Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

Chapter 13: Spy Stuff

"Here." James threw a bag of clothes as Troy. "Put these on."

He swiftly grabbed the bag midair. "Why?"

"Your clothes may be tagged. I mean, we tagged you. What's to say they didn't." he chuckled to himself.

"You mean you put a tracker on me." Troy tried to wrap his mind around yet another new piece of information.

"Well, not you." James explained. "But your clothes, your shoes, you bags and stuff."

"Great." He groaned. "Not only did you lie to me, but you bugged me too."

James sighed and sat down next to him on the bed. "It's not like that, man. This, all of this, it's our job. But you're still my best friend, I mean after Kade."

Troy stared straight ahead. "All those summers that you were off at your grandparent's house, you were off doing…spy stuff."


"And spring break?"


"Winter vacation too?"

"Pretty much. On location or back at headquarters."

Troy nodded. "Is that where we're going? To your headquarters."


They both looked up. Kade was the one who answered.

"We lost contact with control almost 24 hours ago. We're not going to risk bringing you there without being in full contact with Charlie." She tossed him a small box. "Put this on, too. We have a plane to catch."

He opened up the black box. "Beads? I don't understand this spy stuff…"

James sighed and dumped the box into his hands. "This one goes in your ear. This one goes in your shoes. This one goes on you jacket. And this goes on your molar."

"My molar? Like in my mouth?"

"It only hurts when you take it off. You don't even notice it when it's there." Troy looked at him with disbelief. "It's so we can hear you talk. And you will be able to hear us."

Troy took the small pieces of equipment with a shaking hand. "So I just press it on?"

"If you want, one of us can do it for you."

"No thanks." He said quickly. "I can do it myself." Troy gently put the first one in his ear, the second one in the back on his shoe, and he opened his mouth wide for the third.

"It's easier," Kade said quietly, "if you don't tilt your head back. It's not fun when you swallow those things."

He looked at her hesitantly. "Thanks." He snapped the device onto his tooth and looked back at her. "Anything else I need to know?"

"Keep your head down, don't look anybody in the eye, and definitely don't look into any cameras." He nodded as she rattled the list off. "And even though he's a jack ass, trust Lucas. He knows what he's doing"

Lucas popped his head out of the door frame across the room. "You're hooked up Kade," he said with a smirk. "I can hear you."

"It's not like I'm trying to be secret." She shot back. He just smiled and went back to where he came from. Kade turned her attention back to Troy. "Like I said. You just have to trust him."

Troy rolled his eyes. "Like I can trust any of you." He muttered.

"Look." She walked up to him, forcing him to pay her attention. "I know you think we're the scum of the earth right now, but you have to trust us. We are your only hope of surviving whoever is coming after you." She told his sternly. "And it's not like we wanted to hurt you. It just happened."

"Things like this just don't happen."

"In my world they do. My life is defined by the things that just happen."

Another person entered the conversation. "And right now we just happen to have a plane to catch." Lucas pushed himself between them, handing each of them a bag. "Here is your stuff. And don't lose it."

Kade rolled her eyes and followed him out the door. "Despite what you think, I do know what I'm doing." She called after him.

"We need to go." James told Troy. "I'll burn those clothes after you're done."

"Burn them?" He asked cautiously.

James chuckled. "Burn any hair or skin fragments left on them."

Troy just nodded his head and quickly changed his clothes, knowing there wasn't going to be any slowing down.

"So you've been a spy your whole life?" Troy asked, buttoning up his new shirt.

James nodded, shoving the old clothes into a black bag. "Yeah. My parents were most likely agents who were killed, so Charlie took it upon himself to raise me."

"Most likely?"

"Yeah. I don't know what exactly happened. It's classified and not on any file. I think Charlie is the only one who knows for sure. It's the same for Kade."

"So you guys don't have parents?" Troy asked.

He shook his head. "No, but we have each other. And Charlie and the other senior operatives. They all look out for the kids in the system. Not that we need looking after."

Troy looked at him, his best friend. "You're still Chad, aren't you?"

James nodded and smiled. "I've been on this assignment for almost seven years. My alias is who I am. I like basketball, stupid movies, and I want to spend spring break in Cabo with my team." He let out a little laugh. "I'm just a little smarter and stronger than you know."

He nodded and smiled. "So after all of this, if we get out of it, we'll still be friends?"

"We will get out of it." He corrected Troy. "You're my best bud! Of course we'll be friends." The two boys shook hands and pulled each other into a hug.

A crackle sounded through the ear piece each of them wore. "Not that this isn't a touching moment, but we have a plane to catch." Lucas told them.

