Title: Romeo and Juliet

Author: Ashley

Disclaimer: Gilmore Girls…I wish I owned the characters but I don't sadly

Rating: M

Summary: A continuation of episode Run Away, Little Boy. What should have happened when Tristan got paged to leave?

Timeline: Season 2 during after the rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet in Miss Patty's barn. It occurs right when Tristan gets paged to leave and after Rory tells Dean to leave so they could get through the rehearsal.

Romeo and Juliet

"I don't want to listen to this anymore Rory." Lorelai exclaimed harshly, her emotions running on an all time high as she stormed out of her daughter's room.

"Mom would you please just listen to me." Rory pleaded with a crack voice, following her mother out, halfway done of getting her Juliet costume on for the performance tonight.

Why of all nights did she decide to tell her mother the truth?

What possessed in thinking her mother would understand when she didn't really understand the situation herself?

Without going into grave detail Rory attempted to tell her mother that she had slept with Tristan.

That she was no longer a virgin.

She explained the fight between her and Tristan, which ultimately lead to her decision she made about sleeping with him.

She had hoped her mother would be supportive of her decisions.

This was certainly not the case.

"You want me to listen you to you?" Lorelai yelled exasperated, her arms flaring as she entered the kitchen wanting to find something, anything to keep her hands busy. "Oh I have been listening to you for the past ten minutes and all that I have heard so far is that my sixteen year old daughter not only cheated on her boyfriend but did it in the worst way possible."

Rory watched as her mother leaned up against the kitchen counter, crossing her arms in front of her in anger. "Mom I thought that you trusted me?"

"Yeah I did." Lorelai shrugged. "That was before you told me you had sex. Not only had sex but also had sex with Tristan DuGrey. You know Bible Boy… the boy that has made your life hell for the past several months."

"Mom I know that this doesn't make any sense okay." Rory said, feeling her chest was burning from keeping in her pent up emotions inside. She felt like she wanted to cry but held it in. She needed to make her mother understand. "But…"

"I went to school with his father Rory." Lorelai interrupted fast looking straight into her daughter's eyes. "I remember the way he was and the way your described Tristan he sounds ten times worse."

Rory sighed. "Wasn't that the reason why you put me on Birth Control Pills in the first place? So that I would be prepared when these kind of situations arose."

"And what reason was that Rory? So you can have sex with a boy your barely even know. God, I thought that your first time would be with Dean. I just wanted you to be protected when that day came. I know Dean; I have spent time with Dean. Who is Tristan? I don't know anything about him other then the fact he took your virginity away."

Rory closed her eyes, taking deep even breaths.

She knew her mother would be upset.

She had been contemplating all day whether she should say anything or not but they had never kept secrets from each other. No matter what she had done she didn't want to start now. She was slowly regretting her decision. "Mom I understand your upset okay. But I mean at least I told you."

Lorelai scoffed. "Don't I feel special."

"I wanted to be honest with you." Tears started welling up in her eyes, her voice growing as she spoke. "We tell each other everything and this is no exception. I thought you would be more supportive."

Lorelai shook her head. "How can I be supportive when I feel so betrayed."

"Mom it's my life, and it's my body." Her voice shook. "I really care about him."

"I don't want you seeing him anymore." Lorelai blurted out before she could think about what she was saying.

Rory's eyes widened her face faltering. "What?"

"You heard me." Lorelai said, her voice shaking. "I don't want you with him. He is no good for you."

"Mom you can't…"

"I just did." She said, her voice laced with conviction, her face void from emotion. Rory knew that look. Many people have been on the opposite side of that look. It meant she was tired of talking, tired of discussing, and what she was saying was final.

Rory stomped her foot. Her heart was beating a thousand times a minute and she wished Tristan were here. When she was with him she felt like everything was going to be okay. "This is crap. You have always trusted me…always. You know that I wouldn't do anything like this unless I was completely sure that I wanted to be with him."

"You cheated on you Dean, Rory. Do you understand that? Can you even comprehend what you did? I thought I raised your better than this. I can't believe my beautiful sixteen year old daughter who does nothing but make lists had sex without even discussing it with me." She sighed fast. "This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. You weren't supposed to experience this until later. It's too soon."

"Well I'm sorry if I'm not as perfect as you thought I was. I am sorry that I don't live up to this image of me that you have created in your head. But I care about Tristan and I want to be with him. I love you mom and I want you to accept this but if you can't…I just…I can't give him up." She shrugged. "I won't."

Lorelai looked over Rory, her body stance stiff as she said her words with conviction. "Well I am sorry to hear that. You know where I stand and you are still my daughter. I know what's best for you and you're not to see him."

"But mom…" Rory blurted out.

"Go finish getting dressed." She let out, nodding her head towards Rory's room. "You have a show to do."

