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A Crimson Red Lies Within The Snow

Chapter One


It was silent. The air was thick as dusk began to hit the gates leading into konoha. Hidden deep within the village lay secrets untold. Some never passing the trouble lips of its wary villagers. As dirt lifted into the air, it hovered for a moment until gently falling back down, returning to the warmth of the earth. Sandals swaying to and fro as they left that sweet, sweet warmth. Lifting towards the sky catching a mid summers breeze. Striking the earth more violently on their return then the dirt found below. Hands clasped around twisted ropes, and tears running from sullen eyes. The pain surrounded a tiny form as it hovered from the ground. Ambition and desire filled the heart of it's owner only to be left in the darkness closing in. "Why am always alone?"


Morning came as the sun shone brightly through the window and lay across tanned skin. Blue eyes found the perplexing sky as they fluttered open from the light. A moan escaped smooth lips as a tan figure slowly submerged into the warmth of the light. Scratching his head the figure yawned and rose to his feet. He rubbed his eyes as he stumbled into the bathroom. "Can't….be…late…sakura…beat..hurt..later…" He muffled out as he quickly washed his face and brushed his hair. What a day to sleep in. Pulling on the bright orange clothes that lay on the floor he trudged to the mirror on the opposite side of the room. Standing up straight he tied a forehead protector upon his head. He inhaled a deep breath and let it out slowly, another day to fake a smile.

He strolled down the vacant streets of his village as people hid inside and stared, not saying a word until nothing could be seen but his shadow. Looks of rage and disgust spread across most, but some faces held fear and worry. He'd gotten used to it now. He never knew anything else but being treated this way.

"There you are! Naruto I swear Kakashi could've beaten you here today! Honestly who comes more that two hours late to a "training" meeting." Sakura would never change. Naruto thought to himself as she preached on about being dedicated and being punctual. Glazed eye stared at the green grass that slowly shifted back and forth from the wind. "HEY ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" Sakura growled. Naruto's gaping stare quickly turned into a look of confusion, "Uh, eh hehe. Sorry Sakura-chan I wasn't paying much attention.." Naruto rubbed his neck praying that she wouldn't beat his brains out for his insolence. "Doesn't surprise me, you hardly ever pay attention at all any way…" a monotone voice etched into Naruto's head. Raven black hair covered closed eyelids as a scowl protruded from a white face. "Yeah Naruto, Sasuke's right. I swear you're spacing all the time lately." Naruto stepped back as a frown curled at his bottom lip. Instead of his usual comment trying to 1up himself against sasuke he just shrugged and turned his back towards him. His head held high in the air with the scowl still formed upon his face. "Baka.." Sasuke whispered under his breath as he leaned on a tree that stood behind him. A puff of spoke went off between the three of them and silver hair protruded from the top of the smoke as it began to clear. "KAKASHI-SENSEI you're late again!!" Sakura and Naruto yelled in unison. "Well you see there was this old lady trying to get her cat out of this tree and-" "HA! Four and a half hours to save a damn cat! Nice try Kakashi!" Naruto said as he folded his arms with a look of disbelief. "right…well then shall we begin?" Kakashi said with his same vacant expression.

A few hours later the team finished up as they began to huff from exhaustion. "Good Job every one, I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow for our new mission?" They all nodded as their teacher gave them the signal that they were dismissed, "see ya!" he said with a wave as he disappeared in another cloud of smoke. Sasuke looked over at naruto as he fumbled with his things getting ready to leave. 'He he perfect time to get a few laughs before I head home.' Sasuke thought with a smirk. "Oi, Naruto." Sasuke said while his smirk grew bigger. "What do you want baka?" Naruto said as his voice filled with rage toward his rival. "A little out of breath there I see. Guess this simple training stuffs to much for you." The smirk still shone brightly on sasuke's face. "Hmph, and your fat ass was still having trouble keeping up with my extra bushin…funny isn't it?" The smirk was erased as a frown formed in its place. "Naruto you know damned well that I was the first one to finish the exercise! Typical the stupidest ninja of Konoha can't even remember getting his ass kicked." Naruto turned around to give sasuke a quick glare. But it was no use, his eagerness for their verbal fighting felt tiresome at the moment, he was no longer interested in sasuke so he slowly stood up with his things and spat a quick, "Whatever." He left his teammates in confusion. "Naruto doesn't seem like himself lately…does he? I'm getting a bit worried." Sakura admitted as they watched their young comrade disappear from their eyes. "Something's not right…" Sasuke agreed as he began walking home. "And I'm gonna find out just exactly what." He whispered as his footsteps led him to the place he hated the most. Home.


Naruto found himself roaming the streets alone once more. He sighed and closed his eyes. Stopping in his tracks he listened as he heard birds cawing. No, more like squawking. "Crows?" He wondered, "what would crows be doing here around this time of season?" Opening his eyes he let them wander to the circle of birds flying above him. They wind ruffling their feathers as they flew gracefully around and around.

