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Somewhere A Clcok Is Ticking

Chapter 1: Level One Agents

All she heard was the clicking of her heels on the tile floors. The dim lights flickered as she made her way through the hallways she have come to know. A spooky atmosphere hung above her, but it didn't faze her. Like so many times in her life, she was on a mission. But this was a different kind of mission. This time she wasn't going to someplace new or using talents she rarely had the chance to show off. No, this time she was going to a place she knew quite well.

A faint beep echoed through the empty hallway as the hand sensor turned green. Ripping open the glass door, a flood of "Good morning Miss K" and "Nice to see you today" filled her ears. Ignoring the comments, she marched through three more, high security doors before stopping.

She slammed the beige folder in her hand onto the metal table. The dozen of people surrounding her continued to type, unfazed by her. "What is this supposed to be?" she asked him. Her hip cocked and her arms folded as she awaited his answer.

The middle aged man calmly strolled over to the other side of the table where she stood watching him. He pushed his dress shirt sleeves up to his elbows and picked up the folder. Opening it carefully he examined the first page and set it back down on the table. "Looks like your next mission."

She snorted, clearly not amused. "I know that." The bark quickly rang through the small room.

"Then that seems like a pretty silly question," His calm voice was unchanging. Making himself comfortable, the man perched himself of the wall with his arms loosely crossed across his chest, "don't you think?"

"Charlie!" her arms unfolded and rested on the top of her short jean skirt. "This cannot be my new mission! My missions are in Europe or Asia or South America. Not Albuquerque!"

Charlie let out a laughable sigh, "You know there is no chance of you winning this argument, right."

A pout formed on her face, "Well someone told me that if I didn't like something then it was my duty to try and change it."

"Not when it comes to your work Kaden." His voice hardened.

As her name reached her ears, she knew her argument was lost. "I don't want to work there." She said simply, sticking with her case. "And don't call me Kaden." The first thing she learned was to never give up. Ever. And she took that rule seriously in every aspect of her life.

Charlie sighed once again, but his tone read the sign of a man who was apologetic. "Kadeā€¦James called in for backup. You are the only agent of age that is trained enough to handle this kind of mission." He told her.

"What do you mean trained enough?" she questioned him. Their conversation caught the attention of the other people in the room. Not many people could question Charlie's judgment and get away with it, but Kade didn't care. "I'm trained for high performance jobs, foreign languages, mathematical and scientific technological devices, business of global relationships, and the records of almost everything every dealt with by anyone important."

"PE, French 3, Calculus, Chemistry, and History." He rattled off the fifth page of her mission profile, "Plus a free period."

Kade's eyes narrowed and she shoved her black jacket sleeves up to her elbows. "I can't be a normal kid." She told Charlie slowly. "This girl," she grabbed the file and shoved it into his face, "is supposed to be a shy, normal girl who moves around a lot because her parents keep getting transferred. She has a hidden talent of singing and likes to read." She rattled off, having memorized the identity.

"One out of Five isn't too bad." Charlie said calmly. "You love to read."

"I read write ups and reports on missions, manuals on new devices, histories of people and places for my assignments. Not Jane Austin, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and Earnest Hemmingway." She rattled off the favorite authors, page seven. "I can't be a normal kid. I've spent sixteen years of my life in this place and you expect me to be normal. And shy? I am probably the least shy person in this building. And that's saying something."

An explosion of quiet agreements came from everyone at the computers.

"Back to work!" Charlie barked at them. They all immediately obeyed and turned their full attention back to their screens. "Kade, you've been a normal girl before."

"I was an overly excitable rich girl from Boston going to an all girl catholic school." He reminded him. "My mission was to protect London Tipton from the men out to get her father. And I completed that in less than one month." She continued. "I wasn't exactly normal."

Charlie nodded. "This is your most important assignment to date, Kaden."

Once again, the sound of her full name echoed the fact that she had lost. But she still refused to give up her fight. "More important than protecting the president from Japanese assassins by posing as a Filipino friend of his daughter while visiting Australia?" she questioned him.


Kade's stern look grew soft and serious. "So I'll be joining James in the protection of this guy?" Charlie nodded. She let out a sigh. "James was supposed to be here three hours ago? When's he going to get here?"

"Right about now." A deep voice spoke from behind her. She spun around as fast as her heels and skirt would allow and faced her best friend, her brother, her new partner. "Sorry it took so long. Coach scheduled a surprise practice after school got out. Had to go." He shrugged slightly, causing his curly hair to bounce on

"James will brief you on The Subject and the location." Charlie walked back to a large monitor mounted on the wall. "Where is Chameleon now?" he asked the room.

As Kade followed James out of the small room, an answer was thrown into the air, for all workers to hear. She followed him silently as they maneuvered through the crossing hallways and locked rooms. After a short trip on one of the most private elevators in the building led them to a lone pale blue door with a small speaker and a finger print sensor in the middle.

