Sirius spent twelve years in Azkaban for the murders of Lily and James Potter and Peter Pettigrew until he discovered that Peter was alive and living with a wizarding family five of whom currently attended Hogwarts with Harry. The worry that Harry could be in danger gave him the courage and determination to escape from Azkaban and head to Hogwarts to protect him and reveal Peter for the murder that he really was but through pure bad luck they failed and Peter escaped forcing Sirius to go on the run for two years until the fight at the ministry.

Harry was trying to pull Neville up the stairs in the Arch room of the Department of Mysteries when he saw Sirius duelling with Bellatrix and losing. Harry ran down the stairs towards Sirius as Bellatrix turned on him with her wand out.

"Good bye cousin. Avarda Kedavra!"

"No!" shouted Harry and with a running leap he slammed into Sirius knocking them both out of the line of the curse and the rolled down the platform and slammed into the bottom of the steps. "Sirius!" Sirius didn't move "Sirius!" he heard Bellatrix laugh behind him and he stood up and ran after her as she ran out of the Arch room and out of the Department of Mysteries. Harry caught up with her in the Atrium of the Ministry, "Crucio!" the spell was weak and hit her in the back but she still fell and as Harry advanced on her she crawled away.

Suddenly Voldemort was there, standing beside him, "Go on Harry kill her, she killed him"

"Step away from my student Tom" came the voice of Albus Dumbledore and in a swish of wands Bellatrix was gone and Harry was trapped behind the statue of the wizard.

The duel that followed was the greatest and fiercest Harry had ever witnessed and Voldemort only left when the Aurors and the Minister of Magic himself appeared.

"He's back!"

"Yes Cornelius Lord Voldemort has returned as me and Harry have been telling you for nearly a year" the Minister nodded.

Suddenly there was commotion behind them and the Order appeared dragging Death Eaters with them.

"Sirius!" Harry ran forward and embraced his godfather. "I thought you were dead"

"I would have been if not for you"

"Sirius Black! Seize him!"

"NO!" shouted Harry and Remus together and Harry stood in front of him.

"Minister the man you want for the murders of Lily and James Potter is Peter Pettigrew" said Remus and he threw the tied up man forward and the room was filled with gasps and screams.

"Peter Pettigrew! But he killed him fourteen years ago!" said Fudge.

"I meant to" growled Sirius, "But he got the better of me through tricks he learned from the Dark Lord himself" everyone stared at him.

"Its true!" said Harry and Fudge nodded.

"There will be a trial tomorrow to determine the truth but tonight both Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew will be put into holding cells for the night" said Fudge.


"Harry look at me, I'll be fine I'm innocent and everyone knows it especially now that Peter is in the hands of the ministry" Harry nodded.

"Promise you won't be sent back to Azkaban?"

"I promise Harry" and Sirius hugged him before walking forward and handing over his wand, he and Peter were then cuffed and led away to holding cells.

"He'll be fine Harry" said Remus at his put a hand around Harry's shoulders.

"We'll come back tomorrow for the trial" Harry nodded and he, his friends, Remus and Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts. Remus spent the night a t Hogwarts in order to take Harry to the Ministry for the trial.


Remus and Harry arrived at the ministry thirty minutes before the start of the trial but weren't allowed to see Sirius.

"That's ridiculous!"

"Don't worry Harry it'll all turn out right in the end" said Remus bracingly.

Finally the time for the beginning of the trial arrived and Harry and Remus sat in one of the main court rooms.

"My god! They're being tried by the whole Wizamont!" said Remus.

"Like me last summer" said Harry.

"You're kidding?"

"Nope, hey they're bringing them in" said Harry and then he gasped when Sirius and Peter were brought in flanked by dementors and once they were seated in the chairs that chained their arms he was almost shaking with fury.

"Calm down, you'll do him no favours" whispered Remus and Harry nodded.

"Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew. You are no trial today to determine which of you is the one responsible for the murders of Lily and James Potter nearly fifteen years ago" said Fudge. "Mr Black we will hear your testimony first" and so Sirius told them about how they were informed of a spy giving information on the whereabouts of Lily and James and how he had convinced James to use Peter as a bluff.

"No! He lies! I never betrayed Lily and James! Sirius was their secret keeper and he handed them to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!" Peter screamed out.

"Then Mr Pettigrew can you explain why then you have hidden away for so many years?" asked Fudge.

"Because I was scared! Sirius was going to kill me!"

"So you do not deny blowing up the street in London?"

"No but I had no choice he was going to kill me" Sirius, Remus and Harry grinned.

"And do you deny handing Lily and James Potter to the Dark Lord?"

"I never! Lily and James were my friends!"

"Can Mr Remus Lupin stand please and give testimony to what happened nearly fifteen years ago?" Remus stood.

"We were all scared, Peter was only around at certain times telling us his mother was ill. When Albus Dumbledore warned Lily and James to go into hiding I was told that Sirius was going to be secret keeper but in the three days after the Fidelius charm was performed Sirius became very uneasy and worried but he refused to tell me what was wrong, I think he suspected the mistake and by making James make Peter secret keeper he'd unknowingly handed Lily, James and Harry to Voldemort. Two years ago when Sirius escaped from Azkaban I, Sirius, Harry and his two friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley " Fudge nodded.

"Mr Harry Potter would you please stand" Harry stood, "You have spent time with Sirius Black?"

"I have"

"You heard the confession Mr Lupin speaks of?"

"I did"

"You may sit"

"No! Please! I never killed them!" shouted Peter.

A member of the Wizamont raised their hand, "Yes?"

"Minister, may I suggest that the best way to prove the truth in this case will be through veritaserum?" Fudge nodded.

"Will someone bring some veritaserum please?" they had to wait only minutes for someone to get the needed potion and three drops were poured down the throats of Sirius and Peter. "Sirius Black? Did you betray Lily and James Potter?"


"Peter Pettigrew did you betray Lily and James Potter?"


"Yes!" hissed Remus and Harry while Sirius grinned. There was a gasp from the Wizamont.

"Mr Pettigrew you will be charged with the murders of Lily and James Potter and will be taken to Azkaban. Mr Black, you are cleared of all charges and are free to go" Harry and Remus jumped to their feet cheering while the chains released Sirius and Peter was taken to Azkaban.


At the end of the school year Harry returned to the Dursley's for just a week before Harry was allowed to leave and live with Sirius and Remus in 13, Grimmauld Place and the Dursley's were taken into hiding with wizards to protect them.


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