace and tranquility once more. Or at least it seemed so from the outside.

Kasumi Tendo, model homemaker, expert chef, and all around saint, was feeling a little off. It wasn't that she was feeling bad, far from it, but just that she felt...different. She supposed it could be chalked up to a new, more tranquil home life. Things had defiantly changed in the Tendo household. Akane, the living volcano, was actually attending therapy. She had made the decision to get her destructive emotions under control once and for all, and so far had been doing fairly well. She had also started attending a new school, on her therapist's orders, to get her away from the borderline sexual harassment that was the cause of so many of her problems.

Nabiki Tendo, little-miss-blackmail herself, had gone out and gotten a regular job. She worked part time for a local law firm as an intern, and showed excellent promise. Ironically, she was making almost as much now, as during her betting pool and blackmail days.

Soun Tendo was, for the first time in years, taking his responsibilities as a city council member seriously. While he still had a tendency to spout tears at the drop of a hat, he was trying to act like an adult for the first time in a long time. It was anyone's guess if it would stick or not, but for the time being, it was a nice change. Unfortunately, he had also come to the decide that he was still simply not able to teach martial arts again for the time being. There were discussions at the dinner table now as to whether or not to rent out the dojo to other masters who needed the space.

As for Genma Saotome, he had moved back in with his wife immediately following the funeral. He and Nodoka often came to visit, but rarely stayed for more than a few hours. Kasumi assumed it was because of painful memories. The two seemed to be patching up their fractured relationship; the grief over their fallen son forcing the two of them to rely on each other like never before. They were also discussing having another child, but it was still up in the air.

But Kasumi still felt off. Over the last two months she had found herself thinking and acting in new and unexpected ways. She felt...confident. Alive. Ready to take on the world. It was so strange. Maybe it was because her cooking and cleaning duties had been reduced without the Saotomes there. She felt so energetic these days. She went out more, spent time with friends or went shopping, even allowed herself luxuries like going to movies or eating out. Yet somehow it was still not right.

Kasumi sighed. She had been home all day in attempt to sort out where these strange feelings were coming from. But all she had accomplished was to feel more restless. She wandered the property, thinking of times past that seemed so long ago, but were on a few short months gone. Here was were Ranma would always sit at dinner. There's the dent in the wall Ranma made from the last mallet flight over the koi pond. Lost in memories she entered the dojo. She remember watching him so many times as he practiced his katas. To her eyes it seemed like he had become something incredible and unearthly when he became lost in the martial arts he loved. As she thought back, she realized how very much Ranma had seemed to be the very embodiment of The Art; smooth and flowing, with frightening speed and strength contained in infinite grace and control. She remember her secret wish to be able to move like that, to do the things he did. She blushed at the thought. Her, be like Ranma? It would never happen; but still, she wished.

She walked out into the middle of the dojo floor, guided by an impulse she didn't understand. 'Now how did that first stance go again,' she thought as she attempted to perform one of the simpler katas from her own brief training. 'Let's see, hands like this, and feet like this, and step out this way...' her thought were interrupted as her dress constrained her leg movements and she overbalanced and tumbled to the floor.

"Oh my." she said softly as she recovered her feet and her wits from the fall. She felt incredibly embarrassed, even though no one had seen her little misadventure. She sighed again.. Off course she had fallen. She was just so silly for having tried it in the first place.

'Still,' she thought, 'one more time won't hurt. It's not like anyone saw me or anything. But if I want to try again, I need a different outfit. Perhaps one of Akane's gis? No. That would never fit. The same with Father's. But there is one thing that might work...' her thoughts trailed off as she blushed even harder.

Still blushing she left the dojo, re-entered the house and went up to her room. Once there, she opened her dresser and reached all the way to the back of the drawer, to grabbing the things she had hidden. What she came out with was a red Chinese silk shirt, and a pair of black kung fu pants. They had been in the wash when Genma had moved out, taking the rest of his son's possessions with him. Kasumi had found them and immediately hidden them, a secret treasure she could cling to when the hidden tears became too much. Now she scrutinized them, judging to see if they would fit her reckless plan.

After several minutes of hesitation, she slowly and reluctantly disrobed and began to don the outfit. She was moderately surprised by how well the clothes fit. It seemed so strange to see herself in the mirror, her face above Ranma's clothes; her brown ponytail where the braided pigtail had always been. She felt a sudden urge to forget the whole thing; to but back the silks, and forget the dojo and push this silliness out of her mind. She stood there for an endless moment, paralyzed by indecision.


