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Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"It's time for a change, Bella. That's why," my mother tried to reason with me.

They didn't have to tell me the lie, I already knew the truth. My father, Charlie Swan, was the one of three owners of a huge company. And we were all based in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, one of the biggest cities in the United States. And that was considered dangerous for me; potential problems could arise for who I was; which was the daughter of a very rich and powerful man.

So I was being sent away to a smaller city, a city far away from my school, friends and family.

And that wasn't the worst part at all. I was being sent to a boarding school. You know; the ones with uniforms. You wouldn't believe Alice and Rosalie's reaction to that one. They were the only good thing about my situation; the daughters of the other partners were coming too.

"It's a great school, girls. Many top college students from around the country went there," our fathers made arrangements to have a special dinner with us, to talk about the specifics.

Rosalie snorted, she wasn't falling for any of it. If it was hard for any of us to leave Phoenix, it was her. When Rose was four, her mom died in a car accident going down the high way; it was night and a drunk driver collided with her head on. She was careful not to let any one in, except for Alice and I. But sometimes I looked into her eyes and caught a certain look of misery and felt as if I never even grasped how much pain she was- she is still- in. It was hard for her to leave the city her mom was with her in, the kitchen where she once cooked… everything.

Alice on the other hand, was excited. She was the outgoing one in the group, always self confident. She was accepting of everyone, and willing to try anything new.

And both of my friends were absolutely, drop dead gorgeous. You could say I was the odd man out, but Alice and Rose might just slap you. Alice was small, tiny in fact, only a little over five feet and skinny in the extreme even though she could eat a horse. Her short, black hair was spiky and unique just like her. Rosalie was tall and had the figure of a super model. Her classic long, blonde hair waved down her back in perfect spirals.

And I was normal. I was only 5'4" and my average brown hair and eyes were nothing worth getting excited about.

But now that you know about my friends' looks, back to the conversation with our fathers.

"But there is one thing in particular that we would wish to talk to you about," Alice's father stated; his tone was serious.

They now had our full attention, we stopped eating our meals.

"The private school we are sending you to is co-ed," Alice's father said slowly annunciating each word specially.

"Is that bad?" Rosalie asked, unsure whether to be happy or sad.

"Well, some of you girls have been known to get into a little trouble sometimes," Rosalie's dad said, eyeing Rosalie with a disapproving look. Rose's head drooped a bit.

"And we want none of that, if we hear of any trouble out of you girls, we will send you to separate schools," my father threatened. He caught all of our disbelieving looks. We haven't been in different schools since… ever.

"Yes, we are serious," he quickly clarified.

Rosalie, Alice and I quickly eyed each other, silently talking- a talent we have gained over the years. Alice spoke on our behalf,

"No trouble will come from us, we swear," she said seriously.

Our fathers nodded, grateful that we didn't say anything vulgar.

"I have a question though," Rosalie said quietly.

"Um… are our cars coming?" she said with a small smile, immediately breaking the tense setting.

"God! Rose, do you have to bring that up now?" I rolled my eyes at her bad timing.

"Yeah, and how much of my closet do I get to take? And if I can't take it all, do I get to send back clothes and have you send clothes to me, you know in exchanges so I wear all of my clothes evenly?" Alice immediately added.

I rested my head in my hands, hiding it. They weren't worried about making new friends, just the fact that they weren't going to have some of their personal belongings with them.

And in this short time of 30 seconds, our fathers were being bombarded with questions from Alice and Rosalie. My father was the first to gain composure,

"Okay, okay. You will all be getting your cars sent with you along with your closets, and your laptops," he settled.

And before he was interrogated again, he answered Rosalie's and Alice's unasked question.

"How will there be room for all of your clothes, you ask? We have arranged you to have three connecting bedrooms with special accommodations," He winked at me, we was always on top of it.

"Oh, well that's cool I guess," Alice said surprised how easily everything was taken care of. Rosalie gave me a funny look that said 'who knew?' I laughed.

Three Starbucks Mochas and Vanilla Scones we were seated on a plane that was landing in Seattle.

We were all riding in first-class and taking full advantage of it. Unfortunately, for the airplane service, they assigned a man as our flight attendant. Rosalie already had downed a Strawberry Daiquiri within the first five minutes after our take off.

