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The gang seemed to be laughing at the fact that Zuko tried to make the Dancing Dragon seem like a manly move. Zuko gulped down and swallowed his pride. "Well… that's enough for today. I think I have to decide on what to teach you tomorrow" Aang bowed and said "Thank you Seifu Zuko"

Katara who was watching this piped up and said "Zuko, if you're not all that good then maybe you shouldn't be training Aang should you?" Toph interjected and said probingly "Ooh" Zuko said in calm and collected tone "Well… I think your right. I'm sure if you ask Fire Lord Ozai or Azula they'd be happy to assist, unless you've got someone else in mind."

Katara shot a look at Zuko. Zuko turned around and smiled as widely as when Aang had told him that he didn't care what everyone said, he thought Zuko was smart.

Zuko went to a far corner of the temple and practiced by himself. He was amazed at the results. "I wonder… if I went back to the Sun Warrior's temple and asked if them if they would teach me their way of living and some of their fire bending techniques... His thoughts were interrupted by the noise of earth shifting and kids shouting. He decided to check it out.

When he came, he saw Aang was blindfolded and that two benders were firing pieces of earth and water at him. Zuko stared in amazement.

He came for a closer look, but as soon as he did Aang fired a large piece of earth at him. He rolled swiftly to the side. Toph fired a boulder at him. "Looks like your having trouble telling who's who Twinkle Toes." "Why, who did I fire at?" Aang responded with a slight tone of concern. Zuko shouted "I guess these aren't masters either but they'll have to do." Toph and Katara both turned and fired at Zuko.

The rest of the gang laughed while Zuko dodged the projectiles that were being shot at him. "I was just joking! Chill out!" The projectiles were soon directed back at the Avatar.

Zuko thought to himself. Uncle said to watch the other elements because they could teach me something. Zuko sat himself down. He watched the Avatar carefully as he fought the two benders and then redirected his concentration to the other two benders. Maybe I should try that with my bending. Zuko's thoughts were soon interrupted by a large rock being that was coming at him. He quickly leaned his body to the ground and let the rock pass over him. Then ice shards were being flung at him. He took out his swords and blocked each of the ice shards.

"Stop! I didn't come here to fight!" Aang threw himself in front of the prince and said "Come on guys, I think that's enough training for the both of us"

Toph shouted "Well, Princess here burned my feet, but I guess I can let him go for now"

Princess? Zuko shot a look at Toph. "Well I shouldn't pick on people that are weak, so…I guess I can let him go for now" Katara stated. Weak? Zuko was pissed. He closed his eyes and clenched his fist then turned around and walked away.

Later that evening…

"Um… Katara are you going to give Zuko some dinner?" The Duke asked. "Why? Is the Fire Nation Prince too good to come and get it himself?" Aang and The Duke looked at each other with signs of concern. They both wanted to do the same thing. They both wanted to check if Zuko was okay, but Katara and Toph were still mad at Zuko for the comment earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Zuko sat alone isolated in another part of the temple practicing his control by meditating. Why are they so stubborn? How can they get to me so quickly? Maybe… I should go apologize. After all I attacked them and they still accepted me. Zuko breathed a heavy sigh. He felt alone. He let his thoughts drift to his uncle. I hope you'll forgive me. While meditating he felt a warm furry sensation on him back and jumped to forward. Appa gave him a low quiet growl. He was unsure of what he could to possibly done wrong to Appa. Zuko thought back to the trip. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was just mad my fire bending wasn't working… you're pretty fast." Zuko stared at the animal for a couple of seconds. Then Appa came up to him and licked his face. Zuko laughed. At least I've got one friend.

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