The thought came like a bolt from the blue, shattering her hesitation. Ranma had never hesitated, never let himself be stopped, never showed any fear except of cats and feminine wrath. 'And as long as I hold on to his memory,' she decided. 'I have a little piece of Ranma here with me.'

Back down to the dojo she went, and began again the kata she had tried before. Slowly with several pauses and restarts, she performed the kata her father had taught her so long ago. She smiled as she finished, remembering happy times with Momma and Pappa and little 'Biki and baby 'Kane so long ago.

She took a stance for a second kata, and again slowly, but with increasing smoothness, moved through the forms. And when she finished, she went right on the next one, and the next one after that. She found it was easier if she stopped trying to remember what the next move was, and simply let her body flow through the old patterns. Kasumi began moving through more complex forms, her speed increasing as she emptied herself to the martial arts, losing herself to the purity of the moves and the awareness of the Now. She was so lost in the Art that she didn't even hear her sister Akane come home from school. She moved faster, letting the forms consume her mind, bereft of thought, lost in that beautiful and deadly dance.

"Hey sis, I'll be in the dojo if you... What the...? RANMA!"

The screamed words brought kasumi out of herself with a crash, shocking her so much that she barely caught herself in the proper pose instead of falling on her face. "What? Ranma? Where?" she looked around, trying to clear the martial arts fog from her brain. What she saw was her youngest sister gaping at her with a mouth open wide enough to make a Chardin proud before falling over backward with all the grace of a sack of potatoes.

"Oh, my!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Akane was in shock. There was no other way to describe it. She had gone to the dojo with the intention of breaking some bricks and seen a red and black clothed blur moving through the dojo. The indistinct form had been leaping, twirling and literally bouncing of the Dojo walls in a display not seen since... "RANMA!"

But when her shout had stopped the blurring form of her dead fiancé, her mind was even further blown by the revelation that it was not Ranma performing those impossible moves, but her eldest sister! At this point Akane's Cognizance Core overloaded, and she fell back in a dead faint.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Darkness swirled, lightened, and then lifted. Akane cracked open her eyes to see the concerned face of the Tendo Matriarch staring down at her.

"Hey, Kasumi," she babbled sleepily. "I had the weirdest dream where I went into the dojo after school and Ranma was their practicing his katas and then when I yelled he stopped only it turns out you were Ranma instead of Ranma and then everything kind of spun and tipped over then it got really dark."

"I'm afraid it wasn't quite a dream, Akane."Her sister responded with a light blush. "I was simply practicing some old katas in the dojo when you came in and yelled, then you fainted."

"But, but, that can't be right!" Akane yelled jerking upright. She found that she had been laying in the doorway between the dojo and the porch. Her world view was shaking uncontrollably. "I couldn't have been you! I mean, you were doing all those crazy flips and leaps and stuff that even I can't do, and I'm a martial artist!" She was even more disturbed by the fact that her sister was indeed wearing Ranma's clothes, and who naturally she seemed to wear them.

"What?" said her sister sounding genuinely surprised. "But I was only doing some katas father showed me when I was little. I couldn't have possibly been performing one of Ranma-kun's katas? Could I?" She wondered aloud and began to concentrate on her time in the dojo, striving to remember what she had done. She began to remember running through all the katas her father had shown her as a little girl and moving into some of Ranma's more basic Anything Goes katas. She had continued, flowing through the difficult form as though she had work them for years, moving on to increasingly more advanced katas as her mind had drifted. "Oh My!"

"Sis?" Akane queried.

"I did perform Ranma-kun's moves! But how! What does this mean?"

"It means," spoke a creaky old voice, "that son-in-law still has the ability to surprise me, even from beyond the grave."

"Elder Khol Lon," Kasumi spoke respectfully as the girls turned to find the ancient amazon elder perched on the property wall, balanced on her staff. The gnarled elder pogo-ed over to the two Tendos. "What do you mean when you say that Ranma can still surprise you?"

"I mean precisely what I said, child." Cologne answered. "After son-in-law's unfortunate end, I remained here in Japan because I felt some irregularity in your aura, child," she said to Kasumi. "At first it thought it was merely a side effect of your miraculous recovery. But as the days passed and it remained, even grew more pronounced, I began to wonder if perhaps it was something more. Perhaps the cancer, not quite gone, or perhaps something else. Then today I felt the ki of son-in-law once more and I rushed here only to hear you two talking about your remarkable performance, Kasumi, and I think I have all the answers to the mystery now."

"So what's going on!" Akane demanded, her emotion controlling exercises forgotten in her confusion.

"Please, elder, tell us. What is happening to me? Why do I feel this way? How can I do these things?" Kasumi looked as though she didn't know whether to be angry or star crying. She finally settled into a state of determination.

