Rated: PG

Category: Sheppard POV, Gen, Ficlet

Season: Four

Spoilers: The Seer, Be All My Sins Remember'd.

Summary: John Gets Some Confirmation That Samantha Carter Can Handle Herself, After All.


John Sheppard knew all there was to know about Colonel Samantha Carter's service record.

He knew she was a former member of SG-1 and had seen things that would make even his head spin with disbelief. He knew her experience vastly outweighed his own and that she was a good choice, at least in theory, to command Atlantis.

But despite all that, his inner rebel still recoiled from the thought of her as his commanding officer. She had yet to prove herself to him. To be fair, Sheppard's rogue side had protested every CO he'd ever had, and most of them turned out alright, but that was small comfort now.

John was still finding his feet with Sam, and he hadn't seen anything yet that had truly impressed him. He liked the fact that Carter could handle herself in a fight, and the way she'd stood up to Woolsey had garnered her some points in Sheppard's book, but he still sometimes had his doubts about her.

She had always been more of a scientist than a leader, and John occasionally wondered if she could reverse her priorities successfully. Today was one of those times. Rodney was blathering on about his latest idea of how to defeat the replicators, and of the five people in the room, only two really understood it. Carter and McKay stood before three military personnel who just wanted the job done and didn't really care how it was accomplished.

Finally, Colonel Ellis reached his end point and confronted McKay about the viability, or lack thereof, of his plan. And while Sheppard couldn't help but agree with Ellis' thoughts, he violently opposed the way he got his point across. There was no need to get personal.

As Rodney was openly degraded in public by Colonel Ellis, John's blood boiled. He tried to diffuse the situation by calming McKay, but it didn't work, and Sheppard was not in a position to confront a senior officer. He didn't like was Ellis was doing, but he had no choice but to remain silent.

When Rodney finally huffed out of the room, John's gaze focused on the floor. He was uncomfortable in the emotionally charged office.

The next words he heard snapped his head up like a puppet's suddenly come to life and his eyes widened in amazement.

"If you ever talk like that to someone under my command again, you will not be welcome on this base, Colonel. Is that clear?"

Carter was in Ellis' face, and every inch of her body enforced her resolution. John was suddenly very glad he wasn't in Colonel Ellis' shoes.

Sheppard was dismissed a moment later, and he hustled to obey his order. As he left Carter's office, his little rebel voice didn't completely shut up, as it never did, but it quieted substantially, and he knew that Colonel Samantha Carter would do just fine here on Atlantis.