This is a sequel to my previous fan fiction: Pain. I hope you will enjoy it.

Part 1

Sasuke sighed with annoyance. He and Hinata were invited to Naruto's wedding. He didn't really mind, but the thing was, he had to help with the preparations.

"Jeez, do we really have to, Hinata?" She giggled at his expression.

"Well, it's your best friend's wedding, so I think we should."

"I even have to be his best man…" Sasuke complained. "Why can't they have a simple wedding like we did?"

"I agree that their tastes are…loud. But it is their wedding."

There was a knock on the door, and Sasuke opened it to see Shikamaru with Temari.

"Yo! Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari are here for Naruto's wedding tomorrow. But after-"

"You and Temari are also going to get married next month. Yes, yes, Ino broke into our house and told us," Sasuke said with a wave of his hand.

The couple blushed furiously, and Hinata smiled sympathetically. She nudged Sasuke in the side, and bowed and said, "Congratulations." She wore a broad smile on her face.

After they left, Sasuke groaned, "Every since we got married, everybody's wanting to get married."

Hinata smiled and was about to leave the room, when Sasuke wrapped his arms around her and eased his lips over hers. She smiled against his lips, and they stayed like that for a while.

When they broke apart, Sasuke announced, "We're training."

Hinata sighed, "Alright." Five minutes later, they were at the training grounds.

"Katon: Fireball Jutsu!" He jumped into the air, and a fireball was launched at Hinata.

She sidestepped it, and was in front of him with her palm two inches away from his chest. But he leaped back in time, and threw three kunai.

However she wasn't there anymore. They drew their blades at the same time, and a clang filled the air. The two jumped apart, and sheathed their blades. Sasuke ran at Hinata, and aimed a punch at her, but she caught, and sent a kick that barely missed him.

Hinata somersaulted trying to kick Sasuke in the process. But he had moved just in time, and formed seals quickly. Suddenly snakes wrapped themselves around Hinata's hands and legs together.

She couldn't move, and Sasuke smirked. Suddenly lightning ran down her body, and the snakes lost their grip, having been electrified.

Hinata looked back at him with teasing face. Suddenly, she was in the air, doing a spin. A kick lashed out at Sasuke, causing him to fall. But he stuck out a hand, and flipped back onto his feet.

They were panting and sweating from all the training, and went home to shower. When Sasuke got out of the shower, he saw Hinata talking to someone at the door.

"Hinata, who is it?" he called.

"Just a minute!" She closed the door, and said, "We have to go help Naruto and Sakura with the preparations now."

Sasuke grunted, "Alright." He turned to go grab something in his room, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He turned and saw a worried look in familiar eyes.

"You didn't dry yourself. You'll catch a cold. Here." With a towel in her hand, she wiped his wet skin, and dripping hair. She was gentle with him, and Sasuke smiled.

He brushed away the hair that covered her face, startling her a bit. "It's ok. Let's go."


Although Sasuke and Hinata had been married for 2 months, many girls still chased after Sasuke. Sasuke was glad that Hinata didn't mind his fans.

When they arrived at the site for the wedding, a lot of Sakura swooned at the sight of Sasuke. Even Ino was one of them. Still he ignored them.

"Hey, Sasuke! Help me hang this up!!" Kiba struggled with a large banner.

"Oi! Hinata! Sakura wants to see you about her wedding dress and flowers!" Tenten called.

"This is going to be outside?" Sasuke grunted.

"Yup! And so many people are going to be coming! Including Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Tsunade-"

Sasuke shuddered at the Hokage's name. She hated Sasuke, and disliked Hinata for the two had betrayed the village. Her punishment the cruel and different for both of them, but they survived by sending secret messages to comfort each other.

Five years after that, the two of them had gotten married. Now, they were helping Naruto and Sakura with their wedding.


"Oh! Hinata! Thank god you're here! Should I have the bow in the back or the front?"

Hinata pondered for a while, and decided the back would look best. She helped sew the white silk hem to the edge of the dress. Her thoughts flashed back to her own gown. It had been simple with a silk lace around her waist, tied into a ribbon. It was long, but fit her figure nicely.

Sakura's was very busy. It was adorned with bows and embroidered flowers. But then again, it was Sakura.

Later, Hinata helped with the flower arrangements. Sakura had wanted multiple colors, including blue flowers, purple, red, pink, and yellow. There were so many different shades of them, it was blinding.

Sasuke helped carry in all of the chairs and tables. He learned that the ring bearer would be Konohamaru, and smirked at the thought.

Hinata carried out all of the flower arrangements. Sasuke smiled at her as she handed them to him.

"After this, let's sneak back home," he whispered in her ear. She laughed softly, and nodded.

But they hardly got the time to escape. Even when the preparations were done, Sakura dragged all of the girls off for shopping. Hinata would be the only girl who was not a bridesmaid.

The bridesmaids decided to wear a pink slim dress, but when they turned around, Hinata was gone.

She raced back home and found Sasuke sitting on the couch waiting for her. "Gomen. Did you wait long?"

"No, Naruto dragged us to a sake bar, and when they got drunk, I snuck away." He smirked his famous smirk, and Hinata returned it with a sweet smile.

He pulled her over to him and pressed his lips against her. They kissed slowly, but passionately.

"Hinata…" he said against her lips, and she moaned in reply. He pulled her closer and held her tightly. Slowly, their lips separated, and Hinata lay in Sasuke's arms. Soon, they were asleep on the couch, soothed by each other's warmth.

In his dream, he saw a girl with long midnight hair in the distance. He tried to catch up to her but she seemed to be farther away, until she disappeared.

"HINATA!!" But his shouts were futile. He looked down, and a familiar blade pierced him from behind. It was Hinata's katana, but Hinata wasn't holding the sword.

Golden eyes watched him cruelly and mockingly. Slowly darkness surrounded him.

He shot up quickly, surprising Hinata, making her fall off the couch. She looked back at Sasuke, and saw that he had his hand on his forehead.

She placed a hand over his and whispered, "Bad dream?" He nodded shakily, and she kissed his forehead, nose, then mouth. "It's ok. I'm here. I'll always be."

Sasuke relaxed, soothed by her words. "Thank you, Hinata."


He woke up to the familiar smell of breakfast. He got out into the kitchen, and saw Hinata with her hair tied up. "Are you hungry? Eat up, and we'll go train."

Training was part of their daily routine. Although Hinata had lost her water element, and summoning jutsu, she still mastered fire and lightning.