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With delicate care, Aubrey bit Shikyo's wrist. A brief twitch of the lip was her only acknowledgement of the act. Otherwise, she sat, once again leaning against the wall, wrist forward, and watched him feed. If she had seemed panicked before, this time she was concentrated, determined. Jessica watched for a moment, remembering her own first experience with Vampires not long ago, and marveling at the girl's lack of fear.

After about a minute, Shikyo closed her eyes. "You should stop now." She said, her voice suddenly tense, "Or go lock the door." Aubrey raised his mouth, wiping a drop of blood from his cheek.

"Or what?" He asked.

Out of curiousity, Jessica's voice, even in his mind, was full of amusement, was that whole bit before about letting her go home a whim?

Aubrey grimaced. "Fine," he said allowed. He pressed his hand around the wound on her arm and Jessica reapplied the bandages they had given her earlier. Shikyo had become paler, a feat that many would not have believed possible. "Are you alright?" he asked, perhaps a tad sheepish. Even though he hadn't shouted, he had lost his temper; he had not intended to bite her again.

She nodded slowly and past him, as if there were something behind him. Focusing on this, she spoke slowly, carefully articulating each word through the haze which was her consciousness. "I am fine. Thank you for stopping." Audrey did not need to turn around to see the amusement in Jessica's face, not at Shikyo's suffering but at his lack of self-control.

I think I might have gone too far.

Don't worry to much. Jessica tied the knot at the top of the bandage and rested Shikyo's wrist in her lap. If nothing else, her exhaustion might make her more willing to talk to us.

Without waiting for a reply, she asked, "Say, Shikyo, if you are awake, what are you living for?"

Shikyo glanced at her, and squinted for a moment, trying to discern Jessica's shape. "That is kind of open-ended?" She said, confusion shaking her earlier resolve to not answer such questions.

"Let us say, rather," Aubrey this time. It took Shikyo the rest of his question to find him with her eyes, and he hoped she would answer before fainting. "for what are you trying not to die?"

"Oh." She looked past him again, and her eyelids began to flutter. "Well, obviously, I have to keep her in..." her head fell as she finished the thought, and Jessica caught her as she crumpled to the floor.

"Yeah," She said, "Maybe a little too far."

When Shikyo woke again, the last beams of sunlight were brightening the room. She moved immediately to cover her eyes, then noticed her surroundings. She lay, this time, on a couch. The apartment, she assumed, was small, but she could easily see the kitchenette. In it, Aubrey was at work, making what seemed to be scrambled eggs. Humming to herself, Jessica set the table, a place for one.

"Oh, Aubrey, Look who woke up." She said, seeming for a moment every bit the delighted hostess. "If you faint like that, people will think you are anemic." She said kindly, "Come have some iron." Before Shikyo had the chance to react, she had been pulled to her feet.

Aubrey flipped the scrambled eggs onto a plate and brought it over. "Here you go, lady." He said teasingly, "Please partake in this wonderful meal. It is the first time I have an omelette, you should be flattered." Shikyo looked down at the scrambled eggs in front of her and smiled faintly.

Lifting her fork, she took a bite. They were hot but plain. Without ham or cheese, the egg tasted somehow sad, but she quickly found that she was hungry enough to not care. "Thank you very much." She said between bites. "These are delicious.

As she ate, Aubrey and Jessica sat up chairs on her either side. When she finished her meal, Shikyo glanced at the both of them. "Is it already tomorrow?" She asked, suddenly worried by how long she had been gone.

"Not quite." Jessica replied, "Would you like to call your grandmother and tell her you'd like to stay the night? It's about 6:00."

Shikyo paused, and set her fork down on her plate. "I would rather," she said slowly, deliberately, "go home for the night. Would that be allowed." She kept her gaze trained on the plate.

She still doesn't seemed frightened. Aubrey's voice floated into Jessica's head.

Not at all. She replied, But that doesn't mean she can't leave.

Aubrey nodded. "I'll take you home." He said. "I'll even come up with an excuse for your arms, but you have to agree to sit with me at lunch tomorrow."

Shikyo paused, and met his eyes. She stared just long enough to make him uncomfortable as she searched his gaze for a hint of deception. Finally she looked away. "Fine. But do not mention my wrists, Grandmother is used to this kind of thing."

Aubrey glanced at Jessica, who shrugged. With a brief Be right back. He touched Shikyo's arm, and the pair of them disappeared.

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The reason why it came out; I was really bored. ^^ Thank you to anyone who reads it. I am sorry if OCs bore you, since this particular story is far more about my character than Aubrey and Jessica.