Title: It's All Over

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A/N: While Supernatural is set in the present season, with Bella and Ruby and Dean's deal, House is set back when House still had his original team (Foreman, Chase, and Cameron). This is basically because their more fun to play with. :-)

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Sam was sitting in the small ambulance next to his brother's unconscious form, just listening to the sirens roaring. He had thought about holding Dean's hand, or laying a hand on his shoulder, but Dean wouldn't want some 'chick-flick' moment. So, he settled for just being there, with the only family member he had left.

He could remember the crash vividly, far too vividly in his opinion. He wanted to forget it, to get the flashing lights and the sound of Dean's yells out of his head. But, unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. They had been driving through New Jersey, just looking for a job. Then, a car came speeding down the road towards them. Sam had yelled for Dean to get out of the road, but it was too late. Next thing he knew, he was waking up and calling 911 for an ambulance to come pick up his brother. Dean was bleeding all over and was knocked out. Sam remembers listening to AC/DC when they crashed. Highway to Hell. How appropriate.

The doctors said that it was nothing fatal, but Sam had this bad feeling. And ever since the incident with the Yellow-Eyed Demon, he trusts his bad feelings. Don't worry about your brother, the doctors had said, He'll be fine. But, Sam would never stop worrying about Dean, he couldn't.

After the longest ten minutes of Sam's life, they finally arrived at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital with the sirens still roaring. The ambulance people pulled Dean out on a stretcher and Sam walked beside them the whole way, making sure Dean was okay.

Sam could see his brother's eye's open for a fraction of a second and then close again. This wouldn't have been a big deal for Sam, if his eyes hadn't been pitch black when they'd opened. Sam's own eyes grew wide as he watched and waited for Dean to open his eyes again, but he didn't. Sam finally did take his eyes away from Dean and onto which way he was going after running into a good number of doctors and patients alike.

They took Dean into a room and made Sam wait outside. He had fought, of course, had argued that he needed to be with his brother. The doctors almost kicked him out of the hospital with all the commotion he was causing, though, so he dealt with waiting outside. All he wanted was to see his older brother. To personally make sure that he was okay.

In order to ensure Dean's health, he decided they would just have to stay over night. It was the best way to make sure that if some disease pops up, they would be okay. Of course, if Dean wasn't in any immediate danger or sickness, the doctors wouldn't keep him. But, then again, every hospital needs more money. And Sam and Dean just love to scam other people out of their money, so why not use some to persuade the doctors to keep Dean overnight?


House barged right into Cuddy's office, sat right down on her couch, feet on the coffee table. He didn't bother with knocking, he never did. House prefers the element of surprise to being polite. He mused on the idea of commenting on how slutty that lipstick makes her look, or that her top reveals a little more than what is professional, but decided against it, for now. He decided to go with the head-on approach.

"Mommy, I'm bored." He whined. Cuddy glared at him and the feet resting on her coffee table. She had been doing paperwork, boring paperwork. As much as she hates to admit it, House interrupting her was a pleasant surprise. Minus the feet on her nice coffee table.

"You've got a case to be working on, House. I'm sure it's plenty more fun to torment the patient than it is to torment me." She replied, sounding tired and slightly amused. Then, added sternly, "Feet.", though he made no move to remove his muddy sneakers from her wooden table.

"First of all, absolutely nothing is more fun than tormenting you. But, that's a given. Next, I would like to point out that I do not have a case." He said simply. She raised her brow questionably at him; Cuddy had just given him a file not 2 hours ago. However, he does not explain further.

"Then what did you do with that file folder I gave you?" she asked him, not quite sure she wants to know the answer.

"Oh. That's what that folder was for. I threw that at Chase's head." House replied indifferently. When Cuddy's eyes go wide, though, he feels the need to defend himself. "He has awesome hair. It makes me look bad." he said, face still amazingly straight.

Cuddy's mouth dropped. That was a rather important patient that she just couldn't allow House to let die. She probably should have expected something like this to happen, though she didn't think he'd actually ignore a patient. Probably, he'd just given it to some other doctor… or at least, Cuddy hoped.

"That patient plays golf with the Senator!" she informs him, still appalled at his actions. His expression stays neutral though, so she just sighs resignedly and shakes her head. Then, handing him a case file, she said, "Here, take this patient. Dean Winchester. He was in a car accident, with no serious injuries that we can tell of. However, his brother is… donating a large amount of money to the hospital in return for Mr. Winchester's hospitalization and observation."

"So… they're bribing you." House summarized. Well, it certainly must be a large sum for them to make their best doctor into a babysitter. As if he'll actually be watching after this rich kid in person. "How much?" he asked, curious now.

But, it was too late. Cuddy had already run out the door, no doubt in search of that patient. House chuckled to himself. Honestly, he's not that irresponsible. He'd cured that guy an hour ago. And then he'd thrown the file at Chase's head. House's laughter increased when he pictured Cuddy's face when she realized she'd been sent on a wild goose chase.

He shuffled around the case file in his hands. "See if I talk to her when I'm bored again." He said, completely oblivious to the fact that that was most likely exactly what Cuddy wanted.