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Chapter One: Adventures

"Mom, I got it!" Lilly Truscott shouted as she ran up to her room and threw open the door. She quickly unsnapped the red helmet she was wearing and slung it across the room carelessly. She kicked off her skateboarding shoes and tossed them somewhere near the vicinity of her closet. She had spent all day skating and had managed to only scrape one knee. Usually she managed to come home with a wide variety of injuries thanks to her habit of not paying attention while she skated. Skateboarding was Lilly's thing, the thing she was known for. For Lilly it was a sort of escape from reality. When she skated, she had plenty of time just think about things; it was very therapeutic in a sense. The thinking is what caused so many scraped knees and scratched chins. Luckily, Lilly had a decent tolerance for pain and didn't complain about much.

She plopped down on her turquoise and lime green comforter she'd had her mother especially order from PB Teen as a Christmas present last year. She grabbed the phone out of its charging cradle and quickly hit the 'talk' button. She shifted her weight on her bed so she was sitting with her legs crossed in front of her. She rubbed the sore spot on her knee.

"Hello?" Lilly asked as if she didn't know it was her best friend Miley on the other end. She was the only one who called her besides Oliver, and he was busy watching some eating competition on television. He'd asked if she wanted to come over and watch it with him, but the thought of guys eating 50 hot dogs in 5 minutes made her want to throw up.

"Hey! What are you doing right now?" Miley asked slowly. She always started off conversations that way when she had some bad news.

"Okay Miley. What's wrong now?" Lilly sighed into speaker of the phone, hearing the crackle of her breath in the ear piece.

"Well, I forgot to check the Hannah schedule before we made plans to go to the fair." Lilly could practically hear Miley's eyes rolling. "Turns out I have to do a cd signing tonight."

"But it's the last night! We won't be able to go if we don't go tonight!" Lilly complained. She instantly felt guilty. She knew Miley couldn't help being so busy, but sometimes it was just frustrating.

"I know! I'm sorry Lilly. You can still go with Oliver or someone else, or you could always tag along as Lola, even though cd signings aren't very eventful." Miley was trying her best to make up for it, but she didn't feel like being Lola tonight. The wig was itchy and the celebrities she met got boring after awhile.

"I guess I'll just figure something else out." Lilly said, trying unsuccessfully to mask the disappointment in her voice. "Have fun at your Hannah thing."

"I'll call you later, 'kay?" Miley finally said, not knowing what else to say.

"Yea, I'll talk to you later." Lilly said before hanging up the phone and tossing it a few inches in front of her on the bed. Another Saturday night spent alone in her room. This seemed to be happening a lot lately. Miley always had Hannah Montana keeping her busy all the time, and lately, as shocking as it was, Oliver actually had guy friends. Sure they were still best friends, but everyone seemed to be doing different stuff, while she was just stuck being skateboarding, dumb-comment-making, semi-tomboy Lilly Truscott. It felt like she was just stuck in the same place and everyone around her was changing and growing in who they were. Lilly couldn't even begin to tell someone who she was. She didn't wanna think about it anymore.

She shook the thoughts from her mind and threw her lime green ipod nano into her ihome and hit shuffle. The first song to pop up was a song by one of her favorite guilty pleasure bands, Cartel. The band was semi-popular and she had heard them a handful of times on MTV. Their hit, Honestly, was really popular and once Lilly sampled the songs off the entire cd on itunes, she just had to have it. Her favorite song and the one currently playing was Say Anything (Else). It just held lots of meaning for her. She listened to the lyrics carefully.

I'm here to say that you're the star you wanna be

Just open up and look inside and you will see

So to get what you want

You've got to mean it when you say what you want

You're wasting everybody's time

You're saying anything that gets you by

Lilly began to think about the words. It did always seem like she took the backseat when it came to her friendship with Miley. She never was the 'star', she felt like it was her turn to get some spotlight. It was always about Miley. Miley always got to have the adventures. Now Miley was preventing her from going out on a beautiful summer Saturday night and doing something she wanted to do. She didn't need Miley Stewart to have fun. Lilly Truscott could make her own fun.

And With Lilly's newly found perspective on life; she grabbed her cell phone off her armoire and ran out the door. It was time for Lilly Truscott to have an adventure of her own. She was going to that fair, even if it meant going by herself.


Joe Jonas sat uncomfortably on the u-shaped couch in back of the tour bus. He was chewing on the end of his black pen and tapping his foot repeatedly against the floor. He was trying to write a song for the new cd. He and two of his brothers, Nick and Kevin, had a band called the Jonas Brothers. They had become rather popular in the past few months and were playing a sold out tour across the country.

