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Eureka, Oregon: Eureka!

"I seriously doubt that this plan is going to work." Bam said, everybody was at their cars, waiting for the word to strike. "The security systems in Global Dynamics have already been changed to ensure we don't get in. How can we possible get inside there and get back our money?"

"It'll have to do..." Henry said. "There is no other options, but to sneak in under through the panic room for GD's CEO and brass. Once the infiltration team is inside. They'll get into the main computer room and deactivate the security systems."

"Who's going inside there?"

"Team Konami and Team Stealth... You're on the attack team when the systems are down."

Inside Global Dynamics, both Snake siblings forced open the door to the computer room. To allow Otacon access to the room and computers.

"Hurry up Otacon. We have to get out of here before security takes notice of their downed systems."

"I just got into the system..." Otacon said. "And I'm done!"


Mr. Bedlam and the others have gathered in the main lobby of GD, where they were celebrating their victory over the Cannonballers. Bedlam had Tong and Feng count the money to see if all one-fifty billion dollars were there.

"What's the total?"

"It's all here. Every last one hundred dollar bill is here." Feng said.

"Excellent!" Bedlam declared and just then the power went out. "What is going on? Guards search the computer rooms! Someone just shut down all systems!"


"Otacon, you were supposed to shut off the security systems! Not every system in the building!" Leon scolded the anime nerd for turning off everything in the entire building.

"I'm sorry!" Otacon replied. "Everything was connected! If I turned off all security systems in place, I had to turn off everything else as well! The whole building must've been set up that way!"

"Who cares?" Solid dialed a number on his cell. "Let's just call in the cavalry and get into the fight!"


Outside... Nicholas Angel received Solid's call. Once he hung up, he turned to the Cannonballers.

"It's a go... All systems were shut down to allow us access to the front door of GD."

Deputy Lupo runs up to Carter and whispers. "Carter, I just got off the phone with General Mansfield. He's sending in troops to deal with the situation at GD. He told me that he doesn't want any Cannonballers involved with Department of Defense business."

"Too late Jo." Carter said. "We're beginning the raid right now. Now go tell Mansfield that us Cannonballers will handle it, besides it's our money in their possession anyway."


Back in Liberty City's Cannonball HQ, Kevin was drinking a cup of coffee, when Nathan Explosion walks up to him.

"Hey Kevin, uh I've just been told that the Cannonballers are beginning their raid in Eureka. And I was wondering if they would want some music."

"Great idea Nathan!" Kevin said. "Can you do the music for them?"

"You got it." Nathan joins his band on stage. "This is for you Cannonballers trying to reclaim the prize money in Eureka! Kick some ass for us!"

Dethklok begins as back in Eureka, Team DATS DNA Digivolve their Digimon to their highest forms, as well as initiate the Digimons Burst Mode.

Song: "Murmaider" by Dethklok

Team Hogwarts and Draco's group relunctantly teamed up to fight off Freddy and the other horror movie killers.

"Blimy!" Ron said. "These guys are going to give nightmares for a week!"

"I hope so..." Freddy said. "I need the souls."

"I don't think so!"

Team Jungle Fury was joined by their mentor/Wolf Ranger and their friend Dominic/Rhino Ranger. They worked with their Japanese Sentai counterparts, the Gekirangers. The Gekirangers had tranformed into their Super Forms in order to tell the difference between the two teams.

Cruger and Janice had somehow escaped Team Banzai's capture in Africa. Thanks to Janice's training in the military. They're now running into one of the laboratory rooms in Section 3. When they ran into the Mythbusters. Who had several two liter bottles of Diet Coke on a ramp.

"Fire one!" Adam shouts, as Grant put Mentos inside of one bottle and seals it.

"What are you...?" Cruger then saw what was being planned, when the bottle with the Mentos fired off the ramp and flew at the two. Cruger ducks, but the bottle hits a wall and knocks Janice unconscious.

"Fire two!" and the process was repeated, this time Cruger was knocked out like a light. William ran in when he heard the commotion.

"What the bloody hell is going on...?"

"Fire three!" William was a bit late to react, before the bottle flew right into this groin. "Fire four!"

The fourth bottle slammed into his temple, knocking him out instantly.

Team Deception ran into a shirtless Tong Po. Who was challenging them to a fight to the death.

