chapter 1

Jessica watched the girl as she walked out of the bar, she obviously had no idea to the imminent peril. Silently Jessica followed her, playing her favorite game of cat and mouse. The girl she stalked could have passed for a vampire, accept there was nothing vampiric about this girls aura. She was just unfortunate enough to have attracted the attention of Jessica. Jessica knew that once, she herself would've made as easy prey as the girl she now followed, but Jessica had fought, and now she was a vampire of Aubrey and Risika's line, and she had no ties to the mortal world of this girl.

The girl turned a corner, "Oh! I forgot my purse," she murmered, and turned to get it. No, willed Jessica, I can't let this one go, I'll make her come. Come here. Trust me. Jessica watched as the girl dazedly turned around. She was wearing sunglasses, but Jessica knew that under them her eyes were glazed as she walked to her doom. Jessica swooped down behind her, creeping up on the enthralled girl, I'm coming. The girl abruptly turned around, "I'm sorry, M'am. I'm not comfortable with being followed, you've been stalking me sense I was in the bar. Please stop."

Jessica stepped back startled and then smiled, this girl's got spunk. It's okay it won't hurt, come show me your neck. She willed at the girl. She had already seen her in thrall, it would be easy to put her back in it now. She grinned cruelly, It won't hurt at all.

The girl she had been watching sighed. "I'm not a meal for you vampire. I already have a parasite problem." Jessica was startled again, how had she known, noticing being watched was one thing, but to know about vampires, this girl wasn't even a witch! A tad desperate Jessica tried to overpower the girl again, it will be easy, just one little bite and it's all over.

She could see the girls shoulders shake. "Vampire, you are strong, I can feel your will, but my little parasite problem I mentioned earlier won't let me die. Trust me I've tried." The girl turned and walked away. Jessica was standing stock still, who was this girl. Jessica knew almost everything that had to to do with vampires, that's why Aubrey found her, she was able to write stories about peoples pasts. Why didn't she know this girl?

Suddenly this strange girl turned around, "I know you're wondering, my name is Shikyo Mitsukai." She paused, and waited expectantly. Suddenly Jessica remembered meeting Aubrey. He had introduced himself as Alex.

"My name is Alexa, Alexa Caryn." She had taken the last name from the name of her friend, the witch. Or her ex-friend, they had parted ways since Jessica had become a vampire. "I expect I will hear and see more of you Shikyo. Next time, maybe someone will have you enthralled." Jessica smiled coolly and vanished, entirely hiding the fact she was disturbed. She reappered by another restaurant and followed a man who was walking out alone. After all, she still hadn't fed.

Shikyo opened the door. "I'm home!" she said. Her grandmother came out. Grandma was a pudgy woman. She looked just like a grandmother should. She wore a blue dress and a white stripped apron. Her gray hair was very short, framing her face perfectly. She was always smiling and loved to bake cookies. Right now she had a necklace in her hand and looked worried.

"Shikyo, you forgot your necklace again."

"I'm sorry Grandma." Shikyo said and took the necklace. It was cross, and a beautiful one at that.It was inlaid with rowan and silver with a iron chain. According to her grandmother it would protect her form were-wolves, vampires, and fae. Neither of them knew how much is true, nor whether it would work or not, but it was a reassurance to her grandmother so Shikyo usually wore it. Shikyo gingerly held the iron chain and placed iron her neck. It stung slightly, but it hurt her 'parasite' rather than her, so she wore it.

Shikyo smiled lightly, if she was to be the stuupid 'parasite's host body, than she was going to make it as uncomfortable as possible while it was here. "Now dear, you went shopping for that new outfit. Did you by nice back-to-school clothes?" Grandmother Keevatook the bag form Shikyo's hand. She sat held out he outfit that Shikyo had carefully chosen and sighed. The outfit was, of course, black. "I thought I told you not to buy black this time." she said.

"This isn't black. See along the shirt, silver mixes in. Doesn't it look like the stars?" Shikyo said this void of emotion, as she often was. For a sixteen-year-old girl, her voice was unnerving. Most people avoided talking to her, maybe it was because she spoke so ... calmly. It wasn't natural. Keeva sighed, many things weren't 'natural' about her granddaughter.

"Indeed," said Keeva.

Shikyo had already eaten at the pub so she went up to her room. She was recoubnting the evening in her head. She was walking home, she was bieng followed. She got sick of being stalked she pretendeded to lose her purse. The vampire took the bait and acted. Shikyo almost lost herself in its mine control. 'Take less risks' Shikyo chastised herself, her mental voice sounding like Keeva's. She pulled out a list of names. Though it was probably a pseudonym, it pleases Shikyo to have it all written down. She carefully wrote Alexa Caryn nest to the other names. She also had down Nikolas, Aubrey, Risika, and Ather. There were other names off to the side, but these names were on in bold. They were the vampires that almost had her. The first line were the only vampires who could get close to getting at Shikyos mind and Alexa was the only one she had confronted. The others, she had seen with other vampires and so heard they're names called. For Alexa, she'd had to give out her own name. With a sigh Shikyo highlighted Alexa Caryn on herlist. This was one name she'd have to remember.