Their new cd was filled with catchy, dance-type hits that would drive fans crazy, but the cd had to show the softer side of the Jonas Brothers also. So Joe had dumbly volunteered to write a love song for them to record. He knew what he wanted to say but he just didn't know how to put it into words. He wasn't the best songwriter in his band of brothers, but he was decent.

He just didn't have enough inspiration to write a love song. His love life wasn't going that well currently. Before they had all left on tour he had asked out this one girl, Rebecca. She had turned him down flatly when she'd heard about the tour, telling him long-distance relationships simply did not work. He could always write an angst-y song about getting turned down, but he was in no mood to depress himself more than necessary.

He let out a grunt of frustration before putting the pen to paper and doodling a space ship in the margins of his notebook. The bus hit a pot hole which sent his pen flying across the paper and ruining his drawing.

"Ugh, I'm done!" Joe said throwing the pad and pen to the floor.

"You're done with the song already? Let me see!" Nick shouted, chewing on a spoonful of cereal, from the kitchen portion of the bus. He was the youngest of the trio, only 15. In the band he did a wide variety of things, but he was most known for guitar and lead vocals.

"No, I'm not done. I haven't even written the first word." Joe said before stealing his brother's Fruit Loops and taking a big bite so he wouldn't have to talk anymore.

"Joe! We're recording next week. We need to work out the melody and stuff, but more important we need lyrics!" Nick complained while grabbing at the bowl, leaving milk to slosh onto the floor. That was going to smell nice in a couple of days.

"I knghso. I jsk hvf sfm wridfr's bufk." Joe mumbled still trying to chew the mass of cereal in his mouth.

"Joe, we don't have time for writer's block!" Nick had become an expert at understanding his brothers when they spoke with their mouth full. You kind of had to when you lived with 3 other brothers.

"What are you guys yelling about back here?" Kevin, the oldest, asked groggily. He had been taking a nap, before getting disturbed by Joe and Nick.

"Joe is goofing off instead of writing the love song for our album." Nick said, crossing his arms in front of his chest, and glaring at Joe, who was still chewing.

"Am not!" Joe squealed like a girl. "How could you accuse me, Joe Jonas, of goofing off? I would never do such a thing." He gasped and placed his hand over his mouth

"Guys stop fighting. Joe, just get the song written. Okay? Good? Okay. Bye." Kevin yawned before retreating back into his bunk. Kevin often acted as the peace-maker, resolving issues between his brothers and helping them come to a conclusion everyone would be satisfied with.

Joe stuck his tongue out at Nick before heading to the kitchen to heat up some Pizza Rolls. "So what are we doing today anyway?" Joe never knew the schedule, unlike Nick and Kevin. He was more spontaneous than his other brothers and just went with whatever was happening that day.

"We're playing at the fair in Malibu." Nick sighed. Joe, who was two years older than Nick, was slightly immature. Nick was older than he was in maturity level, and Joe was, well, lets just say not quite up to par.

"Coolio. When do we get there?" Joe asked their bus driver, Steve.

"In about 15 minutes." Steve responded before returning to driving.

"Sweet. I hope we have time to get on rides and stuff. I could win one of those stuffed giraffes. You know how I love giraffes, Nick." Joe gushed, holding his hand over his heart. Joe was such a jokester. He turned everything into a joke. Sometimes his brothers wondered if it was to prevent him from showing his true emotions about things.

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into a parking lot near the back of fair, so they wouldn't be rushed by fans. As Kevin, Nick, and Joe stepped out of the bus they were greeted by the screams of about 50 teenage girls and a bunch of flashes. How fans found out where they were all the time was beyond Joe, but it was pretty flattering.

"I LOVE YOU JOE!!" He heard one strawberry blonde girl with freckles, who was just a bit too young for him, yell.

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" He shouted back at her, leaving her to just about faint.

He loved responding to things fans shouted at him. Their reactions were priceless and it made him happy to know he probably made that one girl's day and maybe ever her month.

They walked through the crowd with their body guard ahead of them. He heard girls shout other things but didn't bother to respond. He always heard a wide variety of stuff from fans. From, "NICK, I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES!!" to "MARRY ME JOSEPH ADAM JONAS!!" There were even some girls who would shout for Kevin even though they didn't have a chance with him since he was 20, and they were probably about 12.

Joe loved fairs; they always reminded him of his childhood. He hoped he would actually be able to have fun at this one. He hadn't been to one in so long. Not since the Jonas Brothers had gotten famous anyway. He always loved the funhouses. Maybe he would be able to check this one out after the show. Maybe he would meet someone new, someone who would help get his mind off of Rebecca.

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