Rory simply nodded, her body still stiff as she stormed out of the kitchen, hurriedly finishing getting dressed, wanting to see the one person that can make everything better.

Rory walked down the halls of Chilton, the auditorium buzzing with parents and students that were watching the current performance. Her heart was beating frantically about the fact that her groups performance was about to start in mere minutes and Tristan wasn't anywhere to be found.

"He's not here." Paris let out fast, frantically fast walking down the halls, her arms swinging fast by her side. "I've looked everywhere. I called his home, his cell, I called three girls I know he's seeing."

Rory instantly felt a pang of jealously course through her body hearing Paris talk about Tristan's many girls but had to quickly remind herself that no one, except her mother, knew about their new found relationship.

"Paris calm down." Rory told her, but couldn't help but feel it was more to calm herself down then Paris.

"Weren't you listening?" Paris fumed. "He's not here. We're on in twenty minutes and we don't have a Romeo. We are going to fail."

"We're not going to fail. I'm sure something is just holding him up. I know that he will be here."

"Do you think Harvard accepts people who fail Shakespeare?" She continued ranting. "They don't. I don't have the numbers on it or anything, but I feel pretty secure in saying, you fail Shakespeare, you don't get into Harvard."

"Paris…" Rory started, slowly coming up with a speech in her head that would calm both herself and Paris but stopped when she watched Paris's eyes look over her shoulder. Rory followed her gaze and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding seeing Tristan approach, his hands in his pocket with his head hung low. Before Rory could make any move towards him Paris moved past her.

"Where have you been? You have to get dressed, we're on in ten minutes." Paris fumed.

"Paris not now." He said annoyed, raising his hands up. He saw Rory take a slow step forward, giving him a small sad smile and he just wanted to take her into his arms and never let her go.

He just wanted one more moment with her. Especially after the news he was going to have to give her. He sighed, glancing back at Paris. "I gotta talk to Rory."

"Rory?" Paris questioned, furrowing her eyebrows. "Didn't you hear me? Is no one listening to me today? You need to go and get dressed."

"I can't." he blurted out frustrated. "My dad pulled me out of school he…" But before he could finish his thought Paris turned and ran off, brushing up against Rory as she did so.

Rory watched Paris go before her gaze fell upon Tristan. She watched him take a deep breath, smiling at her as he took a step forward towards her. Without a second thought she lunged at him, jumping into his arms, throwing her arms around him.

He let out a sigh of relief holding her, his hands stroking her back, needing to feel that she was real.

It calmed him when he held her.

He held her until both of them couldn't breath. She leaned her head forward and kissed him. She wanted to know that he was really here.

Needed to know.

"I was so worried about you." Rory exclaimed sadly, caressing his cheek with back of her hand. My mom is acting totally crazy. She said that I can't see you and…"

"My father is sending me away to Military School." Tristan blurted out fast, interrupting her mid-sentence before he lost his nerve, her face falling "Which I can say is worse than your mom threatening to keep you away from me."

Rory opened her mouth and then closed it again; her eyes burning from unshed tears. "But…" She stuttered her chest tightening. "But how… why…" her voice cracked.

Tristan shook his head in despair. "He found out about us. I don't know how but someone must have saw us or something because as soon I get home he was in my room packing my bags and telling me he is shipping me off."

Rory couldn't even think about the fact that someone saw them. She really didn't care. At any other time she would feel embarrassed but the fact that Tristan was going to leave overpowered that feeling. She put her arms around his waist going on her tiptoes to look at him full on. "I don't understand."

Tristan could see the pain in Rory's blue eyes and it gutted him. He understood the pain because at that very moment it was mirroring his own. "He kept saying that I screwed up enough as it is and that you are just another distraction."

"But you have slept with girls before…"

Rory didn't understand.

He was the king of Chilton.

That title didn't come from being the perfect student and waiting to have sex until you were married. He has had many girls before. His reputation proved that and surely is father couldn't be completely in the dark. There were parties and functions that the high society families attended. The topic of Tristan and his latest flavor of the week must have come up at some point.

So why did it matter now?

Tristan leaned his forehead against hers bring his left hand to caress her tear stained cheek. "I know." He choked out, swallowing the hard lump that was forming. "This doesn't make any sense. He said that I was destroying the future he was building for me and in the process destroying your future as well."

"Destroying my future?" She asked furrowing her eyebrows. "But I would think your parents would be relieved that you were finally settling down. Don't they want you to be happy?"

"I don't know what the fuck my parents want." He sighed closing his eyes, his lips hovering over hers. "All I know is that you make me happy." He said against her lips before kissing them lightly. He smiled. "You make me happy Rory."

Rory bit her bottom lip. "Right back at ya."

"Really?" He asked hesitantly pulling back almost as if her answer could break him. "I do?"

She laughed. "You do." She said kissing him again.