The plane ride was fun, we watched movies on our iPods. 'Superbad' being one of them; we had decided that Alice was McLovin, Rosalie was Seth, and I was Evan. At least I was a good guy, I thought.

Alice and Rosalie said they had to get up to go to the bathroom, I gaped at them. They looked at me surprised at my melodramatic reaction.

"You want me to sit here by myself, while I listen to my iPod like I'm freaking Steven Glandsberg?!" I quoted the movie and Alice and Rose started to laugh so hard, they were on the verge of tears.

After about five minutes of them standing up in the plane, laughing like lunatics, they were about to pee their pants and ran to the bathroom in a hurry.

My face was red from the lack of oxygen I was receiving, and I took a drink from my Shirley Temple to cool down. But while I was taking a drink, somebody walking through the aisle, knocked my elbow, the red beverage spilled all down my Juicy Couture velour hoodie.

"Oops. I am so sorry. Don't worry I'll pay for your stained clothes," they were quick to apologize and try to make up for the small accident. I took the napkin with the flight line's emblem on it and tried to dry myself off and clean up a little.

"No, it's fine," I reassured, without looking up. When I did, I was met my the greenest pair of eyes I had ever seen. I heard my quiet gasp and reddened. The boy who bumped into me looked to be around my age and had reddish- bronze hair. It was messy and covered a little bit of his inhumanly beautiful face. His pink, full lips were teased up into a small smile and his subtle muscular body was leaned over me, his hands on his knees.

"No, I feel so guilty, just let me replace it," he tried to reason.

"No, really, you don't even know what this costs. I don't want to even know what this cost, my friends got it for me," I laughed, but seriously tried to relieve him from the unneeded guilt he was putting on himself.

"More reason to make sure that you have a new one, they would be sad," he stated. I scoffed,

"Are you kidding, once I tell them that I need something, I get dragged to the mall where the 'torturing Bella games by making her try on sluttish clothes and make her feel uncomfortable' game begins," my eyes widened and I shuddered at the thought of the last time we had been to the mall… spandex mini skirts and waistline plunging neckline tops.

"Well, what if I take you?" he suggested.

"No, it's fine. Plus, as soon as I get off the plane my friends and I have to go to this one boarding school we are being sent to and I don't even know what is around there or, come to think of it, where I am going at all…" I said; the last part to myself. He looked surprised,

"Wait, what boarding school are you going to be attending?" he asked, his voice urgent. I couldn't remember the name, think Bella, think; Dad said the name at dinner. It popped into my head, Bridgeton Academy.

"Bridgeton," I answered, interested in his curiosity. His face brightened.

"I go there, also. What year?" he said cheerfully. I smiled as well, happy that I knew at least one person there already.

"Oh, I am a junior," I replied.

"Me too, I am Edward Masen," I shook my hand and introduced myself as well, "let me get my friends over here so you can meet them too," he said and rushed off the find them.

Friends… Alice and Rosalie had to be coming back soon. As soon as I thought that I saw them walking down the aisle; returning to their seats.

I waved them over, to hurry them up. Their pace quickened,

"Guys! Guess what?" I urged them. Alice played a long, sharing my excitement while Rosalie stayed calm, waiting for it to be a false alarm.

"I met some people who are going to our school!" I told them. And at that moment Edward came down the aisle with two other boys behind him. One was huge, a weight lifter from the look of it. He had dark brown curly hair and bright blue eyes. The other was not a muscular as him, but definitely was ripped. He was tall and by the look of it, quiet and shy. His longish blonde hair covered his grey eyes a little.

Alice and Rosalie gawked,

"Those aren't just people, Bella. Those are angels," Alice whispered, eyes wide. Edward and his two friends approached us,

"Bella, this is Emmet McCarthy," he motioned to the dark haired guy, "And this is Jasper Dennan." They stuck out their hands to greet me,

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan. But you can call me Bella," I replied. Rosalie nudged my side with her elbow,

"And these are by best friends, Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale," I also introduced; Alice and Rosalie shook hands with them also.

"So where are you rooming?" Edward asked, the question directed towards me.