"Hey…MONSTER." Naruto broke his concentration as he turned around to see a group of boys. They looked older than he was, by five or six year's maybe? All were husky and looked forward at the container of the dreaded monster that tried to destroy their home. Naruto etched backward. He gulped and fear suddenly drove into his heart. The older boys laughed. The huskiest one, their leader obviously, let out a loud and obnoxious laugh. "Where's all the big talk hmm? I thought you were the future Hokage? Aren't ya gonna put us in our place? Come on try us! I dare ya!" 'Why now, and why here…' Naruto thought to himself. He felt weak at the moment, sasuke tore him down and the training really did wipe him out. He continued to step backward, readying his escape. "Aw come on now, it'd be an honor to fight our future Hokage!" the man did a mocking bow in the direction of naruto. The men behind him burst into laughter. Tears welled up over glazed eyes. Naruto didn't want to be a monster. That's why he wanted to become Hokage. So that he could protect everyone. "S-stop it!" Naruto yelled as the first few tears slid down his cheeks. "Ha it speaks! Please Hokage spare us! What're ya gonna do? Cry on us?" the men filled the air with laughter once more. "Come on let's show him not to mess with our village!" one of the other men spoke out. Fear continued to consume naruto. Why did he have to feel so weak, so alone…

The men dashed towards him, catching Naruto off guard they pinned him into a wall not far away from them. The leader of the group cockily strutted towards him. Swinging his arm back he released a savage punch to Naruto's gut. "Guh!" Naruto whimpered as blood ran down his mouth. He stood back and swung his leg around ramming against Naruto's head. "ooooo That's gonna leave a mark!" he teased. He continued to attack naruto until naruto lay helpless in the men's arms. No struggle or fight was left in his numb body. He panted and ached as the man grabbed his chin so he could look the young blond directly in the eyes. "Some one like you will never become Hokage of our village, so quit acting so high and mighty when you were the one who almost erased our existence!" He stood back dropping Naruto's chin and snapped his fingers. The men holding naruto let his body slide through their hands and hit the cold earth. Tears mixed with the dirt as naruto looked up to see the men walk away, They only paused for a moment when their leader turned around he walked calmly over to Naruto and picked him up by the collar. Sliding his Navy blue forehead protector of his head. "Guess you won't be needing this any more now will you, you little demon!" he spat on his face as he rejoined his friends and they laughed at their perfect trick plotted against the monster.

"No, P-please….Give-give it back t-to me!" Naruto tried to cry out through his muffled tears. Pushing himself up he winced in pain. "Broken ribs, no doubt…" He thought to himself. He could already feel the Kyuubi's powers healing his cuts and bruises; his ribs would be repaired in a mere matter of minutes. He wiped away the tears that remained on his cheeks. Trying to collect himself he stood up, shaken and lightheaded he headed home.


The smell of ramen was in the air. Naruto Inhaled deeply. "that sure does sound good right now." Naruto thought licking his lips. He walked over to Ichikura's ramen hut and sat down on a stool. "Ah Naruto what happened? You're a mess!" The owner said with a look of shock. Naruto had become his favorite customer so it was only natural to be concerned. Naruto looked down at his clothes. Blood stained and covered in dirt. "Oh! This?" He pointed to his jacket while thinking of something to come up with. "uh, oh yeah! Training was really hard today andddd…" he rubbed his neck praying the old man would buy it. "oh well be more careful! Can't have my number one customer go missing! Be bad for business you know!" he said jokingly while he laughed. Naruto smiled, "I'll have the regular then please!"


"Mmmmmm, old man you make the best ramen in the whole world!" naruto squealed as he licked the bowl clean. He handed him a purple ticket that read "1 FREE bowl of ramen and Ichikura!" "Thank you Naruto, hope you'll stop by again really soon!" the old man said with a smile as he watched the humbled boy run off into the night.

"He he, that old man's ramen can make anything seem possible again!" Naruto said while crossing his arms behind his head and walked down the moon lit streets. The shops that lay parallel each other were all dark and empty inside. "I wonder what time it is, must be pretty late if all the shops are closed…" The silence became eerie as Naruto traveled home. He could only hear his heart beat ringing in his ears and match the pace of his foots steps. It made him jump when he heard sudden squawking commence in a loud uproar just down the road from him.

He ran to see what was going on, when he approached the huge swarm of birds he saw that it looked like they were attacking something. His eyes widened, "those must be the same crows from earlier today!" Curiosity seemed to get the best of him as he continued to walk towards the gathered birds, he got close enough to see that they were all attacking a crow! One from their own flock! "H-hey! Knock it off! Just cause he's weaker than you doesn't mean you should attack him like that!" Naruto paused and covered his mouth, images flashed through his head of the past events from earlier that day. With out thinking Naruto rushed over to the birds pulling the off the helpless one that they were attacking in the middle. As he tried to reach for the bird the others clawed and pecked him, seeing something as orange and as loud would scare you to ya know!

With bleeding limbs and hands he gathered the injured bird up in his arms and held it closely to his chest. He stood up and ran as fast as he could towards his tiny apartment. The crows followed swiftly behind them and tried to carry out what they were doing earlier except involving naruto as their helpless play toy now. Fear filled his stomach and anxiety flooded his veins, pure adrenaline kept naruto and his new comrade ahead of the other birds.

Nearing his apartment Naruto dashed up the stairs, crows from behind and swooped down and scratched his arms as if trying to make him drop the bird that was cradled so close to his chest. Reaching for the door Naruto quickly opened it and slammed it shut. He locked the door just for the satisfaction that they were in fact safe at last. He leaned back and let his head fall against the cool wood of the door. Sliding down he sat on the floor breathing deeply trying to calm himself down. He jumped a little when something moved in his arms, "Oh yeah!" he gasped out as he let go of the crow that now sat snuggly in his lap. The crow cocked it's head and eyed Naruto like he was the biggest idiot alive for saving him. "Hmph, well you're welcome!" Naruto screamed waving his arms up and down. "Sheesh you'd think you'd be more appreciative!" The crow blinked a few times before ruffling its feathers and settling down to fall asleep into Naruto's Lap. "Heh, well it is kind of cute when it's asleep!" Naruto said smiling. He carefully caressed the little crow into his hands and laid him on his bed. "poor thing, I know just how you feel…" Naruto said yawning. "But at least you're lucky! You can leave whenever you want to! You can fly wherever you want, and no body would no who you've been, or what you've done." He said lying on his stomach and began to pet the birds head.


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