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Chapter 12 - Holding Hands


Rose and Scorpius did not leave the library for another hour. They split their time between kissing and homework, the latter of the pair being severely neglected in favor of the former. It was not until Madam Prince had kicked them out for "inappropriate conduct" that they straggled back towards the Tower, hand in hand. They walked quietly down the corridor until Rose stopped and regarded Scorpius thoughtfully.

"So…what's the plan?"

"Plan?" Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

"The plan," Rose huffed impatiently, "Are we going to tell everyone? I mean tell…….everyone."

Scorpius shrugged his shoulders. "Sure. I think it'll be okay,"

Rose shook her head softly. "Oh, you have no idea. The minute you tell them I'm your girlfriend; you're going to have a battle on your hands."

Scorpius staggered back in mock shock, clutching his chest. "Wait, is THAT what this is all about?" he asked teasingly, grinning at Rose, "You're my girlfriend?"

Rose couldn't help herself. She laughed and stepped closer to Scorpius, smiling when she felt his hands encircle her waist. Leaning gently back she smiled, a smile filled with such pure joy and happiness that it lit up her face.

"Yes, I am your girlfriend you big buffoon! So you know what that means, no shenanigans with other girls. Got it?"

Scorpius smiled wolfishly as he pulled Rose closer to him. "Shenanigan huh? I don't think I've done that in awhile. I've hooliganed, I've messed around, I've rebelled roused but shenanigan? Nope, haven't done that in awhile."

"Scorpius!" Rose gave him a playful swat on the shoulder. "I was being serious."

She thought of Tony and his false words and realized she needed him to agree. She needed reassurance from him. Her face betrayed her internal struggles and Scorpius touched her chin softly with his hand.

"Okay." His voice was low and thick as he leaned in towards Rose. "I know. Beside, how could I want another girl when the only girl I've ever wanted is standing right here?"

Rose started to respond but his mouth captured hers and all rational thoughts flew out of her mind. Sighing, she leaned in towards him, bringing her arms up to lock around his neck. It had only been a few hours but Rose had already added a new item to the things-she-loved-list; kissing Scorpius. It easily made the top five. Quite a while passed before the two came up for air. Scorpius grabbed her hand and pulled her down the corridor.

"Come on, we better get moving before some prefect finds us."

"Well I'm a prefect," protested Rose, "And I don't see anything out of bounds or wrong with this."

Scorpius chuckled. "Of course not. Not the honorable, righteous Miss Rose Weasley."

"Hey," Rose pouted cutely and received a quick kiss on the cheek as they continued on. The two turned the corner and started on the multiple staircases, stopping only when they had reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. Scorpius turned to look at Rose.

"You ready?"

Rose nodded, unsure of why she was apprehensive. She hadn't felt like this when her cousins had found out about Tony. But sneaking a glance at Scorpius, she concluded that her heart had never been as invested in him as it was in Scorpius. Muttering to herself, she hoped they would go easy on Scorpius, if only for her sake.

Scorpius said the password and as the hole opened he grabbed her hand and squeezed it. Rose looked at him, grateful for the reassurance. They entered the common room and for a moment Rose thought that it was deserted. She breathed a sigh of relief and then sucked it back in as Kara walked up.

"Hi guys, where were y – ah!"

Rose fought back a grin as Kara clapped a hand over her mouth and looked wildly between Rose and Scorpius.

"You're holding hands!"

Rose nodded and shared an amused glance with Scorpius. "Yep."

"You're holding hands!" Kara grew even more delighted and launched herself at Rose, grabbing her in a bear hug. "It was a date!!"

Rose laughed loudly and gave a one armed hug to Kara, happy to see her excited. Albus walked over as Kara let go of Rose.

"What's going on?"

Kara grabbed Albus and pointed to Rose and Scorpius. "They're holding hands!"

Albus looked at their entwined fingers and then back at Kara. "Okayyy..so they're…oh bugger."

He rolled his eyes and directed his next question at Scorpius. "Did you kiss her?"

Kara gave a sound of shock but Albus was too busy looking at Scorpius to worry about her. Rose flushed scarlet, knowing their faces revealed the answer.

Albus sighed loudly. "Fred!!" he called over to a group of boys sitting around a table. "What day is it?"

Fred looked up. "Tuesday. Why – oh!"