"James Michael." He said strongly. "Accompanied by Kaden Katherine." He stepped aside as Kade stepped forward.

She pressed her own finger onto the scanner, "Kaden Katherine. Escorted by James Michael." She said clearly and sharply. The door clicked, buzzed and beeped signaling for them to make a safe entrance. She steeped back behind James as he opened the door, for if she opened the door an alarm would sound and the whole floor would lock down because this time she was the one accompanying him.

The door slammed and locked behind them as they walked down the small hallway, passing a dozen doors before stopping at one in particular as the hallway and doors continued on for a dozen more. They lived in the highest of clearance hall an agent could live in. Both James and Kade placed their hands on the cold metal door. The place where their hands laid lit up with a bright blue color and unlocked. Pushing the door open, Kade breathed in the familiar room she had been in this morning. She watched happily as James looked around with a huge smile plastered to his face.

"It's good to be home!" he announced.

Kade giggled and pressed a number code into the keypad to lock their room. The first light above the black numbered turned red. "Where do you want to be?"

James laid down on his bed and sighed. "Hmmm, how bout Greece. I haven't been there in a while."

Kade keyed in another code and the pictures on the wall turned into windows that overlooked a Greece neighborhood and water way. She was tired of the scene, as she had only returned from a six month long mission in Greece only a week and a half ago. But, of course, she said nothing because she knew that James had even less time at home than she did and all that time he was away was usually in one of the most uninteresting places in the whole world: Albuquerque.

"I sure miss it here." James said, looking around the large room. He and Kade had their own areas of the room. Each of them had a bed specified for their own size, weight, and physical needs, a computer specified for their clearance level, missions, and assignments, a bookshelf stocked with books tending to their own interests and the interests of their identities, and mini fridge stocked with what they personally like. In the common area a couch sat in front of a TV for them to receive messages.

"Yeah, it's pretty sweet." Kade opened up her fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. "I'm going to be sad to leave it for God knows how long."

"It's not that bad." He told her. "You know the first time I came back after New Mexico I thought it was weird."

Kade's eyes grew. "Really?"

James nodded. "Yeah. I went there in September and Charlie wouldn't let me come back until Christmas the next year because he wanted me to get used to being there. And after a year and a half of being there, it felt weird to be back here in our room with all the security and stuff I hadn't seen in forever. But then I got over that pretty fast."

She giggled. "I couldn't ever imagine this place not being home. I mean we were raised in this room when we were living with Charlie before he became director."

"And then he left it all to us at the tender age of five." He chuckled. "This place really hasn't changed, ever." He noted as the screen lit up a bright yellow DINNER- CRAZY HORSE. "Dinner?"

Kade tossed her water onto her bed, "Let's go." She unlocked the room and joined the others walking to the dining hall. Today ten out of the twenty-eight first level agents were home and they all were walking to dinner.

"Hey James!" A young lady said as she fell into stride with them. Only three years older than them, Stephanie was the first agent to successfully protect one hundred specifically named people before her eighteenth birthday. "You just get back?"

He nodded his head. "About an hour ago. And I'm glad to be back! This place is so much more fun to hang out in than on site."

Stephanie giggled. "Well to add to your happiness. I have news for both of you." Both James and Kade turned their full attention to her as they took the quickest route to the mess hall. "Back in July Tyler and Amanda got moved to first level and then last month Zach and Chelsea got moved to first too!"

Kade's mouth fell open. "No way! Four more kids?" she said excitedly. "That means nine out of thirty-two are kids. That's the most the agency has ever had!"

The three approached a white door. "Crazy Horse." They recited the password in unison.

They voice analyzer flashed all three of their names on the screen above the door. The door swung open and they walked into the mess hall. Tables scattered the room and ten buffet style lines lined the walls.

"Only eight," she corrected them. "Danny turned nineteen in October. So he is now he's got to compete with real competition instead of you youngins." She said with a smirk.

"Haha," Kade said sarcastically as she and James parted from her to get to a different line. She hated how the majority of the older first level agents treated her and James as less than qualified. They were the first two agents that were under eighteen to have first level clearance.

James put an arm around her shoulder. "You know she's just kidding." He rubbed her arm with his strong hand.

She sighed, grabbing a green tray, "I know she is but a lot of the others aren't. We've had first level since we could walk and that really pisses off a lot of people."

James cut himself and Kade a piece of roast beef. "Okay, so when we got clearance we didn't really deserve it. But by the time we were ten we did prove ourselves as worthy to have it. And we have continued to prove ourselves." He reminded her. "Plus if it wasn't for us then there probably would be any kids there. And all of us have earned to be there, age not a factor."

Kade let out a small groan. "God J, have you always been the sensible one?"

He let out a small laugh. "The effects of high school." He smiled down at her. "You ready for that?"