Love is a Flower
By: Manna


II- Easter Lily, November Lily (Purity, Sweetness, Coquetry): Florina and Guy

Rain fell gently against the leaves of the tree she was standing under, and the drops hung there for a moment before plummeting towards the earth, landing on the back of a large white equine. The pegasus snorted, staring down his long muzzle at the wet fur for a moment before shaking his head roughly.

"Oh, Huey…" A young girl smiled from where she sat by her faithful steed, protected from the rain by a large white wing. "You're so silly!"

She absently patted Huey's neck as she looked into the distance at the grey sky. There were far too many people in their army to be able to afford an inn, let alone the amount of rooms they would need. But that didn't phase her in the slightest- being out in the open like she was reminded her of what she had come to call "the good old days", back when she and her very best friend, Lyndis, had spent time on the plains of Sacae together. Sighing a little to herself, she looked at Huey and forced a smile to her lips.

In the end, she thought, everything would turn out fine. Lords Eliwood and Hector would return to their respective nations and rule justly until the end of their lives. Lyn would spend her grandfather's final days with him, and then go back to the plains of Sacae. And she…

Well, she hadn't quite decided. She would always have a place in Caelin's military—Kent had assured her of that. But she thought perhaps she preferred mercenary work. She had a little time to decide. They were still ten days from the Lycian Split, where the road branched and headed toward the various cantons.

Those from Bern and Etruria had already taken their leave. Fiora had headed back to Ilia. Farina was going to Ostia.

Florina knew she wasn't the only indecisive member of the group. Wil hadn't decided if he wanted to go home or spend more time in Caelin. Sain was itching for mercenary work in Ilia. (He claimed he found it more to his taste than military drills, but everyone knew that wasn't the entire truth.)

Footsteps on the grass caught her attention, and she looked up to see Guy approaching her. The two of them had struck up something resembling a friendship—an awkward, relatively quiet one.

He smiled and shook some of the water from his bangs. "Hello," he said in greeting, and pointed to the space beside her that was unoccupied. "C-Can I…?"

"Sure," she answered, scooting over a little bit to allow him some of the dry ground beneath her pegasus's wing.

"S-So, uhm…" He looked down at the grass. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know."

A fleeting smile passed over his lips. "I don't, either. Not everyone's as lucky as us. We can take our pick of militaries."

Florina thought for a moment. "You're right," she said. "I hadn't thought of that."

He looked hesitant to speak, but finally he did, breaking the silence. "Lord Eliwood said I could work for Pherae, but I just don't know 'bout all those drills and stuff. I saw Sir Marcus training Lowen and…no thanks."

She muffled a giggle under her fingers, but turned to smile at him, her cheeks a little red. "Sir Kent is not nearly so scary," she assured him. "But… I am not so s-sure I want to return to Caelin…"

"Military not what you're looking for?"

"W-Well… I would be going because it is where Lady Lyn is, not so much because I want to serve Caelin."

"Oh, Lady Lyn!" he said, eyes brightening. "I wish I had gotten to speak with her more. She's very nice."

"She is…"

"So…" He looked away. And then back at her, eyebrows knitted together thoughtfully. "I thought about going back to mercenary work."

"N-No morning drills if you pick that."

"Yeah, that'd be nice."

"I could…"


"Never mind, it's silly." She blushed and tangled her fingers in Huey's mane.

"N-No, tell me! I'll listen."

"Uhm, okay. I could—if it wouldn't be a bother to you, t-that is—maybe—but only if you're absolutely certain it'd be okay—do mercenary work…" She had squeezed her eyes shut out of embarrassment halfway through but opened them again, her teeth closing down on a fingernail. "W-With you, I mean. But only if it's okay."

"With me?" He looked surprised.


"N-No!" His eyes brightened as he got to his feet. "Don't be sorry at all! I mean, going it alone is never any fun at all! And we could look out for one another. A-And…oh! I'll bet there are others who will be going out to do mercenary work. Maybe we could start our own little group…"

Florina smiled a little as he babbled. Maybe it would be a good idea to make a little group. She'd heard Raven—as odd as she thought the man was, he was good at what he did—had done mercenary work before, and…surely there were others that wouldn't want to strike out on their own to try and make a living.

"I'm sure the villages near Sacae's borders would pay well enough for some protection against bandits," he continued on to say. "And I wonder if Geitz…"

"Okay," she said, halting his speech with a light touch to his arm. "L-Let's try and come up with others who might like to join… And then we can ask them ourselves."

"Oh, good idea! Okay, uhm…"

She couldn't help but smile as she watched him think. He was so nice and patient…it was sometimes hard to believe he would be a dangerous opponent on the battlefield. But, she supposed, the same could be said about her. What a pair they'd make. His enthusiasm was contagious, and before she knew it, she was throwing out the names of the unattached members of their group, adding to the list of people they could ask to join them.

Yeah, she thought as the drizzling stopped and the setting sun managed to peek out from behind the clouds, everything would turn out just fine.


Author Notes:

Shh, this is totally canon. If I was more adventurous, I'd write a whole 'fic about Florina and Guy (and company) as a mercenary band. Don't. Tempt. Me.