He scowled darkly and shook his head disappointedly at Rose and Scorpius. Rose heard him muttering around his breath he nudged the dark haired boy next to him. "James, it's Tuesday."

"Okay….?" James looked at Fred who nodded significantly towards Rose and Scorpius. "Oh! Hey Scorp, have you kissed her yet?"

"James!" Rose was scandalized, knowing that everyone in the room had heard him. Embarrassed, she watched as James beamed as he saw Scorpius's flushed face. He yelled loudly. "It's Tuesday; so pay up people!"

Rose and Scorpius watched in shock as many of their fellow classmates started digging in their pockets, muttering in a disgruntled manner. James got up and started collecting coins, getting everyone from the lowly first years to the burly seventh years. Rose directed a harsh stare at Albus who had pulled a coin from his pocket.

"Al. Did you lot bet on us?"

Albus looked up, innocence written in every corner of his face. "Bet? On you two? My favorite cousin and my best mate? I'm hurt. I'm upset. I'm-"

James walked by and swipe Albus coin. He looked down sadly at his now empty palm and sighed. "I'm out of a Galleon. You just couldn't wait until Friday huh?"

Scorpius chortled and collapsed into one of the chairs. Rose looked at him as he reached up to pull her onto his lap. "See, I told you it's nothing. And you were sooo worried. They're fine."

Rose looked at her cousins, the three of them standing together, Albus and Fred frowing as James gleefully counting his small stash and sang, "They kissed. On a Tuesday. They kissed. On a Tuesday!"

Rose leaned in towards Scorpius. "I guess you were right."

"See, I told – ouch!"

Rose looked up to see James now standing in front of them. Rose glanced at Scorpius and saw that he was rubbing his head angrily. Glaring at James he asked, "What was that for?"

"For kissing my cousin!"

Rose looked wide eyed as Albus and Fred came over to flank James's sides, looking menacingly at Scorpius. Rose hesitated, unsure of what to say in her bewilderment.

"Hey guys, remember what you promised after Tony?" Rose asked pleadingly as she tightened her hold on Scorpius.

"No, it's ok." Scorpius rose and sent her to her feet. "Let me talk to them."

He gently pushed Rose over to Kara and Lily, both who were looking amusedly at the spectacle in front of them. Rose allowed herself to be prodded but looked on in frustration.

"What are they going to do? Start a wand fight? I swear, sometimes boys can be such prats!"

"Shush!" Lily waved her hand impatiently at Rose. "I want to hear what they're saying!"

Rose quieted and listened to the conversation.

"Okay Malfoy." Fred slapped his fist to his palm. "We only have one rule. Right guys?"

Albus and James nodded and Fred continued talking. "You hurt Rose…."

"….and we hurt you." finished James.

Scorpius nodded assertively and Rose felt a strange feeling run through her as she watched Scorpius, standing up for himself in front of the Weasley/Potter clan, something not many people can lay claim to.

"Hey Rose." Lily nudged Rose who glanced over at her. "I think he really likes you."

Rose smiled and looked towards Scorpius who was still standing with her cousins, the four of them now talking animatedly. "I think you're right Lil."

"Awww…Rose and Scorpius. How cute."

Rose shoved Kara jokingly. "You be quiet. I've never said anything about you and Al."

"What?" Kara looked at her friend and started to laugh. "Oh please. Yes, you have. Lots of times."

Rose grinned, knowing her friend was right. She said wisely said nothing as Kara continued to laugh.

"Hey Rose!"

Her thoughts were interrupted by James yelled towards her. He beckoned her over to them. Rose walked over, stopping when she reached their group. Scorpius slipped an arm around her shoulders as she rested her cheek on his arm. Smiling softly, he gently kissed her forehead at she stared at her cousins. "What?"

James exchanged smirks with Albus and Fred. "Well now that we have things settled with Scorpius here, we only have more one question."

Rose groaned, guessing what they wanted. "Is this about his "tattoo" or his long hair or some red knickers he owns? Because I think that's persona-"

"Hey. Hey." Albus held up his hands, a disgusted look on his face. "No need to make my stomach upset."

"Yeah." agreed Fred. "Besides it's not about that."

"Oh." Rose furrowed her brow as she looked at them curiously. "Then, what??"

James face split into a large grin.

"Who's telling Uncle Ron?"