Tristan laughed in his throat. "God this is so crazy. Not two days ago you couldn't stand the sight of me and now…" He kissed her forehead, petting her hair. "Now your telling me everything I've ever dreamt about hearing."

Rory's tears fell. "I…" she began as her voice cracked. "I didn't know that I cared about you. I just thought you were this stuck up rich kid that got a kick out of messing with me.

He laughed. "Didn't your mother ever teach you that when a boy messes with you it just means that he likes you."

Rory scoffed. "You must have seen Anne of Green Gables then. I feel like your Gilbert and I'm Anne with the pigtails."

He laughed. "I actually saw that movie. See he pulled her pigtails because he liked her. I call you Mary because…"

"Because your an ass." She countered back playfully

"Because…" he licked his lips. "Because I think I'm in love with you."

Rory's face faltered. She let go Tristan and took a step back. "In love?" She questioned, furrowing her eyebrows, tilting her head to the side. "You're in love with me?" She asked, her voice unsure. She watched him look down almost as if his confession would hurt him if she denied him. "I didn't think Tristan DuGrey fell in love. I mean your reputation with other girls…" She trailed off looking down and he just looked at her.

His eyes sparkled as he took her hand and pulled her to him. Bringing his hands to her cheeks he leaned in and kissed her, taking her breath away. He rubbed his thumbs against her cheeks and then pulled back gently, her face in awe as the kiss flooded her system... the taste of him flowing through her bloodstream.

"Oh Mary." He chuckled deeply. "Don't you know that those other girls can never compare."

She laughed sadly. "I don't want you to go."

His smirk fell seeing the seriousness in her eyes. "I know Mary." He sighed rubbing his nose against her. "I know."

As he brought her in for another kiss they both turned their heads hearing footsteps echo through the halls.

Tristan held her against him seeing Lorelai approach with a sad smile, her arms crossed in front of her.

"Mom." Rory said furrowing her eyebrows. "I can explain…"

"Stop Rory…" Lorelai stopped in front of them, glancing from Rory to Tristan as the shared a worried look.

Lorelai looked at her daughter. Her heart broke seeing her cheeks tear-stained. She then glanced at Tristan. She noted how hard he was clutching her daughter as if she would disappear if he let her go. She then glanced into his eyes. She suddenly realized what her daughter saw in him. His eyes were glistening from unshed tears making his blue eyes hypnotic, just like his fathers.

He didn't need to say anything.

Just by the way they were clutching each other spoke volumes

"You really care about my daughter don't you?" She asked, raising her eyebrows at him, a small smile creeping on her lips.

Rory held her breath worried about how this was going to go.

Tristan nodded. "Yes ma'am." Tristan responded, his voice cracking.

"First of all don't ever call me ma'am again…call me Lorelai." Rory laughed, taking a sigh of relief knowing that her mother was in an understanding mood "And second…I couldn't help but overhear the conversation you two were having."

"Mom his father is shipping him off to Military School."

"I know I heard." She sighed. She glanced at Tristan. "You know Rory will tell you that I disapprove of this relationship. If she didn't tell you already we had quite a heated discussion about you earlier. Especially how you took her virginity away."

Tristan looked down at Rory. "You told her?" Rory bit her lip giving him an apologetic look.

"Of course she told me." Lorelai said. My daughter and I do not keep secrets from each other."

"Mrs. Gilmore…" Tristan began, his voice pleading for understanding.

"Lorelai." She corrected.

He sighed. "Lorelai. I know that this wasn't something that you planned for Rory. I get that I am probably the last guy you want with her but…" he smiled glancing at Rory again who looked at him, returning the warm smile. "I care about Rory more than I have ever cared about any girl before." He sighed again. "She's special." He said shrugging his left shoulder.

"Yes she is. That is why I wanted my daughters first time to be special."

"I get that but…"

"I don't want to hear it." She said, raising her hand up. "However, even though I don't like the fact that Rory did this, it was her decision and I trust her." Rory smiled. "If Rory trusts you then I am willing to give you a shot."

Tristan smiled sadly, rolling his eyes, scoffing. "Yeah. I don't see that happening…my father…"

"I will talk to your father." She interrupted. "I knew him back in school. Even though it's none of my business… I don't agree with ripping you out of school just for following your heart."

Tristan looked at her amazed. "You would do that for me?"

"Not you." Lorelai pointed at her daughter. "Rory. I have never seen her hold on this tight for a guy before. Not even…"

"What the hell is going on here?"

"…Dean." Lorelai finished lamely watching Dean walk down the halls.

Tristan gritted his teeth.

This was something that they needed but he knew the sooner Rory ended it with bag boy the better. "I will leave you guys alone. In the meantime I am going to go find your father. Just wait here and I will be back."

Tristan nodded and Rory called her thanks as Lorelai passed, giving Dean a hard look before looking back at Rory with a reassuring smile before turning the corner.

