FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 060 – Drink

Never meant to be

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in an old Irish Pub in a little suburb of New York, USA. Sipping his Whiskey (He missed the Fire whiskey he used to drink, but he was in a muggle pub, …), he tried to concentrate on nothing particular. He just wanted to get his mind cleared of everything.

When a song he'd never heard before was being played a bitter smile formed on his lips.

Operator, number, please: it's been so many years
Will she remember my old voice while I fight the tears?
Hello, hello there, is this Martha? This is old Tom Frost,
And I am calling long distance, don't worry 'bout the cost.
'Cause it's been fourteen years or more, now Martha please recall,
Meet me out for coffee, where we'll talk about it all.

And those were the days of roses, poetry and prose
And Martha all I had was you and all you had was me.
There was no tomorrows, we'd packed away our sorrows
And we saved them for a rainy day.

And I feel so much older now, and you're much older too,
How's your husband? And how's the kids? You know that I got married too?
Luck that you found someone to make you feel secure,
'Cause we were all so young and foolish, now we are mature.

And those were the days of roses, poetry and prose
And Martha all I had was you and all you had was me.
There was no tomorrows, we'd packed away our sorrows
And we saved them for a rainy day.

And I was always so impulsive, I guess that I still am,
And all that really mattered then was that I was a man.
I guess that our being together was never meant to be.
And Martha, Martha, I love you can't you see?

And those were the days of roses, poetry and prose
And Martha all I had was you and all you had was me.
There was no tomorrows, we'd packed away our sorrows
And we saved them for a rainy day.

Okay, he wouldn't be able to call her because Minerva like most – wizards and witches – didn't own a telephone, but – if he was only brave enough – he could contact her, he could send her an owl or he could even use the Floo Network to contact her.

He hadn't seen her for many years. The last time they'd met had been when she'd been in her early twenties, now she was in her late thirties.

Since he'd told her that he was too old for her and that she was so young and that there were so many years for her to learn and to do before she would be ready to settle down and become anyone's wife, he'd never again dared to contact her. Not even when he'd heard about her marriage. He'd really been happy that Minerva had found someone. Really. Unfortunately, it hadn't been him she'd married.

Of course, this was his own fault. When Minerva had told them in their last conversation that she wasn't too young and he– time after time – had told her that she had no idea what she was talking about, she'd said that she could wait some years, travel around for a while and then settle down, with him. But he hadn't wanted her to ruin her life by spending it with such an old fool like him, so he'd told her that he didn't want her to spend her life with him. That's when a lonely tear had escaped Minerva's eyes and she'd turned around and had walked out of his life.

He wondered if she would even recognize him if he would just appear in her fireplace. So he decided to send her a letter.

After some hours spent in his hotel room, wondering what he could write her, he decided that maybe a hot cup of chocolate and some lemon drops would help him to concentrate on his task. So he apparated back to Hogwarts where he drank three cups of hot chocolate brought by one of the house elves before he even started writing the letter.

When finished it, the sun was already spreading the first sunbeams of day over the grounds of Hogwarts.

Very carefully he wrote down her name on the envelope and gave it to one of his personal owls who flew away very quickly. Albus followed her flight until he could no longer see her.

Burying his head in his hands, he took a deep breath. Then he stood up from his desk and sleepily walked over to his private quarters where he directly went to bed and only woke up when – a few hours later – a little snow owl knocked on the window pane of his bedroom. He'd had the sweetest dreams because he'd dreamt about their time spent together so many years ago.

About one year after her graduation he'd incidentally met her at a little café in London where he'd been shopping for some last minute Christmas gifts.

Albus had recognized her immediately and had asked her how she'd been. She'd informed him that she was going to be an Auror and, at the moment, was concentrating on becoming an Animagus. They'd talked about a lot of things and in the end he'd invited her to the annual Hogwarts Christmas party.

It'd been in the wee hours of Christmas morning that they'd found themselves under the mistletoe and that had been the beginning of their relationship.
They'd spent the next months together, enjoying each and every single hour spent together. He'd visited her at work and she'd been at Hogwarts every weekend. But nobody had known about them because Albus had been afraid about her reputation. She'd accepted it tacitly. He'd sensed that she hadn't been happy about them being a secret, but he'd only tried to protect her because he'd known that – sooner or later – their time together would end and he hadn't wanted her to ruin her name for some time spent with someone who could be her father.

So they'd had some wonderful months together, often forgetting that there were things outside of their little own world. They'd really packed away their sorrows. He'd focused on the time they'd been able to spend together, trying to forget about the fact that they wouldn't last forever.

On each day he hadn't been able to see her he'd sent her something. Sometimes it had been a wonderful poem, sometimes a little bit of jewellery and sometimes a simple red rose. He'd wanted her to know that she meant the world to him and that he was always thinking about her even if they weren't together.

Walking over to the window to let in the owl he smiled when he realized that he'd never stopped thinking about her. Not a single day in all these years had passed without him wondering what she was doing, if she was ever thinking of him.

After having read the letter, Albus almost jumped for joy.

She'd agreed to meet him.