Chapter 4

After we got done eating I asked the group where we were they looked questioningly at me. " They never told you where the Lab was?" Gasman asked arching his eyebrow.

"They told me ' It doesn't matter where we are you just need to know where things are in general to do you mission.', I would just drop it from there." I said simply having a flash back to a man telling me my 'Missing'.

Max looked around they exchanged knowing glances, "What was your mission?"

"To save the world," I said matter of factly.

"Wait, what? That is what they have been saying, 'Max your the only one who can do it, you must save the world!' I guess that bastard Jeb was lying." Max said rolling her eyes.

I cocked my head, "So where are we?" I asked once more hoping to get an answer.

" On a small island just off England's west coast." Fang said smoothly running his hands through his hair, I saw his shirt raise I couldn't take my eyes of his abs. His face turned to mine and I blushed and looked away.

" How cute having a little pow wow are we?" I heard a rough voice ask then I saw a flying Eraser and so of the robo Erasers.

I snidly replied, "Yeah we were just about to pass around the peace pipe so how about you quit blowing smoke from your mouth and come suck on this?" I held up my fist.

Max and Fang manged to stifle a laugh only a minute later we were in the sky fighting Flyboys, Fangs great name for the robots. My gray wings flapped hard they had a wingspan of 13 and a half feet, my claws had already extened and I flew for the only alive Eraser.

"So Dom, long time no see." I said as I flew right in front of him.

He sighed and said pleadingly, "Come back and I won't have to kill you. I would rather fight though!" He said flying toward me he tried to punch me in the side I dodged and let my claws cut just under his arm pit, a mistake but then I membered a medical thing.

"You have about 6 pints of blood in your body, from that cut you will lose 1 pint of blood a minute. So I would fly fast Dom. Don't miss me too much." I sarcastically as he had a fit of cussing and turned and flew away his remaining flyboys followed their leader.

Max looked at she came over and gave me a strong high five, "Nice thinking there Mac."

I laughed, "I really didn't his his vain but he will be long gone before he knows that." I said rubbing the back of my neck.

Everyone laugh cept for Fang he just grinned for a millisecond. Max told us we were going to fly back to their hiding spot in Texas. As we flew at a good 80MPH pace I flapped my way next to Iggy who looked a little down, haha get it down we are flying...

"Hey Iggy what's the matter?" I asked as I flew close to him.

A wicked grin crossed his face, "I didn't get to use my bomb."

I laughed so hard my sides started to hurt then I heard Angel say something about food.