"Rory." Dean exclaimed. "Is there a reason why this guy has his hands all over you?"

"Dean…" Rory whispered glancing from him to Tristan. "I wanted to tell you sooner but…"

"But what?" Dean said taking a step forward.

Tristan wedged his way through the fast decreasing space that Dean was putting between him and Rory. "Look man. I know you are probably going to be upset when you hear this…"

"Tristan don't." Rory pleaded. "Please just let me talk to him. Let me tell him." She pulled his arm back slightly and Tristan relented knowing that she was right. He turned to her and kissed her forehead making Dean fume.

"Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?" He cursed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

"Dean." Rory began slowly making sure to look into his eyes so he could see her sincerity. "I'm sorry but…I don't think we should see each other anymore."

"What!" He yelled, his voice laced with jealousy. "You don't actually mean that you and this jerk are actually together are you?"

"Dean I know that this comes with a bit of a shock but…" She sadly sighed. "I'm sorry…" She finished lamely

"I can't fucking believe this." He gritted, turning his head to the side. "All I ever heard was that this guy makes your life a living hell. Isn't that what you told me?"

"Things are different now."

Rory didn't want to have this conversation again. She had the same conversation with her mother earlier and really didn't feel like explaining it again. She could feel Tristan stiffen and knew that Dean's word hurt him. She made a note to explain what Dean meant. Yes, she did tell stories but that was before…

"He'll hurt you Rory." He shot at her. "He'll hurt you and then you will be crawling back to me only I won't take you back."

"That is never going to happen man." Tristan chimed in, his eyes dangerous but full of truth. "I care about Rory."

Dean scoffed laughing. "Right. That is why you have been treating her like crap for the past couple of months."

Dean was right. Tristan had been a jerk to her ever since she had started Chilton Academy. However, like Tristan said if a guy is teasing you, it was probably because he liked you.

Rory knew the way Tristan was before and the way Tristan was now. It had only been a day but she trusted him. If she were honest with herself she would say she had feelings for him since the beginning but was always too afraid that she would get hurt. Not only that but she was dating Dean. "Things are different now. He cares about me."

"Things will never be different Rory. Tristan is who he is. People don't change and sooner or later you will understand that." He turned away not able to look at the girl that broke his heart. "Have a nice life."

Rory took a step forward debating whether she should go after him or not but she felt Tristan grab her arm. She looked at him with teary eyes and was afraid that Tristan would misunderstand her intentions but he just pulled her to him and held her. She didn't feel like crying because she wanted to be with Dean but because Dean didn't deserve this. He truly was a decent guy and breaking up with him was harder then she imagined.

"I take it you broke up with Dean." Rory pushed back nodding and wiped her tears as Lorelai approached with a reassuring smile. She looked at Tristan. "Tristan your father wants to see you now."

Tristan swallowed hard, putting his right hand into his pocket and kept his left around Rory's waist. "Well what did he say?"

Lorelai sighed. "He said that you can stay." Tristan grinned, his smile reaching his eyes as Rory hugged him hard. "But there is one condition."

He grunted. "I knew that was too easy."

"He said that in order for you to stay you and Rory can't see each other anymore. That means no dating, no seeing each in between classes…nothing. He even said that he was going to contact the school to make sure you two don't get partnered up in anything."

"Lorelai I can't…" he panicked looking at Rory. "I mean I can't just…"

"Mom this is so unfair…" Rory added, interrupting him.

"I gave him my word. I told him that you two will not being seeing each other and that I will make sure of that."

Rory sighed. "What's the point of him staying when I can't even see him."

Lorelai sighed rolling her eyes back. "Oh my very naïve daughter. Just because I promised him doesn't mean you guys can't find loopholes. I know what it is like to be in love and I don't believe in two people being apart because of other forces that you can't control." She looked at Tristan. "To your father you two will be apart but if you play your cards right you two can continue seeing each other."

"So your okay with us being together?" Rory asked hopefully.

"I wouldn't say I'm okay with this. But before I make my judgement I want to spend some time with Tristan. I want him to come over, hang at Luke's, you know let me get to know him like I got to know Dean."

Rory felt overjoyed. She let go of Tristan and leapt into her mother's arms. "Thank you mom. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Tristan laughed his voice cracked. "To the both of us."

"Your welcome."

Rory pulled back and smiled again before wrapping her arms around Tristan again and he leaned down and pecked her cheek.

Rory truly did feel thankful. It broke her heart having to break up with Dean but being with Tristan was like nothing that she ever felt before. Not only that but her mother was willing to accept them. She knew it was going to be hard and they weren't going to have a normal relationship on the count that they were going to have to hide but in the first time in a long time, she felt like things were going to work out.

What are you standing there for? Paris frantically yelled as she passed, turning to Rory quickly. "Let's go." She pointed at her. " You better start sucking on an Altoid."

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