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I have to admit, I probably rushed this more than I should have. I wanted to start my KeruYuki.

Uhh… Rennie… don't kill me, 'kay? –scurries into reinforced bunker-


"P-promise me you won't go away again. No matter what." My words were muffled, but he still understood them.

He smiled at me. "No matter what."

I can see why he deserted me.

I promised.

To Yuki, I'd never, ever break a promise.

"It's okay, Kyo," Yuki was over me, clutching at me desperately. "I promise it's going to be okay, I won't give up on you, but please, c'mon, don't do this to me, open your eyes again, okay? Hatori's on his way, but please, I want you to see me, please, I have to see you again – "

I let out a sleepy groan and writhed slightly, pushing into Yuki sleepily. "'Morning," I murmured, wriggling into his arms.

And then I remembered when Yuki started to cry.

"Hey," I muttered, beginning to wake more fully. "Don't cry, it's okay!" I pulled him into a hug, and he was crying underneath me as I rested my head on his.

The Yuki in my head was silent. He was gone. I'd lost him forever.

But the Yuki here, wherever here was needed me, and from the horrible pain shooting through me and the tears welling up behind my eyes from his crying I knew that I loved him. I'd fallen in love four times in my life… whatever happened to third time lucky? I'd settle for fourth, if I could… God, I was so lucky. I had been given four chances, and I'd blown nearly all of them. "I'm so sorry, Yuki," I whispered into his hair. He clutched at my shirt desperately and flew up, kissing me angrily, all teeth and blood and savagery but I loved it, I loved him, and I couldn't believe he still wanted me after all the shit I'd put him through, but I sure as hell wasn't going to lose him.

"I thought – I thought that you'd gone again – " he whispered, burrowing into the crook of my neck.

"No. I'm not leaving you again. Not like that." I paused for a moment. "I promise."

Hatori ran over, a little perturbed to see us both lying on the ground, my lip bleeding, Yuki's shirt stained with mud and blood, but he was satisfied we were both conscious and lucid. He did some minor checks, looking into my eyes. I just said I'd fallen over and blacked out and Yuki had panicked, and no, not a recession, and no, I hadn't hit my head. "I'm fine, Hatori," I said calmly, and he glanced at Yuki, who was still curled up in my arms. "We're both fine," I reiterated, a tad angrily, pulling Yuki closer possessively.

"Alright," Hatori said carefully, standing up and looking at us warily. Yuki hadn't looked at him the whole time, his face in my chest. Hatori glanced towards him, and I nodded, pushing Yuki away. He looked at me warily, but I nodded towards Hatori's car, and then stood up and walked towards it. We both watched him go, my heart burning with guilt and wanting to be closer to him even though we'd barely parted. "Does Haru know?" Hatori murmured, pretending to pack things up. I squatted down, trying to help him.

"Yeah," I murmured quietly. "He knows."

"I'd better go check up on him," Hatori said as he straightened up.

"Tell… tell him I'm sorry, alright?" I said as he walked away.

Hatori paused and looked around. "Right now, I don't think he'll even want to hear your name, don't you think?" I opened my mouth but nodded, bowing my head as Hatori walked to Yuki by the car.

We drove back to the flat in silence.

Yuki sat me down without a fuss, moving quietly into the kitchen, pouring me out a cup of tea (with just a hint of strawberry, my favourite). I sat down on the sofa, my elbows resting on my knees, head hanging low. I smiled and took the mug off him, sipping at it gently. He sat beside me and sipped at it silently. "What happened?" he asked finally.

I looked up sadly. "He gave up on me," I said simply, smiling brokenly. "I don't blame him," I said hoarsely. "I know… I know how it feels, to sit beside someone and not even know if they can hear you…"

"Yeah," Yuki said quietly. "Me too."

"But…" I whispered, and wrung my hands together, placing the tea down on the table.

