The next morning when Mello awoke, Mail was already up. "I'm sorry," he said to the blond, "about last night I" Mail began but was quickly cut off."It's cool, about last night, I mean, it's understandable, you're dad just died." His tone was sympathetic, and he would rather not mention the fact they had shared a bed, or that he had been nice, that would kill his reputation, "don't mention it." this comment was not at all friendly or offhand, in fact it had a distinctive ring of command, that left Matt with the feeling it was the sort of statement usually followed by or else.

"I am sorry about your dad though, really" he said solemnly, but this soon vanished as Mello's somber tone brightened as he asked somewhat enthusiastically, "What was it, shark attack?" A bit callous maybe to sound so intrigued, but come on, that would be so cool.

"Heart attack." said Mail giving Mello a duh look accompanied by an eye roll.

"Well I'm sorry, you know, it's gotta be hard. I don't have parents either." The same sympathetic seriousness had returned. "

Well this is an orphanage." said Mail in the same dry tone.

Mello shot a glared at him as he headed for the dresser to find some clothes. He was trying to be nice, and what did he get for his trouble, cheekiness.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be rude,"

Mello looked over at him, it was then he noticed that the other was using his laptop. "What are you doing on my computer?" he snapped.

"Playing Grand Theft Auto" replied the red head casually.

"How did you even get access to it, it's locked with a password."

"Oh yeah, I hacked your access password, hope you don't mind." He said with a nonchalant shrug, "I figured you were probably going to knock the crap out of me and force me to volunteer to sleep in the shed or something, so I was trying to find something to black mail you with. Then I noticed your game selection, I love this one."

Mello stared at him, too befuddled by the fact he gotten distracted by the games at a time like that to even move to make him sorry for messing with his computer. "So you were in the middle of breaking into my computer, trying to find something to hold over my head before I woke up and caught you, and you stopped to play video games?"

"Yeah," he said, "trying to black mail you got boring, besides there's not much to find anyway, not even pictures of naked girls." He sounded slightly disappointed at the last bit. "oh and by the way, before you kill me, I notice you had the latest test scores up for the thing they made us do yesterday."

"Yeah, and?" not quite getting why it mattered.

"You really care about grades that much?" he asked, "I mean you have a freaking excel spread sheet tracking all your test scores, GPA, and everything compared to some kid in the grade below us, River I think his name is."

"He goes by Near, and he consistently scores the same or better than I did when I was in his grade." His bitterness at this fact was clearly evident in Mello's voice.

"So?" he asked slowly. Mail really didn't see why it would be that big of a deal.

"So this isn't just a school for gifted kids who have nowhere else to go." Snapped Mello, annoyed with the other's ignorance "We're being groomed."

"For what?" asked Mail confused, no one had told him any of this yet.

"To eventually succeed L," the answer came at once, Mello's voice ardent.

"L?"Mail raised an eyebrow

"Is the most brilliant mind of our time, and the greatest asset the international law enforcement community has. He used to be a student here, and when he dies, or retires, though dying is kind of likely in his line of work, one of us will take his place."

"And you want it to be you, and not Near."

"Yes. Wow, maybe you are cut out for this school after all. Great deductive reasoning there, just brilliant," said Mello sarcastically.

"Well I'm definitely cut out for this school, considering I beat you on the evaluation test yesterday, and I haven't even been to class here yet." He smirked, the shrugged, "I'm pretty good at tests, and with computers."

"So you're the one!" snapped Mello, insisted that this kid who obviously didn't take things that seriously had beaten him. Well, there was an easy way to solve this problem. "You know I could probably get you expelled for breaking into my computer."

"Yes," conceded the boy, without any real concern, "but then I couldn't help you."

"Help me what?" it was Mello's turn to be slightly confused.

"Beat Near of course, isn't that what you want." He said with the same tone of near exasperation. As though it were incredible Mello wasn't following him on this.

"Yeah, but why would you want to help me?" they were rivals, weren't they?

"Because it would be fun, like a game, to outdo Near, but I have no interest in becoming the next super detective, seriously? I bet you don't even get to do anything that exciting. I mean if it were being a normal cop then maybe, cause wouldn't it be awesome to go down in a hail of gun fire or something? But anyway, yeah, I don't want to be the next L, and I don't exactly need employment. My dad had life insurance, and that's on top of the money I'm inheriting just from his assets, when I turn eighteen I'll be set for a while. I'll have enough to live, and game. It'll be sweet, and in the mean time, I'll help you beat Near because it'll be something to do, and I think this whole being roommates thing will work out a lot better if you don't hate me. That and I'd rather not be beaten to a bloody pulp now or on a regular basis." He reached into his bag, the one he had carried with him on the flight over and pulled out a chocolate bar. Mail had loaded upon snacks for the plane ride, and not eaten most of them, "Candy?" he offered, "I noticed you're garbage is filled with chocolate bar wrappers, so I figured you like some."

Mello hesitated for a moment, thinking over what the other boy had said, before reaching out and taking the candy bar, "Thanks, and alright I won't make your life miserable, and we can get along. In fact, I'll put you under my protection."

"What are you, like the mafia don?" scoffed Mail.

"In this school, pretty much, every bully answers to me. So no one will mess with you, because you're my," he didn't say friend, partner wouldn't do.

"Ok, I get you. I'm your man Friday basically,"

"Yeah, I guess, kind of like a pet." He teased, "You'll be faithful and loyal and stick with me, and I'll look after you."

"Why do I get the feeling you're probably going to get me killed someday," he sighed, "And pet, seriously? Uh huh, well whatever, as long as you don't call me Rover or something."

"How about Matt?" suggested Mello.

"What?" asked Mail, did this guy seriously just name him?

"Well, nothing personal, but Mail, eh, not the best name." shrugged Mello while munching on his candy bar.

The other considered it, then shrugged, it was probably better to just let the blond do what he wanted. "Fine. Matt. I like it." Really it was an ok name, he grinned suddenly standing up "So its Matt and Mello together against…well whatever," his faked enthusiasm dissipated as he sat back down, turning his attention back to the game he was playing on Mello's computer. "But out of curiosity, what's your real name?"

So Mello told the boy who would be his first friend, and who would become the only person that Mello would ever love, that his name was Mihael Keehl.