A Night Off

I don't own GH Alice, Tracy or any other GH characters. Heavily inspired by DebbieB's "Cliffhangers" (chpt.1) and "Welcome to the Blue Door". Traice.

"I haven't seen you here before," A familiar voice tickled Alice's ear.

"You apparently haven't come in my nights off," she responded not taking her eyes off the women dancing.

"Could we pretend I'm not, well, me?" Tracy sat down next to Alice.

Overindulgence, straight, married, rich, drunk bitch?" Alice asked, "Or one of my employers? What are we pretending?"

Tracy looked amused. "Well, I'm not all of those things."

Alice swung around and looked at Tracy. "You're not? Which things?"

Tracy raised an eyebrow and Alice felt a hand on her thigh. Oh my!

"You're married!"

"Luke's not here and won't be back for a while.

"I don't screw drunk."

"I only had one drink so far."

Alice stared at Tracy, arousal starting to grow.

"Dr. Monica won't let me bring strange woman home."

"I'm a strange woman?"

Alice raised an eyebrow. Tracy laughed.

"There's the boathouse…."Tracy said, her fingers moving higher under Alice's skirt.

"Been there, done that." Alice grinned.


"Helen Meadows has the weirdest fetishes."

"That's comforting to know about my gyno."

"Tracy I swear to god if you take me someplace and screw my brains out…" Alice hissed.


After a quick stop at a local drugstore, they ended up at the Economy Lodge; a compromise between the cheap by the hour motel Alice would've chose and Tracy's choice of the Metro Court.

"Tracy?" Alice asked hesitantly, as she watched Tracy prepared the scene before her. She could serve a twelve course meal but leave it to Tracy Quartermaine to take a middle class motel room and set it for seduction. And it was that, Alice knew. She might have a foot and three inches on the woman but Tracy was definitely in charge. The idea made Alice nervous and excited all at once.

Tracy looked up at Alice, who was biting her lip.

"Alice, if you don't want to have sex, I'll call a cab no questions asked nothing else said. But I think you wanted me for a long time now and I'm offering for tonight and probably tonight only. So…"

Alice kissed Tracy and there was no doubt to her answer.

Tracy rolled over only to be lovingly trapped in Alice's arms.

"I called in sick." Alice murmured.

"Ah, don't want to face the boss after you spent all night having sex."

"I slept with the boss." Alice's face paled and her eyes widen. "I fucking slept with my employer. My married employer. I'm so screwed."

Tracy laughed. "Well, you haven't been today. But we can change that."

"You're not worry? About Luke, your family?"

"Well, considering Luke married Laura without exactly divorcing me, and having affairs are a Quartermaine way of life. You living with the family is just so much more convenient for me."

"I'm so screwed."

"In more ways than one."