The third person

Tension was building in the house. We could all tell. Even Scratch, who never really had much interest in the goings on, found himself twitching, on the hour every hour, his shoulders would hunch and his head would shake so quickly, onlookers (which there always were in this place) would swear they saw it disappear in a blur of dark fur. Most presumed it was the fleas that were getting to him.

Jodie had noticed it too. Upon her venture to the kitchen, and while stumbling on some half eaten cheese, she had discovered two of the pale ones. According to Jodie (after she had hidden behind the breadbin, but still stayed in earshot) the pale ones were talking seductively to one another.

Jodie said you could have cut it with a knife, at the time I thought she was talking about the cheese, and told her I that were the case she could have brought some back for me.

I had at the time yet to be convinced by this 'tension', until one night while I was scurrying about he landing when suddenly the brown haired female appeared from a doorway. I had to hasten as not to be trodden on.

When I looked back to the hall I saw the brown haired female standing, starring, at the bronze haired male. He was one of the pale ones, but she was not like him. Pale she was, but in a different way, she was clumsier than the rest, poor old uncle earl, his severed tail was proof enough of that.

The brown haired one came very close to the bronze, and he lifted his hand and ever so gently caressed her cheek. Her face flooded with colour and he gave a small smile. They became very close indeed then and she planted a soft kiss on his lips.

Why did they do this, I wondered. Jodie had said it was 'so romantic' then she would sigh. Well, I didn't see the point, things were coming everyone could feel it, that bloody tension was building again and nobody would last much longer.

I wandered through the vents. Gypsy, Lavender and EX 1.5 were lounging in front of grate 7. With a couple of pieces of popcorn each they were engaged in their usual soap opera.

"Oh." Lavender giggled. "Now this is heating up!"

"Shush!" hushed Gypsy who had her one good eye turned towards the action. "This don't happen every day, lets an old one enjoy her stories."

EX 1.5 said nothing, though this was not unusual, she had never said one word since she escaped from the lab.

"What's up?" I asked the ladies.

"Hello Nigel my dear." The silver flecks in Gypsy's dark fur glistened in the light streaming through the bars. "Care to join us?'

"Hi Nigel." Lavender Squeaked. Giving me a shy smile. EX 1.5 just stared at me with wide unblinking eyes. It creeped me out a little.

"No thanks, I'm just passing through." I gave them an apologetic smile and they turned back to the grate.

As I left I got a glimpse of what they had been watching. Two of the pale ones it appeared were trying to swallow one another. I never quite got what the pale ones saw in this kissing stuff. It just seemed quite unhygienic to me.

But I suppose I'm one to talk.

I am a rat after all.