"It Will Be Epic"

Disclaimer: No I don't own POTC, that's Disney's. Oh, but if I did own Pirates, the world would be a beautiful place…for me at least ;)

A/N: So this is just a bunch of random silliness that I felt like writing cuz I was feeling creative. I know it's insanely cliché, but that makes it all the more fun. Anyway, on with the adventure!

Chapter 1

It was the middle of class and Annie was restless. Getting up from her desk she went over to her best friend, Hannah.

"Hey!" She said, crouching in the isle, "Are you sleeping over tonight or what?"

"Annie, what are you doing there? Get back in your seat."

"Sorry Mr. H! Gimmie one sec, k?" Turning back to Hannah she gave her a look that said, "don't worry about it-Mr. H loves me, I'm not really in trouble." And yes all that can be said in a look.

Hannah rolled her eyes at her best friend, "Yeah, I guess so."

Annie smiled, "Sweet, I've got everything planned. It will be epic!"

Hannah laughed, Mr. H glared at them, and Annie waved back.

Later, at Annie's house, the girls were sitting around eating nachos and just chatting. They talked about school, music, movies, and boys (mostly about how stupid they were).

"I mean seriously, I don't understand him. One minute he's all like, ya know? And then the next he's completely the opposite!"

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean! Don't worry about him though, he's just stupid."

"Yeah, I know, but…I dunno…ya know?"

"Yeah. God, why do boys have to be so frustrating? I mean they think we're so hard to understand, but there the ones who never talk about their feelings and make everything more confusing!"

"Ugh, I know. And it's so frustrating cuz you don't want to like them, and then you fall for them anyway! And then they turn out to be jerks, or just completely wrong for you. You know what? I give up on boys."

Hannah gave Annie a knowing look.

"Okay, fine, maybe I don't. But can't you let a girl vent?" Annie pouted and Hannah laughed.

"I know what you need," Hannah said, "A good movie...a good PIRATE movie."

Annie pouted more. "Ugh. But everything works out for everyone in that movie! I'm such a hopeless romantic it's just gonna make me depressed."

"Yeah, but I know how much you LOVE Johnny and Orlando."

"Yeah…I guess."

"I'll give you a cookie!" Hannah knew this might work.


"How bout a muffin…a sunshine muffin." Annie still didn't perk up. Hannah knew what to use next.

"What about David Bowie?" Annie grinned. Hannah knew she had won.

"Tight pants included?" Hannah nodded, "Fine, we'll watch Pirates. Which one?"

"How bout the first one?"

"Okay, I'll go grab it…It's somewhere in my room…"

Hannah knew what 'somewhere in my room' meant, it meant about a good half hour of looking, so she accompanied her friend upstairs.

In her room, Annie had books, DVDs, magazines, clothes, shoes, and anything else imaginable strewed all over her floor. She went over to one side of the room to start looking, Hannah went under the bed.

"Ugh, it's got to be here somewhere."

As Hannah was looking around she saw a strange glow. Thinking it was the DVD she called out, "Annie! I think I found it!"

Annie came over and stuck her head under the bed, "What is that? That is definitely not my DVD." It was like a hole in the ground almost, and through it looked like the sky.

Annie reached out her hand to touch it (it was shiny) and Hannah did the same even though they were both mesmerized by the soft glow. As soon as their hands touched it, they got a strange sinking sensation in their stomachs and the next thing they knew there was a short drop and a sudden stop.

"Oww" Annie rubbed the back of her head already starting to feel a bump. "What happened?"

Hannah adjusted her glasses and looked around and the first thing that came to her mind was "Oh shit."