"The three of us have a room together, I think it's in the McClain building," I dug through my purse and pulled out the three pages of information that my dad gave all three of us. I handed it to Edward. He read through the pages briefly with Emmet and Jasper reading over his shoulder and gave it back to me when they where finished.

"We are in the same building as well, different floors, though. The floors go girls, boys, girls, boys, you get the point," the way he said it sounded like none of the students there really enjoyed that factor.

"But we have a couple of classes together," he continued, "Do you have any of your schedules also, I bet we all have a class together sometime," he asked Rosalie and Alice. They pulled their papers out of their purses and handed it to Jasper and Emmet.

"Hey, we have economics together…and pre cal," Emmet told Rosalie as he was skimming the pages.

"Alice, you and I have chemistry together," Jasper also added. We all started to laugh except Alice blushed and Jasper looked confused. Emmet was the one to explain it to him,

"Dude…you just said you guys have chemistry together… chemistry, double meaning, remember," Emmet said in between boisterous laughs. Jasper flushed light pink,

"Oh, I didn't mean it like that, just the class," he murmured to Alice shyly. Alice smiled, forgivingly back,

"It's fine."

"At this time we are descending, so could all passengers return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts, please. Once again, at this time we are descending, so could all passengers return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts, please. Thank you," a lady said over the sound system in the plane.

"Hey can I have your phone number, so I can show you around campus and stuff later?" Edward asked, helpful. Emmet and Jasper sniggered behind him.

"Sure, that sounds good. We could really use some help," I admitted and told him while he typed it into his phone and saved it. I gave him my phone so he could add his as well.

"Well I'll call you later, bye," he and Emmet and Jasper said their goodbyes politely and walked back down the aisle to their seats. Alice and Rosalie took their seats once more and sighed deeply.

"Did you see how gorgeous they were?" Alice day dreamed. Rose and I murmured yes off in our own world as well.

Five minutes later our plane landed and we exited, after 3 escalators we were at baggage claim. We quickly grabbed our bags as they were making their way around the carrousel, we only had a couple because our clothes were being shipped to us; we had too much stiff- especially Alice and Rosalie. With rolling suitcases behind us, we found our driver and got into the large black SUV.

"Good afternoon, ladies. How was your flight?" our driver said politely, making small talk. Rosalie was our spokes person.

"At was pretty good. We met some other students from our school," Rosalie added winking at Alice and I in the process.

"Oh that's, nice. We will be at the school in a half an hour," he informed us and we turned on the radio station from the back seats.

After we got out of the city, there seemed to be nothing, we were in the middle of nowhere. Alice would look out the window ever five minutes and say,

"It's all black, where are we?" Until Rosalie and I told her to shut-up and that we were aware of that. But that was the burning question we were all asking inside of ourselves, where were we? We had always lived in the city, all different ones, of course. New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, but never in a small town.

Finally the car began to slow and the large, fairy-tale-like looking school came into our view. We all made small gasps, it was beautiful. Our car stopped at the gates, and then when they opened we entered drove by many buildings until we came to the most beautiful of them all, the tallest one. The car stopped,

"We have arrived ladies," our driver said, putting the car in park and getting out to unload our bags. We said our goodbyes and thank-you's to our friendly driver and got inside. We came to what looked like the common room on the bottom floor, there was a fire place and all kinds of furniture and seating areas for studying.

"Okay, we are on the top floor," Alice announced getting out her papers. Rosalie suddenly screeched,

"Yes! There is an elevator!" She did a little victory dance. I joined in; walking up stairs to the top of the building would be terrible, horrible, more or less insane. Rosalie ran over and pushed the button to the elevator, it glowed green. After waiting for a minute, the doors opened and we got inside. The elevator was all glass on the top half and had the most beautiful scene.

"Wait! Hold the elevator," some boy's voice yelled at us, Alice quickly pushed the 'door open' button from inside and we waited.

Jasper, Emmet, and Edward came running, then stopped when they saw how little space we had left inside.

"Oh, we'll just wait" Jasper breathed, a little tired from running.

"No, it's fine. We'll squeeze," Rosalie encouraged, and the boys stuffed inside trying to position their suitcases so we had as much space to ourselves as possible. Edward and I were stuck on the back wall, close… very close.

