Whizzer made it down to Metropolis in record time. She spotted the Daily Planet building, and flew for it, flapping her wings as hard as she could. She found and open window, and flew right into it. It happened to be Mr. White's office, and he, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane were in the office when she flew in.

"What the . . . ." Clark said, a little dumbfounded.

"Great Caesar's ghost!" Mr. White shouted. "Another one!"

"It's . . . . it's a flying horse!" Lois shouted.

"Pony, actually," Whizzer corrected. "My name's Whizzer and I'm looking for Mr. Kent! It's an emergency!"

"I'm Mr. Kent," Clark said, walking over to the pink Twinkle Eyed Pegasus. "What's the emergency?"

"We need Superman to come to Ponyland, and Jimmy said that you were the only one who could contact Superman. We really need you to contact him now, Mr. Kent. Julie, Tommy, and Jimmy are trapped inside a cave and a big, mean dragon is trying to get them!"

"I can't understand a word she says," Mr. White said. "Slow down! You're going too fast! What am I saying?! I'm talking to a pony!"

"You wait right in here, Whizzer," Clark said, and he started out of the office.

"Kent! Where are you going?!" Mr. White shouted.

"To find Superman, chief!" Clark shouted, as he ran down the hallway. He looked around, and saw that the coast was clear. Then he ducked into the supply closet.

"I must be cracking up," Mr. White replied as he looked at Whizzer.

"That makes two of us, chief," Lois said.

Suddenly, the threesome heard a familiar sound, like the rushing of wind, and Superman suddenly appeared through the window.

"Superman!" Lois shouted.

"Kent said there was a little pony here named Whizzer who needed my help," Superman replied.

"That's me, that's me!" Whizzer shouted. "Did Mr. Kent tell you what happened?"

"Yes, he did," Superman said. "Lead the way to Ponyland, Whizzer. I'll follow."

Whizzer nodded. She wasn't going to offer Superman a ride. Why would Superman want to ride on a flying pony when he could fly perfectly well (and probably faster than Whizzer anyway) himself?

Whizzer and Superman took off, leaving Mr. White and Lois absolutely astonished.

"And I thought I'd seen everything when I first met Superman," Lois said.

It didn't take long for Superman and Whizzer to get to Ponyland. Right away, Superman saw the dragon. He used his X-ray vision to see Jimmy, Julie, and Tommy. He was relieved when he found they were all right. But they wouldn't be all right for long if he didn't dispatch that dragon.

"Good luck, Superman!" Whizzer called as Superman flew towards the cave.

"This won't take long," he said. He landed on the ground, and grabbed the dragon by the tail. Then he pulled it away from the entrance of the cave.

"Is he giving up?" Tommy asked.

"I don't know," Jimmy replied. "I'll go see. You two stay here, just in case."

Julie and Tommy nodded, and Jimmy slowly approached the cave entrance. He took one look outside and smiled.

"Julie! Tommy! Come here, quick!" he shouted. Julie and Tommy ran for the cave entrance.

"Look, it's Superman!" Tommy shouted.

"Whizzer must've found Mr. Kent," Julie said.

Superman didn't acknowledge the threesome just then. He had to concentrate on the dragon. Using his super strength, Superman flew into the air, holding the dragon by the tail, and flew to a large valley, far from Ponyland, so the dragon couldn't do any harm to the little ponies and their friends. He dropped the dragon, and then flew down, looking at it right in the eye.

"Now then," he said to it. "I know you were just following your instincts, but that does not excuse you from your actions. You'll find plenty of food to your liking here in this valley, and if I ever catch you chasing little ponies and their friends again, I'll tie your tail in a knot!"

The dragon began whimpering, and he ran off. Superman waited until it was out of sight, and then flew back to Jimmy, Julie, Tommy, and the three Pegasus ponies.

"Wow, it's really Superman!" Surprise shouted.

"Thanks, Superman," Jimmy said. "You got here just in time!"

"Thanks to Whizzer," Julie said, giving Whizzer a hug around the neck. "After all, she went and told Mr. Kent we were in trouble, and then Mr. Kent got Superman for us."

"Come on, Superman!" Tommy shouted, grabbing Superman's hand. "You gotta meet all the little ponies, and you gotta tell Danny that Uncle Jimmy does too know you! This'll convince him for sure!"

Superman laughed, and allowed Tommy to practically drag him to Paradise Estate. The others followed. Once they reached the Estate, everyone was at a loss for words.

"Is it really Superman?" Fizzy asked.

"Yup, it's really Superman!" Tommy said.

"Told you Uncle Jimmy knew Superman personally," Julie said, smugly to Danny.

Danny didn't say a word. He hated to admit he was wrong, especially to Julie. And Julie knew it, so she didn't press him any more.

"We'd better head back for Metropolis, Jim," Superman said, turning to Jimmy. "I'm sure Mr. White is going to wonder where you've been all afternoon."

"Oh, yeah," Jimmy said. "I almost forgot about the chief. We'd better get back or else I'm in trouble."

"It was nice meeting you, Jimmy," Twilight said. "And you, too, Superman."

"Come visit us any time, Superman!" Fizzy shouted.

"I'll keep that in mind," Superman said, giving Fizzy a pat on her head.

"Well, I'll see you later, sunshine," Jimmy said, giving Julie a hug. "But hopefully not on the ledge of the Planet building!"

"You're not gonna tell Daddy, are you?" Julie asked.

"I won't if you won't," Jimmy said. Julie giggled. Jimmy then turned to Tommy. "See you around, tiger."

"Next time we visit Metropolis, can we go flying with Superman, Uncle Jimmy?" Tommy asked. "Please, please, please, pleeeeaaase?"

"We'll see what happens," Jimmy replied, tousling Tommy's hair.

"Come on, Jimmy," Superman said. "I'll give you a flight back to Metropolis."

"Great," Jimmy said.

And with that, Superman and Jimmy left Ponyland. Megan, Danny, Julie, and Tommy were waving while all the little ponies were jumping around, waving their hooves, calling their goodbyes.

Once back in Metropolis, Jimmy went directly to his desk in the city room, and got to work at his typewriter. Lois Lane walked in as he was typing.

"And where have you been all day, Jimmy?" she asked.

"Just with my niece and nephew," Jimmy said. "Let me tell you something, Miss Lane, you wouldn't believe what happened to me today!"

"If it has to do with flying ponies, I'll believe it," Lois replied. "The chief still thinks he's lost his mind!"

And as if that were his cue, Mr. White started coming down the hall, carrying his briefcase, and he ran into Clark Kent.

"Where are you going, chief?" Clark asked.

"Home," Mr. White replied. "And don't expect me to be back for at least a week!"

"Something wrong, chief?" Jimmy asked.

"Don't call me chief!" Mr. White snapped. "I'm just taking a vacation. After what I've seen today, I need it! Darn talking ponies . . . . flying purple and pink ponies . . . . needing Superman . . . . I just don't understand the world today. In my day . . . ."

Mr. White walked out of the building, muttering to himself. Clark, Lois, and Jimmy looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to work.

The End