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Beth let out a heavy sigh, contemplating the day's events. Her hands swirled the contents of the wine glass absently, her body seemingly relaxed. She had a new case, she had to investigate a murder that took place near a place where fights occurred. Where people placed bets on the fighters and they'd watch and win or lose.

Laine had returned to Josef's place, having given Beth a hug before going to bed. She had worked later than expected but Laine didn't seem to mind. The peculiar little vampire found many things to do while Beth worked. She also happened to be an artist, drawing many of her co-workers, some were comically distorted. Beth smiled at the thought of the hilariously distorted sketch of Steve.

Her expression clouded as she shifted, hearing the soft thrum of the rain pattering against the windows. Drawing her knees up to her chest and leaned further into the pillows that supported her back. The sheets covered her knees and she wore one of Josh's old shirts, taking comfort and sorrow in stride with his faint scent. Downing her glass of red wine, her hand splayed over the album beside her. A photo album of all her memories with him.

Letting out a choked sob, she curled into a ball and sobbed herself to sleep.

- - - - -

She woke with a jerk, hearing a crackling beside her as she moved. The plastic covering over the album had made the noise. She pushed it away, red rimmed eyes looking solemnly over to the window where a dreary day was depicted. Slowly getting out of bed, she wandered to the window, looking outside.

It was raining, the light wasn't there, a rather dim day, thunder rumbled grumpily and angry clouds were dark. It fit her mood. She let out a sigh, staring outside but not really taking anything in. For an hour she sat, ignoring phone calls and beeps from her laptop signifying a new message. She finally got up, walked over to the phone and unplugged it and shut down her laptop.

Crawling back over to the window, she sat on the sill, drawing her knees up. She had he good days and her bad days and her roller-coaster had sunk down. She let out a sad sigh, heavy with the sorrow of having lost the life of a lover. She remembered the days when it rained, sometimes she'd go out and sometimes she's stay in. They were always spent with Josh.

"Hon?" Josh grinned at her, standing in the doorway, clad in only jeans, holding a plate of pancakes. Beth sat up, bright blue eyes lighting up with joy.

"Oh Josh," She gushed, a big grin on her face. "You didn't have to do this."

"But it's raining, we should have pancakes to cheer up on a dreary day," He laughed, sliding into the bed with her, balancing the plate.

"Where's your plate?" Beth asked in confusion, looking inquiringly at him.

A smirk adorned his features as his eyes lit up with mischief. He cut off a small piece of pancake with his fork, soaked in maple syrup and popped it in his mouth. "Who said it was your plate?" He teased.

"Ah!" She scoffed in indignation. Her mouth was open and Josh took that moment to put a piece in her mouth. "Mmmmm," She smiled, savouring the taste of butter and syrup.

"Later we'll head out with an umbrella; the city is much quieter when it's raining." He said.

Beth smiled, knowing that Josh was most likely correct. She nodded happily.

Sobs and gasps caught her breath, tears unending and shoulders shaking. She hugged her knees to her chest tightly, her small form shaking as she watched the sky cry. Crawling over to the bed, she collapsed onto it in a grief-stricken heap. She curled into a ball once more and slowly fell asleep.

- - - - -

Her eyes snapped open to banging on the door. She slowly lifted her head up, her eyes swollen and rimmed with red remains of tears. Her cheeks were blotched with colour and she felt horrible. Still, she stumbled out of the room to the door across the living room. She heard the muffled voice now.

"Beth?" She let out a sigh; she knew it wasn't anyone other than Josef. Only Mick and Josef would have been able to hear her approach silently.

"Go away." She only managed to choke out.

Josef rubbed his temples, thinking it wasn't smart to come out to check on her. His migraine hadn't budged any and he hadn't had fresh blood in awhile. He'd get that later. Her phone was disconnected and her computer was off. He decided to try again.

"Beth? Please let me in."

"Go away."

Josef was getting a little impatient. "Beth, open the damn door. I don't get worried over things that I have to physically come and check up on them that often." Please Beth, I'm worried about you.

He heard a click of the door unlocking but she did not open it. He heard her retreated back across the room, retreating presumably into her bedroom. He quietly let himself in.

Her quiet voice reached him easily. "What do you want?" It was frail and sorrowful.

Josef's instincts said that she was mourning Josh. A frown marred his face; Laine had suddenly prompted him to go check on her. He had left Laine back at his place. She was right to request him to go.

"Are you okay?" He asked her, slowly, silently making his way to the open doorway where he could see her form sitting by the window.

"I'm fine," Her tone was bitter. He could see that she hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. She seemed a little more frail.

"No you're not." He murmured, standing in the doorway, his tone soft.

"Of course I'm not!" She turned to him then; blue eyes alight with anger and sorrow. "You wouldn't be either!"

"I know."

"You don't know! How could you know?!" She paused, her breath catching. "You haven't lost someone that was going to propose to you! You live forever!"

Josef was silent, having had arrived by her side.

"I couldn't save him! I loved him! How could he leave me? How?!" She looked up at him with turbulent eyes that were watering. "He left me all alone in this wicked, wicked world!"

He still was silent, watching as her shoulders started to shake. He was taken aback as she launched herself at him, pounding at his chest in frustration and tears. Her small fists weren't making much impact but she was crying and shaking and hitting.

"Alone! Alone, alone, alone, alone!" She punctuated each word with and punch, voice unsteady, breath heaving. She struggled against him when he wrapped his arms around her and she wriggled and pushed, growled and snarled. She fought so hard but he kept holding on. Slowly she stopped her fight but kept crying onto his chest.

"Alone," The last word was quiet and muffled but Josef heard her.

"It's alright Beth. Everything will be okay." He held her close and his voice was calming. He was surprised at himself; his cynical side had disappeared for a few moments it seemed. He couldn't remember the last time he held someone to comfort them like this.

"I'm here."