It was a wonderful summer day. A little breeze let one forget about the high temperature and some clouds prevented the sun from burning one's skin.

Albus was sitting in a little café in London, the one where he'd met Minerva so many years ago.

The moment the door opened he knew that it was Minerva without having to look up. He could feel her presence. She'd always had this kind of aura around herself and he'd always known when she'd been in a room. It seemed that this hadn't changed although they hadn't seen each other for so many years.

When Minerva spotted him sitting in the corner, she walked over to him and shyly smiled at him. He stood up and greeted her by gently kissing her hand.

She even blushed a little bit.

Not a single silver streak of grey could be found in her hair and she almost looked as young and innocent as all those years ago although some little wrinkles were around her eyes. He wondered how she could still look so young while his hair was almost half grey and a lot of lines where everywhere on his face.

Albus wanted to say something, tell her how lovely she looked. But he thought that it would be inappropriate and so he only motioned for her to sit down.

They sat there in silence. Minerva watched Albus very intensely. He had aged – just like she had – but he'd only grown more attractive. The grey of some parts of his hair only accentuated the blue of his eyes who still looked as young as ever.

"I was surprised when I got your letter."

Secretly, she'd hoped to hear from him since she'd walked away after their last meeting. She'd almost written him hundreds of times, but she'd either destroyed her letters or hadn't even started to write what had been on her mind.

"And I was surprised that you agreed to meet me, my dear."

Had he just called her "my dear"?! Albus was afraid she would run away the moment the words had left his mouth, but she didn't seem to be upset. She even smiled at him.

Minerva had so missed his voice and his kind words. Just hearing him call her "my dear" like he'd done so many times in their past make her almost forget what had happened.

"There were no reasons not to see you, Albus."

"I thought you wouldn't want to see me again and that your husband wouldn't want you to meet me. By the way, how is he?"

"You care about my husband's opinion, Albus? You've never met him, you weren't at our wedding and you didn't even sent your congratulations."

She didn't sound angry. After all, it was just the truth.

"I thought it wouldn't have been appropriate to remind you on your wedding day of all the things between us. And I wasn't sure I could stand to see you getting married to another man."

Suddenly, she looked sad.

"Then I guess you're happy to know that my marriage has failed. I'm divorced, Albus."

"So am I …"

She looked up in surprise.

"I never knew you were married."

"Not many people knew about our marriage and it didn't last long."

"I'm sorry, Albus."

They stayed silent for some minutes, either being deep in their thoughts.

"So how are your kids, Minerva? I've heard that you've got two daughters?"

"Oh, yes. Katy is five and June just turned two a few weeks ago. They're wonderful. You would like them."

He was sure that he would love them if they were just a little bit like their mother.

Suddenly, Minerva had to laugh.

He questioningly looked at her.

"I'm sorry, Albus. But isn't it weird that we're sitting here talking like we've never been apart? We're being so honest …"

She paused for a brief moment, but Albus knew that there was more she wanted to tell him.

"I'm no longer angry that you've sent me away then … I guess I've always known that it was your way of being a noble man. You thought that I was young and foolish, that I had some kind of crush for you. But you were wrong, Albus. After you've sent me away, I cried for many hours and I didn't go out for a long time. One day, a friend of mine persuaded me to go out with her and that's when I met my ex-husband. He was a nice man. I soon decided that if I couldn't have the best man I should be satisfied with a good one. So I married him. It was a big mistake. I shouldn't have been content with not getting the best man. Don't get me wrong, Albus. I don't regret marrying him. If I hadn't become his wife, I would've never had my wonderful daughters. - But I've rather had them with you."

She sighed and then looked him in the eyes.

"Albus, why did you want to meet me?"

"Like you've said. I've sent you away to protect you. But now I see that I've really been wrong. But at that time, I was sure that it was for your best, Minerva."

He sighed.

"I'm sorry, my dear. I shouldn't have told you that I wouldn't have wanted you to spend your life with me. It was a lie."

"And I shouldn't have walked out on you. – But that's not what I've asked you."

"The truth is that I've missed you every moment of the last years. - Minerva, until a few minutes ago, I didn't know that you were divorced. If I had known I would have written you sooner. When I heard about your marriage, I thought you've found someone to make you happy. If I had known … I just thought we weren't meant to be although I've always wished that I was wrong …"

"You were wrong …"

"I know …"

Both fell silent once more.

Then Albus looked up at Minerva and put one of his hands on top of one of hers.

"You've said that I would like your daughters. Maybe I should meet them?"

She lovingly smiled at him.

"Maybe …"


P.S. I know it's very silly and soppy and everything … But sometimes we just have to hope that, no matter how many wrong decisions we make, in the end we all get our happily ever after.

So this is for an old friend of mine who will probably never read this … Maybe it's my way to apologize to him for having hurt him so many times …

You know that I've never been sure about my feelings … and it's still the same … So I've decided to do everything to never hurt you again …

Here's the happy ever after we'll never have together.