"Hey Alice, could you hit the button second from the top? I think it's the 11th floor," Edward asked, Alice's small finger pressed the button and it turned a red color.

"You guys are only a floor below us," Rosalie commented.

"Ya, we might have to come and bug you guys," Emmet teased, Rosalie took no time to tease back,

"We might just have to stomp on the floor all of the time… preferably in the early mornings." We all started to laugh, watching them going at it was entertaining.

The elevator beeped, a signal for the guy's time to exit to their own floor. We all were moving around trying to get out of the way from the suitcases; and after a few minutes Emmet threw a suitcase through the doors to try to elevate the crowded area.

As I was trying to step over a small bag but the strap got caught on my ankle and suddenly the ground was coming up very face to my face. I've faced many situations like the one I was in, for my coordination wasn't exactly an attribute for me. I closed my eyes tightly, waiting for the abrupt contact. But instead I felt two arms around my waist, lifting me upwards. I turned my head to see who caught me… Edward.

"Thanks," I said while blushing bright pink. Edward flashed me a bright smile,

"No problem."

After a few more minutes of me staying still, trying not to trip and the boys throwing their suitcases out of the elevator, the guys and their stuff were out.

"Well, I'll call you later to give you a tour, bye," Edward waved to me. I smiled and waved shyly back and the elevator doors closed.

"Did you see that?!" Alice squeaked, "He totally, completely saved you and he said that he would call you!" I blushed even deeper red.

"He totally likes you, Bella. And he is HOT," Rosalie commented, not bothering to be reserved about anything. Rosalie and Alice continued giggling about our new friends until we got to the top floor.

"Okay, we are room 12," Alice said when we got off the elevator and started walking down the hall. We were the 3rd door on the right. Rosalie pulled out her key ring and stuck one of them into the door knob and twisted it. She pushed the door open and we were met by first a living room.

The living room was a beige color with tan carpet, dark leather furniture and a wooden table in the middle. There was a fireplace and above it was a large plasma TV. But that wasn't even the best part; the back wall had glass doors that opened to a balcony with the most amazing view to the Olympic Mountains.

"Wow," I managed to say, breathless.

I managed to turn away from the spectacular view and saw that to the left of the living room was a small kitchen with a stainless steel refrigerator. Alice and Rosalie immediately went to go check out the bedrooms. I followed closely behind.

There was only one door, we entered it and were met my the most magnificent bathroom. It was huge with a tub, shower, and three sinks and mirrors. There were three doors on different walls, I opened one and found a large bedroom with very light blue walls. There was a good sized window, a desk, bookshelf, and bed. All of the furniture was wood painted white, and the bed duvet had thick stripes, all in various colors of blue.

"I call this one!" I yelled, instantly falling in love with it. I looked around more, and opened a door that was on the opposite side of my bed…oh my god, this closet was HUGE. Well just as big as mine back home, I just didn't expect to have the same level of accommodations.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed I went to go see Rosalie and Alice's room, Rosalie's room was light pink and had metal and glass furniture. Alice's was light yellow and had white furniture, like me. To say the least we were very pleased, we each called our fathers to thank them.

While Rosalie took a shower, Alice and I unpacked what little clothes we had at the moment. After unpacking and waiting for Alice to get out of the shower, I went to the living room, the sofa and chairs were so comfortable. I walked out to the balcony to see the view. I looked down and saw that many other rooms had a balcony on this side of the building.

"Don't fall!" I heard a familiar voice call. I jumped a little, frightened by the break in the peaceful silence. I looked down to see a smiling Edward, he was laughing.

"I am not that uncoordinated," I answered, defensive.

"Sure…" I rolled my eyes.

"So how is your room?" I asked, wondering if all of the rooms are this glorious.

"Why don't you come down and see it?" Edward suggested. As much as I wanted to, I wanted to take a shower and sleep. I shook my head,

"Maybe later, I think I'm going to take a shower and head to bed," I answered.

"Later then," Edward answered, still smiling.

"Night, Edward," I said before departing.

"Goodnight, Bella." Edward sighed.

That night was the first in my new room, and also was the first night I dreamt of Edward Masen.