This is a redo of Spottedleaf's last moment. Thank you Catrin Rosebrooks and Queen Annie-ferny Cullen! To Queen Annie, it's saying she already knew he'd become leader, because she had the prophecy, Fire Alone will Save the Clan.

Spottedleaf slipped around the nursery, her mind on something besides her investigation. The one cat she always dwelled on, always. He would save the clan. He was the fire. The moment she saw him she had known. She loved him. His fiery pelt shone in her waking moments, his eyes danced before him in sleep.

She had been working, the day had been ordinary, and then an unfamiliar scent filled her nose, and it made her dizzy and lightheaded. It was himShe saw him fight Longtail, and she strongly hoped that he would win. He had won, and got his apprentice name. She found it hard to concentrate after that, and when she saw him, she forgot everything.

She shook her head, and returned to examining the strange scent. Then it hit her. Shadowclan was I the camp! She prepared to yowl, but the scent suddenly overwhelmed her as she saw a scarred brown warrior in front of her. "This is not your place, Clawface," Then she gasped as she saw four squirming shapes behind him.

Spottedleaf opened her mouth, but the brown tom suddenly leapt forward, and slashed her throat. Blackness began to roll over her, and she shuddered in the pelting rain. Her last vision was the four kits and the Shadowclan cat disappearing.

As the blackness enveloped her, she thought of his glowing eyes, his shining pelt, his gentle mew.


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