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Summary: Story of Ramon Salazar; starts from the point where he meets Saddler and is brainwashed into thinking as the cult does, and carries on from there.

My Guilty Smile

Young Ramon Salazar sat by the large bay window and stared out longingly at the children playing. He wished he could be one of those children; being able to get dirty, play stick ball, perhaps make a few friends. But no. He was never allowed to have any fun. Royalty such as himself shouldn't be degraded to playing with such urchins. But he wanted to be one of those urchins who could go outside when they pleased.

He was pale in complexion, and his paleness was further emphasized by his raven hair. From under the dark bangs peered a set of burning topaz eyes, those of which pierced the soul of anyone who gazed into them. His growth had been stunted; there were theories, but no one was certain why a perfectly healthy boy would just stop growing. When drawn up to full height, he was a pitiful 4' 10".

Ramon sighed and pushed himself away from the window. He stared at the elegant Persian carpet that spread itself around his room's floor. Perhaps it was best that he stay inside. He remembered that just recently he had ventured outside on his own, in hopes of trying to be normal. But, seeing his fancy clothing and pale complexion the other children had singled him out as the freak and an outsider and refused to play with him, even if he was royalty. He remembered how he had been persistent and ended up getting his ass pounded by a few of the older boys in the village. When ever he went outside for a stroll he went at night when there were no children around to push him down and call him names.

Ramon impatiently glanced at the large grandfather clock that tocked lazily in the barren room that contained himself, a desk, the clock, and a large four poster bed. He listened to that clock tick and tock for hours on end because if at least produced some noise, as which was opposite for the rest of the estate.

Salazar turned back to the window and propped his elbows up on the desk and rested his chin against the palm of his hand. His parents had died a few years ago, when he was twelve, which was one of the theories as to why his growth had been stunted. He had been basically left by himself, because he had no other family. Numerous servants occupied the estate, but there was only one that Salazar would even consider family.

Don Ramirez had served the Salazar family for decades, and it was apparent he was going to serve for many decades to come. Ramon wasn't sure of his age, but he had to be pushing seventy. He didn't act seventy; he acted something more like thirty. Ah, but nevertheless Ramon was just happy to have someone around whom he had even the slightest connection with.

He hadn't realized it, but he had been sitting there in that same seat and staring at that same patch of sky so long that it was no longer a crystal blue, but now a milky grey; the sky was flecked with dark patches of darkening clouds.

The fifteen year old must have been staring off for at least three hours.

He had grown restless, and when he rose from his seat his knees and joints cracked and were, at first, unwilling to cooperate with their master's commands.

"I really need to get a life…" Salazar mumbled and stretched, his joints giving a few more pops of defiance.

"Mayhaps you should take a walk then, sir?" Don's voice came from inside the doorway. "This time of evening is particularly lovely, and the roads are virtually vacant."

That was true. The air was crisp and the roads were not lined with Ganados, "cattle"; what he referred to the villagers as, and their livestock. Most were closing up for the evening to have dinner with their families and do whatever else families did.

"That sounds nice enough…"

"Shall I get your coat then, sir?" Don said on cue.

"Hm?" Salazar turned his head towards the door; it took a moment for the words to register.

"Oh. No. That's fine; I'll get it."

Don nodded and stepped aside for his young master to get his coat from one of the many closets.

He chose a calf-length, on anyone else it would have been a thigh-length, coat that was tinged a purplish colour.

Don cocked an eyebrow.

"What?" Salazar quipped as he slid his arms though the sleeves.

"Just curious, sir, as to why you chose that colour?"

Salazar looked down at himself, then back up at Don with a small, self-satisfied grin on his face.

"Don't you think it makes me looks taller?"

Don held back a snort of laughter and paused before agreeing.

"…yes. I supposed it does."

"I figured since black or any of the primary colours make things look smaller, I would try to adorn shades that make things stand out."

"I… follow your logic sir." Don said, half-truthfully. If you wanted to stand out in this country, then just wear white, considering most wore dingy shades of grey, brown, and teal that blended in with the surroundings. But, purple also worked.

"…but I thought you just wanted to blend in?"

Salazar paused, his hand resting on the door handle.

"At night, we all blend into the dark. At night, we are all the same."

"Deep." Don said simply.

"Yep. I'll be back in about an hour; I heard it was supposed to storm tonight and I really don't want to get caught in it."

Don nodded and resisted the urge to make a smart comment concerning the rain and his height.

"Have a nice stroll, Mr. Salazar."


The air was very cool and clear, as it was nearing autumn. Orange and red leaves scattered the ground, and a few even clung to their branches, refusing to fall off. The sky was grey and cluttered with heavy black clouds that seemed so low you could reach up and touch them. That was the illusion produced by a fairly flat landscape.

He had to dodge a few cow patties, and came very close to stepping in one that blended in with a shadow cast by a tree. He muttered a few curse words about the villagers and their filthy cattle.

"They are meant to give milk and be eaten… not led along the road so they can shit everywhere." He glared at the ground, the peaceful atmosphere obviously being broken. Now he just felt angry and wanted to lash out at one of the servants. Lashing out at one of the villagers would wind him up with another broken nose.

He really didn't like that Sera. That pretty boy was always showing off for the ladies, and found it would up his popularity by busting the freak's nose. Salazar didn't even know that much blood could come out of your nose. He held that against Luis Sera, which wasn't surprising. Romon had a bad habit of holding grudges. Even if he couldn't remember what they were for, he would hold it against the person if he could remember who they were.

The biggest grudge he held was against his parents, though, for leaving him alone. Luis was second in line.

His thoughts were broken when his shoe came in contact with something soft. Stepping on said soft object caused it to release a foul odor. He scowled; lucky for him he had barley stepped on it; he mumbled incoherent curses the entire time he scrapped his shoe off on a nearby rock.

"Disgusting." He said shrilly after finishing. His lip curled to match his disdain. And as an added bonus, his walk was cut short by a thunderclap and a light mist, which quickly changed over into a drizzle, began to form.

"…of course."

He now wished he had brought an umbrella with him.

The rain was cold and froze his skin instantly on contact. He was walking in it for several minutes, his feet and hands already numb, when the onslaught of cold ceased. Ramon looked up and found Don holding a black umbrella.

"You seemed to forget this, sir, and you seemed to be off on your time estimate."

Salazar smirked, but was deeply touched that Don would come out in this freezing rain just to deliver an umbrella to him. It was apparent he had been using it until finding his young master and handing it over to him.

"It seems I was… Perhaps tomorrow will fair better for me."

"Perhaps. I heard it is supposed to be bleak and cloudy, but it is not supposed to rain tomorrow. But, just incase, young master, I suggest you take an umbrella?"

"Heh. We'll see what the day holds."

End chapter one

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