I woke up to fined that Koyuki was no longer next to me. Wondering were he was I walked down to the water, he wasn't there, then I heard voices coming from behind a boulder. It sounded like Koyuki and Karei. I was curious to know what they were talking about so I got as close to them as I could with out being scene.

"I'll be friends with who I want Karei. You have no saw in that." Yelled Koyuki.

"But she is such a reject. I am surprised she has not tried to kill you yet. With what happened to her parents and all." Said Karei, in a very stern voice.

"What does that have to do with anything Karei?" said Koyuki dominantly.

I was in a position were I could see them both now.

Karei was giving him a mean look then it changed in to tears. "I miss you. I want you back." She said through tears and she sat in the sand. Koyuki was kneeling by her, whispered something in her ear, and hugged her. I was about to walk away when they started kissing. I took a deep, loud breath in, in shock. Koyuki looked in my direction and I ran towards our stuff. He followed behind me. I couldn't stop crying. I had had feelings for Koyuki since the day he followed me into the woods, and deep down I felt he did to but after seeing that that had changed.

I was running and tripped over a large piece of driftwood. I cut my leg and fell. Koyuki caught up and fell next to me.

"Yami are you ok?" he looked at my leg, which was bleeding.

"I'm fine." I stated trying to hold back tears.

"Yami I now you saw me back there. But she kissed me, I had nothing to do with it. She wanted to get back together. We dated awhile back. But I broke up with her."

I looked up at him. Tears running down my face.

He looked at me. Took my head in his hand and whipped a tear away with his thumb.

"You like me don't you?" he said looking at me a almost motherly way.

I didn't answer.

He pulled me closer, my lips touched his, and his touched mine. He held me for what felt like hours. I loosened his grip around me and said, "I always seem to fined you when you've hurt your self." We both started laughing.

Koyuki grabbed his stuff and mine and he helped me limp home.


The next day we got to school and Karei decided to make the most of what had happened the day before.

"So, Yami. You decided to steel Koyuki from me. Trust me he only likes you because he feels bad for you."

"You'll pay for taking him"

And much more along the lines of that. Every time she passed me in the hallway, she would shoot me an evil glare, and sometimes she would push my books to the floor. I wish she would stop. I'm starting to think me and Koyuki isn't such a good idea. But I want to to be with him...Why does life have to be so complicated sigh