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Previously on Little Angels:

Regina noticed that her father had come into the room and gave him a smile. Bobby smiled back at her, finally relaxed, when a knock at the door broke the tranquil silence.

Alice immediately looked up. "Is that mommy?"


Bobby turned and looked towards the door. It had better be, he thought. Mommy has some serious explaining to do. However, he turned to Alice and replied, "Well, let's see." As Alice ran to the door, Bobby noticed that Regina hung back, slightly frightened. Thinking that it was nothing, he turned and walked towards the door, where Alice was already standing. Bobby swung open the door, and to his surprise, did not reveal Grace, but his partner, who, from the look on her face, was seriously pissed off about something, presumably him. Bobby liked at her like a deer caught in headlights. "Ea-Eames, what are you doing here?"

His fumbled comment, however, was quickly undermined by Alice's happy shriek. "Alex!" she cried, wrapping her small arms around Eames's legs. Alice then removed her arms and lifted them up. "Uppie!" she commanded. As Alex lifted Alice and placed the child on her hip, the expression on her face turned from one of "I'm going to bite your head off, Robert Goren" to one of love and concern. While she listened to Alice babble about what she had done after they had left the station to that particular moment in time when she had walked through the door, Alex almost forgot the reason she was so angry at Bobby.


"Alice, I know that you're excited to see me, but could you leave me and your daddy alone for a few minutes please? We need to have a grown-up talk," Alex said, stressing the words grown and up. To not hurt the child's feelings, she added "But when we're done, I'll come and see you and Regina." Having accepted this, Alice dropped out of Alex's arms and ran back into her room, where her sister was waiting. After knowing that his oldest had seen Alex's wave and she had given one in return, Bobby motioned for her to shut the door to give him and Alex some privacy. After Regina obeyed, Bobby turned back to his partner. This was not going to be pleasant, so it was better for them to get over for it now. He sighed and held out his arms. "All right, Eames, have at me."

"With pleasure," Alex returned, her words stinging like salt on an open would. "What the hell, Bobby? You think you can protect everybody? Damnit, you're my best friend! You know everything about me: Joe, my nephew, the less-than-pleasant aspects of my stint in Vice, and yet you neglect to tell me you have two daughters with some woman?! How long were you expecting to hide this? You didn't think it would come out eventually?"

"Eames, I can explain-"

"Explain what Bobby? You've had six years to explain! Six years, Bobby! Or maybe you didn't think I deserved to know," Alex yelled, her anger coming out in bits and pieces. But every time a piece of anger came out, a new piece easily replaced it.

"Would it help if I said I was trying to protect you?" Bobby asked. Seeing Alex's face change to one of "What…", he added "Because if you guys knew about each other, and something had slipped to the mafia, and so on and so on? Eames, my girls are nothing but the world to me!" And so are you, he thought. "That's why. I didn't even tell Deakins!"

Alex was going to scream something back to him when a sob stopped her. Looking past her partner, who had already turned to the sound, she saw Regina watching them through her door, her eyes threatening to spill over with tears. "Please don't fight," she asked in a trembling voice. "I get scared when grownups fight."

Bobby, his mood changing, opened his arms, and Regina gratefully ran into them. Now fully realizing that his daughter had turned from her normal, happy self to a sad and scared little girl, Bobby asked her "Regina, look at me." When she had done so, Bobby asked the question now gnawing at his very soul. "Did Mommy do something to hurt you?"

A feeling of relief washed over Bobby when his daughter shook her head and said "No," in a confident voice that let him know she wasn't lying. However, that feeling washed away as quickly as it has come when Regina paused, sighed, and told him "But Nick did."

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