"The answer is simple, child. Son-in-laws spent days pouring his ki into you. His lifeforce. His very essence. He took it all and channeled it into you as you lay sick. Your own ki was weakened and frail. His stronger lifeforce took the place of you own. As you healed, your ki began to adapt to his ki. Or perhaps the other way around, knowing son-in-law's adaptability. Then came his last act. I theorize that his final burst contained all that he was, every part of him brought together and flooded into your recovering body in an act of desperation and self sacrifice."

"You mean Ranma-kun is inside me?" Kasumi breathed. "Is his soul inside me as well? Could he... come back?"

"Not as such, no." The diminutive amazon answered. "No, son-in-law's soul is truly lost to us, but inside you is a remembrance of all that he was. A legacy, if you will. But this is a serious business. His attitudes and habits will begin manifesting among your own. Physical abilities too, as your body adapts to the ki within it. In fact, I believe some have manifested already; for example..." Before anyone could react, her staff whipped around and rather painfully clipped Kasumi in the back of the head.

"What'id you do that for, you stupid Old Ghoul!" Kasumi clapped her hands over her mouth as soon as the very un-Kasumi-ish yell passed her lips. She also struggled with a brief flash of unexpected temper.

"I trust you understand now, child?" Cologne asked.

Kasumi nodded, not quite trusting herself to speak.

"You mean she is going to start acting like that pervert?" Akane goggled.

"Silence, child!" Cologne barked with some heat. "You know better than that now. Do not disrespect the fallen."

"I... I... I'm sorry." she gushed. "I was just so surprised and I wasn't thinking and I didn't mean it."

'It's OK, Akane," her sister comforted. "I understand how shocking this is. And old habits are hard to break. It's fine." She turned to the amazon. "Elder, is this permanent? Will Ranma's personality eclipse my own? Will I stop being Me?"

"I seriously doubt the you of before will cease to exist. And we both know son-in-law enough to know that even as a legacy, he would never take advantage of the weak. As for permanence? Well... I believe it is, unless you have it purged from you."

"Purged?" kasumi looked baffled

"Yes, child. If you wish it, I can purge the legacy of son-in-law from your ki and return it to it's former state. But know this, once done, it cannot be undone, and there is only a limited window in which to work before the taint in you ki becomes permanent. You have perhaps three more months before you and son-in-law's legacy become indivisibly one."

"I... I will need time to think, elder," Kasumi said, a little flustered by all the day's strange events.

"You have time, Child. But know this, whatever you decide, from now on consider yourself an ally of the Amazon tribe of Joketsuzoku, and an honorary member of the tribe. I will take my leave. You know where to find me when the time comes."

"Thank you, Elder," Kasumi said bowing respectfully. "Thank you so very much."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Nerima, Tokyo.

The Tendo Dojo.

"Sis! I'm home." Akane Tendo called her sibling as she walked in the front door. "Thanks for the lunch you made today. Kendo club practices have been running so late lately that I don't seem to have time for anything anymore."

"That's fine, Akane, " her eldest sister, Kasumi Tendo, called from the kitchen where she was busy preparing dinner. "You are team captain after all. It's only natural for you to be busy with nationals coming up."

Akane giggled. "I still can't believe the look on Kuno's face when we beat Furinkan high for the tournament slot! Priceless!"

"Well just try not to work too hard or you might just..." whatever Kasumi was going to say, it was cut off as a loud crashing sound filled the air, followed by a loud cry.

"Fools! Weaklings! Is there no one who can stand against the prowess of a master of Martial Arts Building Demolition! I challenge the champion of this dojo for it's sign!"

Both girls rushed to the dojo, only to see hugely muscled man in a hardhat standing in front of a very large hole in the wall that he had apparently created as an entrance.

"Oh my!"

"Oh, no! Not another weirdo! Oh well. At least Nabiki will have fun suing this one for property damage."

The man appeared to notice them. "Bah! Weakling women! If there is no one here to defend the pitiful dojo, I'll tear it to pieces!"

The two Tendos shared a look for a moment before one of them spoke.

"Very well, I accept your challenge!"

The man surveyed his opponent: around five foot, ten, hair done up in a braided ponytail, wearing a violet Chinese shirt and black silk pants. "Pitiful woman! You stand no match against the overwhelming power of Martial Arts Building Demolition! Prepare to be crushed!"

His opponent assumed a casual stance. "We'll see about that, but before we begin, there is something you should know."

"And what is that?" he roared.

The young woman, a homemaker, chef, martial artist, and demi-chaos attractor by association, gave an arrogant smirk.

"Kasumi Tendo doesn't lose."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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