"You love him," Yuki murmured, and I nodded, looking at him with sad eyes.

"Yeah," I whispered. "So fucking much. The idea that he's hurting… and this time I can't see him. I can't save him." I sighed, rubbing my forehead. "It hurts." I closed my eyes. "I can only hope… he'll find someone who loved him as much as I did. Do."

"So…" I looked over at him, but his eyes were on his feet. I looked away. "Will you stay?" he whispered hoarsely.

I looked up and smiled. "Yeah, I'll stay," I murmured. His face broke into a wavering smile, and I felt my own mouth twitch in recognition. "I didn't realise, Yuki, but… in the end… I guess there was only you." I smiled. "There's always only ever been you."

I reached over and kissed him softly.

My happy ending.

This was too fast.

It wasn't happening.

It wasn't fair.

The gun was on Yuki. All I could think was that it can't be Yuki, it can't, I can't live without him, I can't lose him again, I just can't, I'll break, shatter into a million pieces on the cold wooden floor, but the gun was still on him and the finger was inching towards the trigger.

"Please, stop," I whispered, looking at my God with everything I had. "Don't take him from me."

"You are a monster, and deserve to be punished," Akito said, her eyes frighteningly hollow. Beside me, Shigure was on the floor, bleeding, dying for all I knew. His eyes were staring up at our God with sadness.

"I tried to save you," he whispered, voice bubbly with the blood seeping through his mouth. "I tried to fix you. I'm so sorry, Akito."

"He," Akito snarled, swinging the gun towards Yuki, "Took everything from me. He turned you all against me!" she yelled. "She was right! She was right! The bond n-never was there, it broke so easily – "

"Akito, I'm still here, please, don't – "

"Shut up!" she screamed at Shigure, gun wavering for a moment as she turned her manic eyes onto him. Her fingers shifted on the gun. "I'll kill him!"

"It's my fault," I shouted, looking over to Yuki, trying to find a way for him to get out. "Don't blame Yuki, it's my fault!" Her resolve was resetting; I could see it in her eyes. She was focussing on Yuki, and he was going to die in front of me… I couldn't lose him, I couldn't…

The safety catch was unbearably loud.

The gun fired.

Someone screamed "NO!"

Everything went horribly silent.


He came out of nowhere; I didn't see him jump. A blur of orange. He slammed into me and clutched onto me desperately.

His whole body spasmed in perfect synchronisation with the gunshot.

I screamed out loud. "NO!" Hatori was standing behind Akito; he gently prised the gun away, and she fell to the floor, her eyes glassy. She crawled across and curled up inside Shigure's form; the Dog was unmoving, unconscious, dead? I couldn't tell…

And Kyo was bleeding in my arms. I wrapped my arms around him and clutched at him desperately, whispering reassurances I couldn't keep into his ear, begging him not to leave me… I rolled him over. His eyes were glassy. His lips were cold as I kissed him. "No…" I whispered. "I can't live without you… I can't… you know that…" I screamed a long, hard yell. "You can't do this to me!" Hatori had finished attending to Shigure and had run over to me, pulling Kyo from my arms. I screamed and shouted and thrashed but he lay Kyo on the floor, beginning to check for his pulse, listen to his breathing… I couldn't keep up with everything that he was doing, I tried frantically to, but he was moving so fast and it was just too much

"He promised he wouldn't leave me," I whispered to Shigure. My hands were covered in his blood. "He promised he'd never leave me again."


I smiled, reached over and took hold of his hand. He was lying on the bed, his heartbeat reverberating around the both of us. He shifted uncomfortably against the pillows, the harsh metal irritating his bandage. His eyes were focused out of the window, somewhere far away from me. "Do you… do you think everything's going to be okay, now?"

I smiled, leant over and kissed him softly. "Yeah," I whispered. "Everything's going to be fine."


I'll leave it to you to decide whether the Epilogue actually happened, or whether it was just Yuki's dream.

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