Muggle Born Evans, Pure Blood Potter

Chapter One – Lily's 17th

BEEP…BEEP…BEEP Lily Evans slammed her hand down on top of her alarm clock to shut it up before rolling onto her back and stretching, she lay there smiling to herself because today was her seventeenth birthday, and she was finally of age to perform magic outside of school. Her cat Frodo looked up at her from the end of her bed before going up to her for a birthday 'hug' her white owl Gandalf (she was a major Lord of the Rings fan) looked over at her and hooted a happy birthday at her and looked down at the parcels tied top his feet. Lily jumped up and undid the strings round Gandalf's feet and proceeded to open her first birthday presents. Off her best, best friend Rose she got a beautiful jewellery set made of silver with dragonflies on it end of the necklace, making up the bracelet, their wings interlocking, on the end of the earrings but the most beautiful piece was the hair grip that looked like a mini comb, the dragonfly kept moving its wings every so often, even though the set was muggle made Rose had bewitched the slide to give it some life. Off her other friends Pearl and Alice who where un-identical twins had sent her a fab new stationary set which clearly cost a lot of money because the quill end, the ink well, letter opener etc. were all made from silver. She then opened her cards and put them on her dresser before getting a shower and putting the new pale green dress on she had bought in the summer sales last week. Lily was just putting the dragonfly slide in her hair when a huge eagle owl flew threw her window and landed on her bed. Attached to its feet were more parcels but these were from the Marauders so she didn't open them except the one from Remus who she trusted as a fellow prefect. He had bought her a book but to her surprise it was a fictional book full of old wizarding folk tails from around the world.

"Wow Remus that's amazing!"

She then sat at her desk and wrote thank you letters to her friends but added on the end of Remus' a question: 'Is it safe to open the presents from Sirius and James?' and she then went down stairs.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!" shouted her parents when she entered the living room, there was a small pile of presents from her parents and to her surprised one from her sister and he vile boyfriend Vernon. Once Lily had opened her presents and thanked her parents and phoned her sister to say thank you for the CD she had wanted Lily helped her mother prepare for the party that afternoon which was going to be just family even though her friends were planning to turn up at 6pm as a surprise.

By mid-day everything was ready and Lily was sat in the garden reading the book Remus had bought her. At one o'clock family started arriving and she had to put the book away so she wasn't deemed anti-social. As the party got into full swing family members began asking Lily to show them some magic but she refused encase it attracted the wrong sort of attention.


Meanwhile at the Potter mansion James and Sirius were complaining about Lily's thank you letter to Remus.

"Oh yeh she'll open your present but not ours!!! That's shocking! I spend fifteen galleons on her present!" James half shouted.

"Prongs are you fucking mental!? She's not even your girlfriend, in fact she hates you and you're spending that much on her! Jesus Christ your mad"

"About lily yes and hey it was worth it! What did you get her like?"

"I just sent her some of her favourite Honeydukes sweets. Why what did you get her?"

"Oh please don't say it's anything sexual" groaned Remus.

"No actually it was some new dress robes with shoes and stuff to go with it" said James as if it was nothing.


"Fucking hell prongs you've lost it" sighed Sirius shaking his head, Remus just kept his mouth shut and shook his head"

"What's wrong with that? She'll look beautiful at the Halloween ball in them they are perfect for bringing out the colour in her eyes" said James getting that dreamy look he always wore when he was thinking of Lily.

"I think its sweet, she might actually change her mind about James when she sees what he got her" said Peter.

"Yeh if Darren doesn't kill him first" said Remus.

"Oh shut up and write her back telling her it's safe to open them I want to know if the dress and shoes are the right size!" James shot at his friend, who wrote back to Lily.


At about five o'clock the eagle own returned to Lily's house with a letter attached to its leg, a few family members screamed when it few to Lily and landed on her shoulder.

"Hello Gizmo" she smiled and took the letter from him it read.

To my dearest Lily-flower,

Happy Birthday (again) I'm so pleased you like the book I was really worried you wouldn't be impressed by another book. Don't worry it is safe to open James and Sirius' presents, write back what you think and if James' present fits cause if not you'll have to get it adjusted. Hope you're having a wonderful day. Love and hugs Remus xxx

"Excuse me" muttered Lily and she rang up stairs to open her two remaining presents. "OH MY GOD!!" she screamed when she opened James' present, "MUM COME AND LOOK AT THIS!!" Lily showed her mother the dress and put it on it fit perfectly and so did the shoes.

"Lily darling who's it off?"


"James who?" asked her father.


"Oh the boy who wants to turn you into one of his whores"

"Daddy! James may be a prick but he doesn't make girls whores they just act like it because they think he's so sexy with his tanned skin, dark brown eyes, Quidditch muscles, dazzling smile, his deep manly voice and…what?!"

Her parents were in stitches.

"I thought he's a prat?" laughed his mother.

"Yeh I thought you hated him because of the pranks he plays on you?"

"I do he's a fucking wanker! Oopss sorry daddy" she added quickly when her dad's expression changed.

"I've told you about that language young lady"

"Sorry daddy it slipped out"

"Well then don't let it slip out again ok?"

"Yes daddy"

"So why are you laughing?"

"Oh just you talking about James Potter like you FANCY HIM!" exclaimed her mother.

"Ewwww mum that's gross!!! He's a pig!"

"Then why the dreamy expression?"

"What dreamy expression?"

"Oh just the one on your face!"


The whole house shook.

"What was that?" said her father, then the screams of her family reached their ears and the high pitched laugh of Lord Voldemort floated up into Lily's open bedroom window.

"Shit!" said Lily grabbing her wand and running down stairs out into the garden.

It was chaos! People where running towards the house to get away and some where laying dead on the floor. Lily shot towards Lord Voldemort after seeing her aunt and uncle fall dead. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" she screamed but her spell was blocked.

"Expecto Patronum!" she muttered and her fox Patronus appeared, "Get Potter and Dumbledore" and it vanished. Voldemort was laughing and pointed his wand behind Lily, and she turned her parents where at the back door.

"Avada Kedavra"

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! PROTEGO!" Lily threw the shielding charm at her parents but was too late; they fell to the ground dead. "You bastard!" Lily said her voice full of hate and anger and she began throwing every curse she could think of dodging those sent at her. Minutes later the Order of the Phoenix arrived along with James and her other friends.

"Avada Kedavra" Lily shot at Voldemort but he blocked it.

"Avada Kedavra"

"Avada Kedavra"

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Lily shot the curse again and again at Voldemort who just laughed blocking each of the curses easily, tears streamed down Lily's face as the order and Death Eaters looked on as she collapsed on the grass unable to cast another spell. James forward grabbed her arms and disapprated to the Potter mansion where he laid Lily on his bed before returning to the battle.