FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 045 – Moon Moonlight Shadow

The moon was shining brightly over the grounds of Hogwarts. So Minerva could see Albus returning to the castle. Not that she really needed to see him to know that he was there. She had always been able to feel his presence. First, she had thought that it had something to do with her Animagus form, but soon she had learned that it was a much stronger bond. Love.

On every other day, she would have run to welcome him back.

But not today. Today there were other things she had to concentrate on because Voldemort's followers had somehow managed to involve the castle.

She just hoped that Albus and Harry were okay. They were both strong and therefore she was confident that they wouldn't have too much trouble fighting against the Death Eaters. But nevertheless, she felt something dark coming. She prayed that it had nothing to do with her beloved husband. But for now, she couldn't waste too much time on anything else but the battle she was fighting at the moment.

Suddenly, she felt something horrible. Had some curse hit her?

She kept on fighting and fighting …

It was only later that she found out what had cursed her the pain. Her heart had been broken by the loss of the love of her life.

The moon kept on shining. But somehow, her world had stopped spinning.

Her only hope was that one day she would be able to join him in this next great adventure.


P.S. I've had this ideas for months after listening to the song „Moonlight Shadow". Today, I heard it again while taking a shower and I decided that now – that my muse has returned – would be a good time to write it. Unfortunately, I wasn't really able to concentrate on anything, so it's just a very short story … I hope that someday I'll be able to write a longer story like this … Great, my "P.S." is going to be longer than the whole story … So, please be kind and review!