"Right." James answered. "International flights do require you to be there early."

Troy followed his out of the hotel room. "International? I don't have a passport."

James smiled. "Yeah, you do."

He accepted this. "So where are we going?"


Troy stood in line at security impatiently. "It's kind of exciting. Going to a foreign country and everything. New culture, new adventures…"

The other three stared at him. Lucas handed everyone their tickets.

"I guess it's not that exciting for you guys." He realized.

"No." James said.

"Not really." Lucas added.

"Not anymore." Kade finished.

Troy sighed, "So you never told me where we were going?" he opened up his new passport and looked at his ticket with a different name on it. He studied the strip of paper, making sure he was reading it correctly. "Canada."

"That's right, aye." Lucas patted him on the back. "First trip out of the country. Super exciting." He sent his bag through the check point and walked through the metal detectors.

"Hah, that's real funny." Troy put down the bag he was carrying and made his way to the other side of security.

Kade rolled her eyes. "All guys are the same, no matter where they are from."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." James said.

She glared at him as they reached the other two. "I'll take point." She said whispered quietly. The only way they heard her was because of their ear pieces.

Lucas laughed. "Of course."

She shifted her glare to him. "I'm kind of hungry. We will meet you guys by the gate in an hour, okay?"

James nodded, swinging his backpack over his shoulder. He elbowed Lucas to follow him.

Lucas punched Troy in the shoulder harder than necessary. "See you later bro."

Troy waved, confused. "Later….bro…" He followed Kade in silence until they were in a nearly empty food court.

He looked at the watch that had come with his new clothes. "It's ten at night!" he exclaimed.

Kade looked at him blankly. "Good job."

"I didn't realize it was so late."

She let out a little laugh. "It was dark when we got here."

He laughed and ran his hand through his hair. "Yeah, I guess. I think I've just lost track of the times and stuff."

"Easy to do." She looked up at him and smiled. "Not that I ever do it…" He smiled at her and looked down at his shoes. "Luc is your brother, according to your passports and IDs."

"I got that, thanks."

The two ordered burgers and found a table to sit at. Far away from any other person the food court.

"What happened?"

Kade looked up from her food. "Like, in general?"

He shook his head. "With you and him."

"Ah. Him." She took a long drink of her soda before answering. "He was there for me when I needed someone and it was really great for a while. And then it stopped being so great. Ensue bad break up."

"Sounds like every other teenage relationship."

Kade nodded her head. "I am normal, to an extent. And boys will be boys."

"And girls will be the death of us."

She smiled. "Figuratively, of course."

"Or course."

They toasted their cups and laughed. "So tell me," Troy started. "How much like Gabriella are you?"

She was surprised by the question. "Not at all, I guess. And a lot, at the same time. If that makes sense."

"It doesn't."

Kade sighed and looked at her food. Her extensive vocabulary and special training couldn't help her explain. "When it all started, she was pretty much my opposite: conservative, introverted, sensitive, subtle, unathletic, normal…" she rattled off everything that had gone through her mind all those months ago when she complained to Charlie about this mission. "But then I met you. And I got to know you."

This caught Troy's attention. His eyes were glues to her.

"I started to like you and I saw how much you liked her. So I guess I started trying to put her more into myself. Molding myself into who you liked."

"I didn't like you because you were just another normal girl. If I would have wanted a normal girl, then I would have gotten one a long time ago." He explained. "I liked that you were sure of who you were and that you didn't let others influence you. You were smart and funny and intense…You had this brilliance about you. That's what I liked."

Kade was speechless. It seemed to happen a lot in Troy's presence.

"And from what I've seen of you," he continued. "All of those qualities are still there."

She looked at him in the eyes, his clear blue eyes.

His breathing patterns hadn't changed much, meaning he had probably rehearsed this in his head multiple times. Her own, on the other hand, were become slightly sporadic to match her uneven heartbeat.

Assassins she could handle. Heavy conversations with her 'boyfriend' weren't even comparable.

"Sorry to break up this thing you guys are having." James' voice sounded clearly in both of their ears. Kade made no movement, but Troy jumped at the sudden sound.

"I'm not." Lucas said bluntly. "It's torture listening to that."

"We need to meet you guys." James finished his message.

"And now would be a really good time." Lucas added.

There were no inflections in their voices, but that meant nothing.

Author's Note: A chapter done!!!! I am thrilled (although I did do this isntead of my English essay, but writing is writing isn't it :P). Don't know when I'll update next because I have no idea where this chapter came from. And that means that I have no idea where I want to go. So if anyone just happens to have any ideas, drop me a message :)