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The uniform was wondering if the day could get any worse. His six-month-old son had spit up on his uniform, he didn't have any clean shirts, and there was an accident on the highway, causing him to be late to work. He groaned as he checked his watch. 8:15. Crap, he thought as he pulled into the parking lot of 1PP, could this day get any worse? I really need that pay raise! It was then he noticed the two small girls standing outside the station. That's odd, he thought. Who would leave two little girls outside of the station? Unless…maybe they were abducted and the perp decided to leave them here. I'll go ask them. After the uniform parked his car, he went over to the girls.

"Hi, my name is Jacob and I'm a police officer. What are your names?"

The taller girl looked up at Jacob. She had brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, tan skin, and looked like she was between the ages of seven and ten. She glared at him before replying, "Mommy said we're not allowed to talk to strangers."

The smaller girl noticed Jacob as well. She, like her sister, had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, was wearing glasses, had pale skin, and looked to be between the ages of four and six. The girl whispered to her sister, "But Gina, he said he was a police officer. See, he had a badge like daddy does!" She then turned to Jacob and said happily, "My name is Alice Alexandra and I'm four years old. And this is my sister, Regina Scarlett, and she's seven."

Jacob smiled and nodded. "So, Alice Alexandra, what's your last name?"

At this Alice shrugged. She turned to Regina and asked her, but Regina wouldn't say anything. She just kept looking at an envelope she was holding in her hand. Jacob tried to get Regina to give him the envelope, but she wouldn't budge. Jacob tried his best, but after asking her five times it was clear she wasn't going to give him the envelope.

"Regina, please, just give the envelope to me and it can help us find your mommy."

"NO, mommy said I'm supposed to give it to DADDY!" the girl responded.

"Well, where is your daddy, sweetheart?"

"He's a police officer, like you!" Alice piped up. "Mommy said he works in major…major…"

"Major Case?" Jacob finished.

"Yes, that's what mommy told us," Regina said with a smile. "Our daddy is a police officer and he works in Major Case."

It was then Jacob decided what to do. "Ok, girls," he told them, "give me your hands and I'll take you up to the squad room."


Detective Alexandra Eames's desk

Major Case Squad

8:35 AM


Eames had been having a pretty boring day, so she was happy as she saw her friend in uniform enter the squadroom, clutching the hands of two small girls. She loved kids, none more so than her nephew, so she was more than happy to inquire about the children who were standing next to Jacob.

"Hey Jake," she called as she waved him over. She smiled at the little girls clutching Jacob's hands. "I didn't know you and Kathryn had daughters."

"Who, these two?" Jacob asked. "No, I found them standing outside the police station. They said their dad works here." It was then Eames noticed the envelope in Regina's hand. She sent Jacob away, but not before giving him her bleach pen. "For that little present from Thomas," she said, nodding at the stain.

Jacob thanked her for the pen and bid the girls good-bye. "I'll see you around," he said as he left for guard duty.

Eames turned towards the girls. "My name is Alex. What are your names?"

The older one turned to her. "Are you a police officer?" she asked.

Eames smiled. Kids asked her questions like that all the time. "Why yes, I am. See, here's my badge," she said, pulling out her badge and showing it to them.

"You're just like daddy!" Alice said happily. "My name is Alice Alexandra."

Eames smiled at the cute little girl. Oh, if their parents are dead, I so want to adopt them, she thought. "That's a pretty name sweetheart." She turned to the other one as she lifted Alice into her lap. "And what's your name?" she asked.

"Regina," the girl responded.

"That's a beautiful name, Regina. Could you tell me about the envelope you're holding?"

As Regina began to explain to Eames that the envelope was for her daddy, little Alice sat in Eames's lap and looked around the squadroom excitedly. She saw new people, heard new words like "homicide", "robbery", and "Captain is not gonna be too happy about this", and she smelled new-and strange-smells. But then she heard the sound of a door being opened. Twisting so she could see around Eames's arm, she notice two men walking out of the captain's office. She recognized one of them! Daddy! Daddy was really here, like mommy said! Happily, she jumped out of Eames's arms and ran to him, happily screaming "Daddy!! DADDY!!"

All of Major Case turned towards the sound of little girl running to the captain's office. They were, in the very least, confused. However, some were opening up their wallets, in an attempt to gain a little extra bet money on whose love child that was.

The two men outside the office heard them too. Alice immediately ran up to the one who was more confused. "Daddy!" she cried, wrapping her arms around the man's legs.

Alice felt two strong hands lifting her up and placing her on the man's hip. Noticing Regina had begun running towards them as well, the man turned to his daughter and asked, "Alice, what are you and Regina doing here?"

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