It had been a long time since that day. And ever since that day, Sasuke and Hinata never felt blood lust again. They had moved to the Rain village and lived near Suigetsu.

"Hey, Sasuke!! It's great since you moved here, but why did you do it again?"

Sasuke sighed in annoyance and replied, "I've told you so many times. The Leaf won't take us back, and we don't intend to go back."

"Well, you guys do look happy here." Suigetsu grinned a shark grin.

Hinata walked out of the house, carrying a bundle of clothes. Among the bundle was an adorable little baby. Suigetsu's grin broadened and he punched Sasuke lightly in the back. "You silly bad boy." With that, he left.

Sasuke was just about to loose his cool, when the baby began to giggle. He peered down at the little creature in his wife's arms, and held out a finger to it. A small fat hand grasped his finger tightly and a giggle erupted from it's throat.

Hinata smiled gently, and spoke soothingly, "Say hello to Otou-san."

It hit Sasuke immediately. He was a father, and he couldn't believe it. He had a healthy baby, and a beautiful wife.

In a tiny voice, the baby gurgled, "O…tou..san." It smiled a bright smile, and Sasuke smiled. He kissed its forehead, and it giggled absurdly.

Sasuke gazed into Hinata's eyes. Hinata. His wife. His love. He leaned in towards her, and closed his eyes. She closed her eyes too as she felt his warm hand at the back of her neck.

The distance between them closed. Lips pressed against each other. And between them was a baby that would be strong. It was happily ever after in the end.


Author's note!! PLEASE READ THIS NOTE!!

This is the end of Simple. I had intended this to be the end, but SasukeUchiha911 wants to continue the story, so I have given him permission. Thank you for reading this series. And Thank you for the supports