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Where we left off: Zuko questioning the gang about their efforts to free the prisoners.


Zuko's eyes widened. The words that he uttered sunk through his pores into his brain. His face turned pallid in shock. He immediately raised his hands in apology.

"I'm so sorry – I didn't mean to" the apology sounded like a broken record.

Blood filled the faces of the surrounding members. Aang's face twitched with anxiety. Haru, face warm with blood, screamed, "You have no idea how we feel! You've never lost anyone! All you care about is yourself!"

Katara, filled with anger, did not speak; she gritted her teeth, while eying Zuko. Expecting a violent outburst followed by verbal abuse, everyone turned to look at Katara. She did not speak. Zuko started to sweat. Surely this was a harbinger of Zuko's death. Zuko's face inferred that he raised a counter-acting argument, but no words came to buttress his position. Katara did not speak. Fear plagued his mind, and robbed him of his will to speak.

As water began to blur his vision, Sokka unsheathed his sword from his hilt, and lunged at Zuko. As Sokka approached the fire bender, Aang leaped forward; placing himself between the water tribesman and the former fire nation prince. Bending air, the avatar propelled himself at airborne water tribe warrior grabbing the hilt of the sword while his arm was bent back.

"We all" The air nomad placed emphasis on the first two words, grabbing the attention of the group members. The air bender continued, "take him for granted."

As mouths began to open, the Avatar raised his voice. "He was working on the plan tirelessly. He hasn't come up to eat anything since last afternoon. He finally shows it to us, and this is how we treat him?"

The group remained silent. Until Toph broke the silence, "Zuko, if you're hungry, there's some soup left from lunch. It's probably cold though."

Zuko confusion was apparent in his face, but he nodded in recognition of her statement. Toph could sense his grumbling stomach, it was barely audible to the group, but the vibrations made it clear to Toph. Zuko hesitated; he did not know how agitated the water bender was.

"Get something to eat" Katara said, facing the ground. This remark wasn't a question. Too famished to care at the moment, Zuko anxiously but hastily walked over to pick up a bowl. Haru gleamed at the former fire nation prince but Zuko kept his eyes on the food. He knew that many people must have been staring at him, so he turned to take his leave and stopped.

"I'm sorry. An apology may mean nothing from me, there's no way I could make it up." Zuko spoke in a somber tone. Thoughts of his mother came to mind. He pushed his thoughts aside and began his trek.

Zuko walked in no particular direction. His only aim at the time was to eat in peace, but as hungry as he was, he began eating while heading to his unknown destination. He found a spot where paintings of air bison lined the walls and sat down cross-legged. He observed the paintings as he ate. Suddenly, he stopped eating soup and put his palm on the bottom of the bowl. He warmed the soup to a lukewarm temperature and resumed eating. He saw pictures of gleeful, gentle people that seemed so unlike the myriads of violent, megalomaniac in the royal palace.

The sound of a light footstep came from behind him. Zuko did not turn. He knew what who made those kind of footsteps. A cold, wet nose touched Zuko's back. A smile tugged at the young fire bender's lips.

Teo wheeled forward to the parchment Zuko had left on the floor and picked it up. The group stared at him.

"What are you doing?" The Duke asked venomously. The group stared at the boy sitting in a wheelchair.

"Reading," Teo responded. After an awkward silence of thirty seconds, Teo spoke again, "You know this plan isn't half bad."

This time the water tribe warrior turned his head from the spot on the ground which he was staring. The transient period of peace was broken by an uncomfortable silence.

Teo spoke in a somber, but somewhat charismatic tone, "Look guys, I know you hate Zuko, but if he wants to help us break them out, I'm all for it. The question is – are you guys with me?"

No one moved an inch or uttered a word.

Teo said in a quiet but angry and disappointed tone, "Fine, I'll go with him."

The group stared at the chair bound boy as he left.

"So, that means peace and tranquility or something like that – right?" Zuko asked the air bison.

The air bison gave a low groan. Shifted his body, and stretched.

"I'm trying," Zuko whined.

Teo, not too far away, was dumbstruck. Is Zuko talking to someone? The fire nation? I don't believe it. After all the stuff we've been through – that traitor – he wanted the Avatar dead.

Teo snuck in for a closer look, and saw Zuko legs crossed, back against Appa staring at a air temple painting. He kicked himself mentally for the distrust and gave a light chuckle. Zuko heard this, sat up and readied himself in a defensive stance. Teo wheeled himself out from behind a bush.

"How come whenever we find you alone, it's always with Appa?" Teo asked jokingly

Zuko shot an enigmatic smile at the weary eyed behemoth and answered, "I don't know. There's just a weird thing with animals and me."

"What are you doing here?" Zuko questioned.

"What are you doing here? It's a little far from camp, don't ya think?" Teo answered.

Zuko raised a hand to the back of his head. "Don't think they wanted me around and I needed a place to clear my head."

"Who wouldn't want you around?" Teo said jovially. Zuko couldn't help but smile.

Teo looked down and spoke in a somber tone, "Zuko why – did you run to help me?"

Zuko was taken aback by the question. "Because, because – you were in trouble"

"You didn't need to,"

Zuko thought about how to answer the question. What would uncle say? Zuko composed himself and answered "Teo, no one needs to save anyone. It's the choices we make that define who we are and what we care about."

Teo looked up at Zuko and stared at him. "Wow… thanks"

Zuko thought to himself. Did I really just say that? Wow… go Zuko.


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