"I've killed countless men and women fighters in a fight to the death. Now... Who wants some?"

Team Deception is too afraid to challenge him to a one on one fight. Then a shirtless Marco kicks down the door.

"Oh I accept your challenge amigo!" he said.

"Oh you want some?" Tong asked.

"Come get a taste of Vitamin M!" Marco and Tong engage in a one sided fight, with Tong being on the receiving end.

"Oh that guy was all talk." Shang said.

Team ECW was facing off against Carson and her group. When Nemesis, Austin and John rushed in and gave the bad guys their signature finishing moves. Well for Nemesis it was the Undertaker's tombstone piledriver.

"Thanks guys!" Punk said.

"Don't mention it." Austin said.

Team Capcom and Team Alchemist teamed up to deal with the Tengas, who were easily defeated by the alchemists and video game characters.

"All too easy, right brother?" Al said.

"All too easy Al." Ed agreed.

Bedlam took the distraction of the Cannonballers fighting to run away with the prize money. However he was caught sneaking away by Master Yo.

"You unhand that money right now!" Yo said. The the three of them used their woofoo to capture Bedlam, but he threw the case to Total Anarchy who ran up and caught the briefcase.

"Sayanora suckers!" Anarchy shouted before running to a 2008 Ford Mustang.

"Hey he's getting away!" Yin shouted. Captains Chaos and Fury heard Yin and raced out of GD and climbed into the Bootlegger. They gave chase to Anarchy's Mustang.

"Damn them!" Anarchy said to himself.

"How about some music?" Fury asked Chaos before putting a CD into the stereo.

Song: "Have A Nice Day" by Bon Jovi

The Mustang swerved around oncoming cars and even outran local police. As the Bootlegger gave chase.

"Get ahead of him Chaos!" Fury said. "We can knock him off the road with a PIT manuver!"

"You got it!" Chaos hit the nitrous boosters and caught up with the Mustang. Then the Bootlegger rammed into the side of the Mustang, knocking it off the road and causing it to flip over onto it's roof.

"Well let's get the money and take it back to town."


A helicopter lands on GD's helipad, and Brock Yates gets out with J.J. And Victor. Carter held the briefcase with the money.

"Mr. Yates..." he said. "On behalf of the Cannonballers, we present to you the prize money for the sixth running of the Cannonball Run."

The briefcase was handed over to Brock, and he opens it to double check to see if the money was all there and it was.

"Thank you Sheriff Carter." Brock said. Then he produces a series of cards and gives them to the police Draco and his group, Nicholas and Danny, and finally Dog and his group. "These cards are you guys. These are cards that were extra and I'm giving them to you. So you may have a chance of winning the prize money."

Dog spoke up for the police. "I think I speak for everyone, when I say thank you Mr. Yates."

"Now then everybody get back to your vehicles and let's finish this race!" Mr. Yates declared as the Cannonballers raced back to their vehicles and got back onto the road. Draco and his group raced past the Nelson

"You're not going to win Potter!" Draco declares.

"Not in this lifetime Malfoy!" Harry declares.


As the Cannonballers made their way at high speeds through the streets of Liberty City, the

Bloodhound Gang and DVDA took the stage and started to provide a perfect song for such a

mad dash.

SONG: 'Road Racin' by Riot

The Vegas and the Newman were both running neck and neck.

"No way, Homer!" Peter yelled. "NO WAY you're gonna beat me!"

"Show me what you got, Peter!" Homer yelled back.

Both vehicles reached their maximum speed and swerved around the Cheetah 2, cutting out

in front of it. Ned angrily honked his horn.


The Glendale had decided to take a short cut by driving through some back alleys. But suddenly, from another alley, the Baron, with Regis in the drivers' seat, got n front of them and blocked their way.

"ASSHOLES!" yelled Wuncler.

"Swivel on it, dick!" said Regis as he flipped the bird.

"Regis, if we're delaying them here, what's to stop someone else BEATING US TO THE FINISH

LINE?" yelled Joe.

"Crap!" Regis yelled as he quickly reversed and drove off, with the Glendale following.

"If we lose, I'm gonna kick your ass, Regis!" Marcus yelled.


The Thoroughbred, the Camper A and the Patriot were all trying to outdistance each other as

they drove through Algonquin.

