Five Years Later...

Kagome sat down exhausted from the days work. Jaken was grateful to be relieved from babysitting. After all since Kagome and Sesshomaru went ahead and had the artificial impregnation done, Kagome had given birth to triplets! Two girls and one boy. Now fours year old. The eldest son, by two five minutes was named Itachi. He looked like his mother, same black hair, brown eyes no hint of his demon blood in his face but he had the claws as his proof. The middle child Midoriko looked like her father done to a tee. She had the same silver hair, magenta crescent moon and 2 stripes under each eye and on her wrists. The youngest girl Sakura, was a mixture of both parents. Black hair adorned her head while the amber graced her eyes. She also has the magenta crescent moon on her forehead but no stripes. But that's not all they even adopted another child. A seven year old fox demon named Shippo. Kagome couldn't resist after seeing his messy red hair and green eyes. Kagome didn't even have to ask twice before Sesshomaru agreed. Rin loved having such a large family, she's started telling Kohaku that much to the dismay of Sesshomaru! He doesn't want to look at Rin like a young woman because that's his little girl. Typical over protective father!

Kikyo and Inuyasha's wedding took place one week after graduation and Kagome kept telling herself she wouldn't cry at the ceremony. But alas she did, right along with Izayoi, who couldn't believe that two of her three sons were married. Kikyo gave birth to a beautiful little girl. At first they couldn't decide on a name but somehow though a suggestion from Sango, Belle Taisho now had a name. The little girl has her father's trademark dog ears sitting atop her head. With a full head of silver hair but a completely different set of eyes. Belle's eyes are blue! She only has one blue crescent moon on her forehead. Kikyo's currently pregnant with their second child! (It's a boy! And they haven't decided on a name yet.)

Even Sango and Miroku tied the knot. A simple ceremony was held and they are up to the present time without children. Ayame and Koga got engaged but broke off the engagement after three months. Then got engaged again and we'll see how long it lasts this time. Tsunami is currently dating Hokodoshi. Daiki was struck with cupids arrow and is relentlessly pursuing the poor woman, Kiyone was her name. Jaken is stuck babysitting all five children, at one time while Kagome and Sesshomaru go out for their weekly dinner dates. Even Kagome's past friends, Rose, Kalyspo and Callisto had called and Kagome joined them for coffee. And are slowly rebuilding the close friendships they once had. Oh, and Sesshomaru didn't want me to mention this but Kagome kept her word and withheld sex for 6 months:)

-Fin The End-


-That's How The Story Ends-

A/N: Aww don't you just love happy endings? Since the name Kikyo means Bell Flower I thought it would be befitting to name her daughter Belle! Also Itachi means Weasel, Sakura means Cherry Blossom, Midoriko from what I researched means Green Child or something to that effect. Sad to see this story end but what's that saying oh yeah 'All good things must come to an end!'

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