In the Patriot, Roger suddenly squirted out his green goo covering everyone and splattering the

windshield. Stan swerved wildly and finally brought the vehicle to a halt.

"See ya, suckers!" Sam yelled.

"In about a hundred years!" Darnell added.

"Damn it, Roger!" Stan yelled. "I told you time and time again to get that problem of yours looked at! Damn



Ghost Rider was cutting through some tough rush hour traffic incredibly fast and the La Fuerza

was following him.

"He's being a big help, but as soon as we get a chance, we get past him!" said Dr. Evil

"I hope he won't get mad about that." said Natalie.


The Rumpo is trying as best as it can to outrun Dog Chapman and his truck.

"Floor it Gob!" Michael said. "That damn Bounty Hunter is still behind us!"

"I'm trying!" Gob replied. "This is not like magic!"

The San Marino swerves and passes both cars.

The Cannonballers reached Cannonball HQ, where the time clock to finish the race was in plain view of everyone. Everybody scrambled out of their vehicles, and even tried to ensure they would get to clock out first. However in the melee, only one person managed to clock out, and win the grand prize money...


Team Degrassi sat at their table at the post race party in HQ's Party Hall. As the Cannonball Band was performing their last songs of the Cannonball.

"So none of us was the one who slid their card througfh first." Paige said. "Then who was it?"

"You could've used your powers to teleport and win us the Cannonball Hiro." House said.

"It's hard to teleport when you have a fat Irish man sitting on you!" Hiro said.

Dark Samus doesn't say anything, but glares at her teammates, who are crying like little babies at their failure to win.

"Shigeru is not going to like this!" Meta Knight cried.

Jimmy and Greg sat at the bar in a somber mood, as they drank their beers. It's clear they didn't win either. Neither did Team Sooga and Team Evil Ninjas. As both teams sat at the same table drinking glasses of juice depressed. They look up at the

Brock takes the stage and quiets down the band. He grabs a mcirophone to speak.

"We're ready to present the prize money to our top three finishers." Brock pulls out a envelop and opens it to read off the names. "It was a very close race as I could tell from the chaos you all created in that melee at the time clock. But don't be depressed, there is always next year and you gave it your all, so be proud in that fact."

Third Place: Team Fury

Ricky walked up to the stage and received the check for three hundred million dollars. He receives a applause from the others though, despite the fact they lost.

Second Place: Team Chaos

Captain Chaos walked on stage and accepted his check for second place. He receives a even greater applause before sitting back down.

"Now it's time to announce the first place winners!" Brock said. "This team has been in the Cannonball Run World Tour, since it first began. They've been giving it their all to win and the finally have won the Cannonball. Give a big hand for..."

First Place and Cannonball Run Champions: Team Girl Power

Lara Croft walked in stage to receive the trophy and check for four hundred million dollars. She and her team all received a standing ovation for finally winning the Cannonball Run. Lara sits down as Reel Big Fish comes on stage.

"Now time for the last song of the evening. Then we can officially say this year's Cannonball Run is over. So here now is Reel Big Fish to close out the Cannonball."

"Thank you Mr. Yates. The final song this evening is a song from a Christian ska band, and one of the best Christian ska bands to ever play. Here is Five Iron Frenzy's 'Cannonball'."

Song: "Cannonball" by Five Iron Frenzy

The Cannonballers all stand up and dance to the song, then scene changes to a Mazda RX-7 speeding on a strech of desert highway. The RX-7 then goes fast enough to break the sound barrier, which it does and continues racing down the lone highway, as scene fades to black and the credits roll.

Author's Comment: And that my friends is how a Cannonball Run story ends. I'd like to thank Turbo Man for help with the later chapters of this story. Without him it would've taken four years to get this story done. I'm glad he helped me with writing and now it's up to him and Bkelly95 to get CR7 faster than it took for me to finish this story. Don't worry, I'm working on a reboot to the entire World Tour series. So don't think I'm just sitting by and waiting for CR7 to complete it's run. Oh no, I'm going to continue to tide you Cannonball Run fans over till it's time for me to get CR8 on the road. So expect Cannonball Run International to begin in the next day or two. It's going to be great to continue with writing a Cannonball Run story. So see you then, but not beforehand.